Monday, July 27, 2009


White wire outdoor chair sits on a deck overlooking the ocean by Sang An
A white wire outdoor chair sits on a deck overlooking the ocean...the perfect spot for taking some time off! (above)

Was reading Belle Maison blog and clicked on link for photo credits. Ended up on the site of photographer Sang An and then happened upon these lovely photos...with views of the ocean...shades of blue and crisp whites...reminding me of my upcoming vacation! Am going to Nantucket in a few weeks. Can't wait. Really...I can't!

Reclaimed drift wood holds a glass lantern and a bag of small rocks on a deck overlooking the ocean by Sang An
Photo credit: Sang An Photography

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Kitchen with Mod Walls' penny round stainless steel mosaic tile backsplash, stainless steel farmhouse sink, wine glass chandelier and white upper cabinets with glass fronts
Photo courtesy of Mod Walls is the last day of Kitchen Week. Phew! I made it! I actually stuck to one train of thought for a week! (Weird barking and pounding outside my house right's still light out not worried...just the same old curious stuff that happens here in the Hollywood Hills...oh yes...back to kitchens...)

Thought I would end Kitchen Week with this photo from tile company Mod Walls' website. This kitchen features Mod Walls' penny round stainless steel mosaic tiles for the backsplash, a stainless steel farmhouse sink and a really cool wine glass chandelier! Nice attainable kitchen I think! Food for thought!!!

See you next week...for a normal week of sporadic posts about random things!

P.S. Thinking of doing another theme week...what should I do? Please weigh in. What do you want to see more of...dining rooms, living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms etc. Let me know!


Modern kitchen with glossy white lower cabinets, dark wide plank wood floor, dark grey walls, a bright yellow chair and yellow tile backsplash
Photo by Polly Wreford
A modern kitchen with glossy white lower cabinets, dark wide plank wood floors, dark charcoal grey walls and furniture is infused with bright yellow accents. (above)

This cute kitchen reminded me of some tile I recently saw at the Dwell on Design LA show. Somehow the splashes of bright yellow make this otherwise dark kitchen feel quite sunny! Good idea!

Bright yellow colored glass subway tiles by Mod Walls at Dwell on Design
Photo by Coco of Cococozy
Bright yellow "Daisy" colored glass subway tiles (3"x6")as shown at Dwell on Design by Mod Walls. (above)

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Breakfast nook with red leather corner banquette seating, a table with a chrome tulip inspired base with a square stone top and dark wood floor
A red leather corner banquette provides stylish space saving seating in a high style kitchen.(above)

A red leather corner booth in a kitchen? This bright kitchen bench seating works...right? Very modern but also has 50's diner feel to it too. Hmmm...I like this!

Retro kitchen with blue glass backsplash, white stone countertops, white recessed panel cabinetry and stainless steel appliances
Kitchen features blue glass backsplash made of large wall tiles or single sheets of glass, white stone/quartz countertops, white recessed panel cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. A great modern take on a retro look. (above)

Photo source: Katie Ridder

Friday, July 24, 2009


Modern kitchen with frosted glass pendant lights, dark wood drawer with long silver pulls, sleek white cabinets and stainless appliances
Photos in post © Eric Roth. Courtesy of Eric Roth Photography
Frosted glass ceiling pendants accent a modern kitchen. (above)

Lighting can make all of the difference in a kitchen. Love the idea of unique glass pendant lights over a kitchen island. Lighting is the way to add ambiance and if you like, a splash of color to a kitchen. Here are a few lights I really like!

Translucent globe shaped glass pendant light from Resolute Lighting
Surrounding - Watt Pendant - $388 (Translucent globe shaped glass pendant light from Resolute Lighting. Comes in gold and crystal clear.)(above)

Vintage green glass pendants with original cap from pieces
Pieces - Green Glass Vintage Pendant Light - $885 (Unique vintage green glass pendants with original cap. 2 available.)(above)

Capri Bottle Pendant Light from Jonathan Adler
Jonathan Adler - Capri Bottle Pendant Light - $195 (Colored glass ceiling pendant lights with nickel accents. Comes in white, green, orange, blue and grey) (above)

Blue, white, amber, clear and opal hand blown crystalline glass pendant lights from yLighting
yLighting - Icicle Pendant Light - on sale $184; regular $230 (hand blown crystalline glass pendants. Comes in blue, amber, opal and clear)(above)


All photos in this post courtesy of Newman & Wolen Design, LLC
Long gourmet kitchen with wide plank natural stained wood floor, marble countertops, stainless appliances, white cabinets and drawers

After, an extensive remodel, everything ripped out and walls taken down to the studs...this eating and cooking space was miraculously transformed into a high style kitchen. High end appliances, unique wide plank natural stained wood floors and all the chic design touches that make a good kitchen just perfect.

