Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Pale green Chinese garden stool from Wisteria Wisteria - Garden Stool (pale green) - $129 (above)

Some call them Chinese garden stools others call them "decorative" garden seats- the bottom line is that this summer these ceramic or porcelain decorative stools are all over. These stools can be used as outdoor furniture on a lawn, on a deck or on a paved patio. They come in a myriad of colors including white, pale green, blue, red and with painted designs. Because of all of the designs and colors available, they can be used to accent your outdoor space however you like.

Optional uses: I like the idea of bringing a few of these outdoor garden stools indoors to provide extra seating in a living room. Also can be used as a side table or end table. Finally another option is to use purely for decorative purposes inside the house or out in the garden.

Here's the CHEAP TO CHIC on garden stools (barrel shape):

White garden seat from Ballard Designs
Ballard Designs - Garden Seat (glazed white ceramic with pierced accents)- $119.95 (above)

Three Chinese Garden Stools from Wisteria
Wisteria - Chinese Garden Stool (barrel shape ceramic in blue, white or green) - $129 (above)

One white and one Dragon printed Decorative Porcelain Garden Seat from William Sonoma Home
William Sonoma Home - Decorative Porcelain Garden Seat (Dragon or white) - $250 (above)

Barrel Garden Stool from Plantation
Plantation - Barrel Garden Stool (Celadon) - $395 (above)

The ceramic may not be really comfortable to sit on for long stints...but certainly these stools provide a dry elevated place to take a rest during a garden stroll or during a socially strenuous garden party! :-)


  1. The Target.com site carried garden seats a few months ago. Love your blog!

  2. Great blog!

    Personally I like the lite green jade ones. Very understated!

    There is a nice little post here on this Chinese antiques website which explains the differences between all these different styles of Porcelain Garden Stools - apparently not all garden stools are created equal which is what explains the variations in price!