Love the endlessly long main kitchen wall with features a gourmet stove, a marble countertop, a large undermount sink right underneath a window and loads of white and glass front cabinetry. That's the long side of things...

Kitchen remodel in progress

Long gourmet kitchen with a compact island with marble counter top, white upper cabinets with glass fronts and wide plank stained natural wood floors

On the short side, a compact island with marble countertop and even more storage.

Kitchen remodel in progress

Could this be the longest kitchen in the world? Or is this just a photography trick?


Kitchen with a vintage stove, black and white checkerboard tile floor, pale yellow walls, white cabinets and drawers and white upper cabinets with glass fronts
Photo courtesy of Joe Schmelzer

A vintage stove and a checker board black and white tile floor...great kitchen design statements! Who could ask for more? The stove and the floor make this kitchen...really. Don't you think?

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Renovated kitchen with grey black and white tile floor nad mint walls inspired by Tom Newman

Arlene and Dan Fox's kitchen in their Idaho home. They found inspiration for the plaid tile floor in their newly renovated kitchen from a post Arlene saw on Cococozy!(above)

Above, is the adorable kitchen that Arlene from Idaho designed herself for her family home and had her husband Dan build by hand...right down to the stunning plaid floor.

Below, is the high style kitchen in the stately Los Angeles Hancock Park home of designer Tom Newman and his partner Ricky Strauss that inspired her.

Kitchen by Tom Newman with black, white and grey terrazzo tile plaid floor, white cabinets and drawers, black counter tops and stainless appliances
Inspiration kitchen designed by Tom Newman of Los Angeles architectural firm Newman & Wolen Design for his own home. It features an eco-friendly black, white and grey terrazzo tile plaid floor...the very clever design statement in this high style gourmet kitchen! (above)

Two very different homes in two very different cities. Design inspiration, can successfully translate, it seems, from a chic Los Angeles high style home directly to a small town comfortable family house.

Here is the story behind Arlene and Dan's brilliant kitchen remodel and what inspired them...

Outdated and cluttered kitchen before a remodel
Before remodel, Arlene and Dan's kitchen was outdated and cluttered.(above)

A little over a month ago, I got this very sweet note from a Arlene, a reader from Idaho...
"Hi, Coco. I have been viewing your site all along as I piece together my new kitchen in our 1906 house that I have longed for 30 years. I duplicated this floor (below) to a tee and it looks fabulous in my kitchen, also. I also am doing a shabby-chic chandelier from your ideas.

The reason why I am writing is that I thought this was some professional designer magazine. I only just now read where you are not a pro but just like helping out others. I want to thank you for all the help you have given this stranger in Idaho!

I'll send you a picture when we are completed. My poor husband is doing most of the work when I say "Honey, look how cool this is. Can you do it?" And he does.

Thanks again for your fabulous eye for decor!
Sweet note...right?

Just last week, Arlene wowed me when she sent in these awesome photos of her kitchen remodel. Arlene, like me, is not an interior designer...she just had an eye for something she liked (in this case the plaid floor) and a nice husband who spent his weekend and nights making her vision come true.

Kitchen during a remodel
During the remodel, Arlene laid out the kitchen floor she saw on this blog and Dan, her husband, installed it! (above)

Kitchen after remodeling with plaid floor, white lower cabinets with recessed panels and glass upper cabinets and black quartz countertop
Besides the plaid floor, Arlene chose white lower cabinets with recessed panels and glass upper cabinets. She also chose a black sparkling quartz for the countertops...Silestone, Stellar Night. (above)

Kitchen after remodeling with white upper cabinets with reeded glass fronts and accent lights
Upper cabinets are flush to the ceiling. Top row of cabinets have reeded glass fronts and accent cabinet lighting inside!(above)

Classic pressed tin ceiling mounted kitchen light from Schoolhouse Electric
Classic ceiling mount lighting is from Schoolhouse Electric...these wonderful fixtures help illuminate the fantastic pressed tin ceiling in the kitchen that Arlene and Dan tore out of an old building...the ceiling is also in their living room and cost them about $200 because of the fact that it was reclaimed (eco-friendly designing!).(above)

Kitchen after remodeling with a crystal chandelier
The crystal chandelier was found from a store on eBay that uses crystals from old lighting to make up new designs. (above)

Kitchen after remodeling with a crystal chandelier, Diamond Tech-Metal Series Mosaic Octagon Dots tile backsplash, black counters, white cabinets and a stained glass accent piece
Arlene made the stained glass accent piece that sits in the over-the-sink kitchen window. It adds a wonderful pop of color to the space.

Kitchen after remodeling with a breakfast nook with a white table with a black insert
Arlene and Dan have lived in their Idaho home for 31 years...and this is the first time they have had room for a kitchen table! The breakfast nook includes a great table with a black inset that matches the kitchen color scheme and a wonderful bench window seat. (above)

Kitchen after remodeling with stainless steel tile Diamond Tech-Metal Series Mosaic Octagon Dots backsplash
The sparkle of the kitchen continues in the backsplash...with a fabulous Diamond Tech-Metal Series Mosaic, Octagon Dots pattern. (above)

Mint kitchen after remodeling with black, grey and white tile floor, black countertop, Diamond Tech-Metal Series Mosaic Octagon Dots pattern backsplash, white cabinets and a crystal chandelier

With all of the fabulous design bells and whistles in this kitchen, Arlene still says her favorite part is the floor. She thanks Tom for showing off his own kitchen remodel and for the incredible design inspiration!

Great kitchen Arlene and Dan! Thank you SOOOOOOO much for sending in the photos and for your lovely note. You were inspired by Tom's your design will inspire others!! Thank you!

Just a note to readers for further inspiration...Arlene and Dan did this remodel themselves...neither are contractors or designers...they just found something they loved and did what they had to do to make it their own! Maybe you can do the same

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Photo courtesy of Woodson & Rummerfield's House of Design
Modern open kitchen by Woodson & Rummerfield with baby blue walls, glossy white frameless cabinets, retro 1960s mosaic tile backsplash and two large pendant lights
A modern kitchen is built on one wall of a Laurel Canyon home's main living area...creating the ultimate open kitchen (above).

What do you do when you have one room in which to live, dine and cook? How do you design one space where you have to accommodate chairs, tables, sofas and the all too important decor accessories but you've also got to address the practical things in life like cooking and eating? Oh yeah, one other twist, what do you do when you have one long wall at the end of the room that has a distinctive curve to it...what do you do?

Well I guess you do what these designers did in this Hollywood Hills/Laurel Canyon go with the flow...literally.

Check out this amazing kitchen from Woodson & Rummerfield! The modern kitchen lines the curved wall at the end of this open living room/dining room combo area. The kitchen features baby blue walls, gloss white frameless cabinets, a mosaic tile retro 60s inspired looking backsplash and some great pendant lighting. One inspired design!


High glossy kitchen with lacquered exotic wood cabinets and drawers, stainless steel backsplash and glossy floor
Photo courtesy of William Hefner Architecture

Kitchen Week continues...Day 3.

I am a color and materials purist when it comes to kitchens. I like kitchens with light cabinetry (white is definitely preferred), marble or quartz countertops (white or black) and a simple backsplash (white subway tiles, stainless steel tiles or sheets, glass brick tiles get the picture).

In order to push myself out of my comfort zone (and to give readers a little bit of it's not all about me...right?), I decided to see if there were other kitchens in other forms I could like.

For this post, I've gone completely opposite of my taste by finding and featuring three kitchens with wood grain or stained wood cabinets...and here you have it...a few woodsy kitchens that work for me!

I like the high gloss kitchen above...makes a striking statement...probably lacquered exotic wood cabinets in a rich red brown color and a backsplash made of stainless steel sheets. The shiny factor is a big draw for me. I don't know if I could live with this kitchen full time (it is definitely a statement room)...but I wouldn't mind enjoying it for a day or two.

Small modern kitchen with white cabinets and frame less natural stain wood lower cabinets and dark grey counters
Photo courtesy of Frank Roop Design
This modern small kitchen above is a cheat for me because some of the cabinets are white. Okay...I know...not playing fair...but please forgive. I love the frameless natural stain wood lower cabinets. I think they blend will with the glossy white upper cabinets and the dark grey counters.

Wood paneled kitchen with wood cabinets with square recessed panel doors
Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Dinkel Design Associates, Inc.

Finally, this last kitchen is totally NOT my style...but I think it is very well done for a woodsy kitchen. It is the type of kitchen I would expect to find in Craftsman style home or in a cabin. This kitchen features cabinets with a warm neutral finish and square recessed panel  doors. Cabinets have paneled sides which match the trim, molding and door jambs in the room.

Now that I've gone out of my comfort zone...please beware...I will go right back into comfort mode for most of the rest of kitchen week! A creature of habit perhaps??

What are you thinking? Does wood work for you? Please weigh in!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Photos courtesy Jonathan Adler
Kitchen by  Jonathan Adler with marble countertops, to the ceiling marble backsplash and turquoise dishes on open shelves

Was browsing through the Jonathan Adler website tonight when I came across photos of this kitchen on the interior design section of his site. I often browse this site for design ideas. This time I came across a fabulously happy whimsical kitchen with traditional bones.

Turns out the kitchen belongs to maternity-wear fashion designer Liz Lange...and Adler was responsible for remodeling and turning the room into a posh cooking and eating space for her. On his site, he calls this Liz's "Country Residence"...but there is nothing country about the kitchen he styled.

Love this kitchen. Love the marble countertops, the to-the-ceiling marble backsplash, the open shelving with turquoise dishes lining the shelves and adding a pop of color to the otherwise white kitchen. Love the drum pendant light above the island with a shade made of bold green printed fabric that matches the fabric on the counter stools.

I looked around the web and found out more about this space including the fact the kitchen was featured in May's House there was lots of information available.

Biggest surprise of all in this design- apparently, if you can believe it, the cabinets are all Ikea!

Modenr white kitchen by Jonathan Adler with a dome pendant light over an island made with a bold green and white printed fabric


Six sustainable glass tumblers from Crate & Barrel

Kitchen Week continues on Cococozy.

Here's to keeping cool while in the kitchen this summer. Thought that some cool blue glassware, dishes, cookware and kitchen gadgets just by their color alone might keep the kitchen decor and design refreshing in feel!

My favorites are the tumblers right below and the vintage 1950's looking kitchen timer.

Devil is in the detail in cooking...and in filling your cabinets with stylish finds.

Three sustainable glass tumblers from Crate & Barrel
Crate & Barrel - Como Tumblers - $5.95 each (colorful tumblers made of sustainable glass. Dishwasher safe) (above)

White porcelain dinnerware with blue, green and brown stripes from Zwello
Zwello - Origo Dinnerware by iittala - $17.60-48 (white porcelain dinnerware with bold complimentary blue, green and brown stripes. Plate, salad plate, dessert plate, serving bowl, tumbler and cup)(above)

Four colorful tumblers in different sizes from Zwello
Zwello - Ote Tumblers - $16-20 each (colorful tumblers come in a variety of colors including blue, clear, moss green, turquoise, sand (light brown)) (above)

Vintage inspired stainless steel cooking timer from Anthropologie
Anthropologie - Retro Double Timer - $24 (vintage inspired stainless steel cooking timer with two timers. Double sided timing of food) (above)

Deep indigo blue stoneware dishes with reactive glaze and matte black exteriors from cb2
cb2 - Twilight Dinnerware - $3.95-5.95 (Deep indigo blue dishes with reactive glaze meets matte black exteriors at the rim. Stoneware plates round off square, bowl scoops deep. Dishwasher- and microwave-safe) (above)

Blue cast iron casserole pot from Ikea
Ikea - Senior Casserole with lid - $39.99 (Cast iron casserole pot. Matte enameled interior. Shiny enameled exterior makes the pan easy to clean)(above)

Porcelain-enameled steel kettle from William Sonoma
William Sonoma - La Creuset TeaKettle in Azure Blue - $70 (Porcelain-enameled steel kettle whistles when hot water is ready for brewing tea. Comes in a variety of colors)(above)

Monday, July 20, 2009


Photo courtesy of William Hefner Architecture
White kitchen with cabinets with recessed panel doors and drawers, reeded glass upper cabinets, slate subway tile backsplash, undermount sinks and dark stone countertops


Okay. I know those of you who read regularly are like "What in the heck is KITCHEN WEEK?". Well here is the answer.

This is the first ever KITCHEN WEEK! I have been inspired by a reader, Arlene who lives in Idaho, who sent in some fabulous photos of a kitchen remodel she just'll see those photos later this week.

So, each day of this so called KITCHEN WEEK (a name and a concept I just made up this minute while watching a cheesy reality show on television), I will feature a photo of a fabulous well designed kitchen that I hope motivates readers to fix up their own kitchens. Will also feature other items (furniture, accessories, dishware and lighting) that are in my opinion stylishly kitchen-worthy. Wish me luck in sticking to anything for a week. Here goes!

This first kitchen brilliantly features white cabinets with recessed panel doors and drawers, reeded glass upper cabinets, slate subway tile backsplash, undermount sinks and dark quartz (or stone) countertops. I like this space. It is open, functional and impeccably designed. Nice start for this KITCHEN WEEK!

Please loop the kitchen posted earlier today into KITCHEN WEEK...thanks!


Photos in post © Eric Roth. Courtesy of Eric Roth Photography.

White kitchen with stainless steel backsplash, island with white marble countertop, modern orange stools and brushed metal pendant lights with orange interior. (above)

Love this kitchen. Clean, modern, bright and cheery. Love the stainless steel counters and stainless steel backsplash on the main cooking wall - provides a great backdrop for the open shelving. The top hinge square upper cabinets add a great modern design element to the room. The orange accents throughout are just right - a splash of color to spice up this picture perfect eat-in kitchen.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Red metallic round mirror from Plantation
Plantation - Metallic Round Red Mirror - $295 (32"diameter)(above)

Have been reflecting on what's important over the last day or so...and about keeping things in perspective.

Feeling like I needed to put things in perspective all started when I almost got into an accident on my way to work the other day. The reason...I came to the shocking realization that I had forgotten my makeup. I had run out of the house that morning in my usual start of the day face all lathered up in moisturizer with sunscreen and this new Dermalogica lip repair gooey stuff all over my lips...with the intent of wiping down and putting on makeup in my car as I was driving to work(the usual routine btw...really safe driving, right?). When I was about to Beverly Hills, I reached into my huge YSL Muse bag (again...the voluminous nature of this bag could be the source of this problem and others) and I gasped (as if having been cornered in an alley by armed robbers) when I realized I DIDN'T HAVE MY MAKEUP BAG! My head started spinning...I started to get dizzy...I almost broke out into a bit of a sweat when I realized no store was open at that hour in the morning to buy decent makeup! Arrrrghhhhh! It's been years since I was seen in public without lipstick or mascara! So, in the middle of my meltdown, I tried dialing everyone I knew to tell them about my "dilemma" (or "non-dilemma dilemma" as I call most situations I am in). I don't know why I was calling people or what they could have done...but I thought at least someone could console me. When I got no answers and I was approaching the office, I realized it was too late...I couldn't turn around and go home, I would have to brave the day bare faced and greasy. So, I made a logical plan (hmmm....)...I would stay in my office all day, close the door. If I needed something I would call the intern and have her get it for me. If anyone knocked on my office door, I simply wouldn't answer. I would only communicate by phone and in person all. If I had to leave my office for any reason, I would plot out a route where no one would see me and I would keep my head low...I would turn into the Howard Hughes executive for a day and not let anyone see one. I had a lunch scheduled...I would cancel that too. I parked my car...wiped off some of the goo on my face...put on my HUGE sunglasses and dashed up the stairs into my office...didn't say hi to a soul. When I made it to my door, I fumbled with the keys, shaking a bit perhaps for the fear that someone would pass, and finally made it into my office undetected...phew. Low and behold and lucky for me, that makeup bag that I thought I had forgotten at home was actually in my office. In revenge to the universe for causing me stress and perhaps out of relief, I proceeded to glob on so much makeup, I spent the rest of the day looking like a marionette of the end, my over made up look probably had the same eery effect on people as I would have had without any make up at all.

Anyhooo, after getting stressed out about makeup and such, I did start to reflect about what is important. Helping people, being charitable, being nice to others, trying to do the right thing, being honest are just a few things (I think) that are really and truly important. In a time when people are worried about their jobs, how they will put food on the table for their family and just concerned about surviving in general, I know that real stress and worry should be reserved for those things that really count...

Must remember to reflect on what's truly important in the future...maybe these mirrors will help!! how to segue into the non-important discussion of lovely decorative accent mirrors with layered designed frames and rims. No way to really do that appropriately so I'll just say, I do like all of these the patterns and favorite is the red at the top...but also love the salvaged bicycle wheel mirror below. Nice to reflect on things with nice mirrors...right???

Mirror made from reclaimed iron bicycle wheels from cb2
cb2 - Spoke Mirror - $59.95 (Vary in size because made from reclaimed iron bicycle wheels)

Iron frame mirror made of layered rings from Horchow
Horchow - Bangle Mirror - $195 (iron frame of layered rings)(above)

Petal shaped mirror set on two levels from Modern Dose
Modern Dose - Lily Mirror - $295 (Petal shaped mirrors set on two levels to create an antique looking floral decorative mirror)(above)

Round mirror with mirrored detailing around the rim from Oly
Oly - Delanie Round Mirror (non-antiqued round mirror with flower mirrored detailing around rim)(above)