Wednesday, August 11, 2010


All in one kitchen, dining room, guest bedroom and small bathroom with vintage farmhouse sink with a striped skirt, open shelving reclaimed from a mill, floor to ceiling double hung windows and a wood block kitchen island
A vintage American Standard farmhouse sink with a striped skirt is the centerpiece of this modern kitchen that features open shelving reclaimed from a mill in upstate NY, a wall of floor to ceiling double hung windows and a fabulous wood block kitchen island made of a rich brown Sapele. (above)

Living room, kitchen, dining room, guest bedroom and even a small bath all in one space! How could that be? Well it is in this Brooklyn, New York townhouse. Located in the Park Slope area of New York, this duplex was completed renovated by the team at The Brooklyn Home Company. A success! Love the bright airy nature of the space, the huge windows and the surprising design and decor twists...a lot in one area...but it all works. This townhouse does feature more than one floor...but it is this multifunctional space that steals the show.

All in one kitchen, dining room, guest bedroom and small bathroom with custom sculpture over a fireplace, white wide plank wood floor and the original ceiling beams
The custom sculpture above the wonderful fireplace makes a bold modern statement amidst the room's classic architectural detailing including the white wide plank wood floors and the home's original ceiling beams that were discovered during the renovation. (above)

All in one kitchen, dining room, guest bedroom and small bathroom with built in bookshelf, reclaimed wood table surrounded by white S chairs
A ladder right behind the dining room leads up to a guest room loft. (above)

All in one kitchen, dining room, guest bedroom and small bathroom with built in bookshelf, reclaimed wood table surrounded by white Panton S chairs
The iconic white swoosh shaped Panton chairs and a reclaimed wood dining room table reside in front of a backdrop of floor to ceiling custom built-in book shelves and cabinets. (above)

All in one kitchen, dining room, guest bedroom and small bathroom with reclaimed barn door being used as a bathroom door
The bathroom off the living room has a grand wood barn door salvaged from a New Hampshire sheep farm in New Hampshire. (above)

I like this...! What do you think readers?

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. Spent the day running around Los Angeles exhausted...the day included a stint in Griffith Park, on a golf course, at a middle school and then at an art gallery...and all for work...go figure! Quite an entertaining day...kind why I like my day job.

P.P.S. Please go to the COCOCOZY FACEBOOK PAGE to see an awesome 25 foot wide painting of a ship by artist John Millei! A sight to see...really! Let me know what you think of this contemporary artist's work!

Photos: The Brooklyn Home Company


  1. I have the Panton chairs and I've been trying to figure out how to blend them into our new modern-country setting. The table shown is perfect. Beautiful post.

  2. "Peace - that was the other name for home." ~Kathleen Norris

    What a delightful creative space.

  3. I love the light flooding into this home. It makes one forget it is small. YOu have plenty of interesting ideas here. Some inspiration for me as I decorate a country house...

  4. I love this space, the sculpture is awesome. Good find.....thank you!!

  5. I love the fact that they painted the floors white! With my pets and kids, it would be impossible for me, but this room just pulls it off! Another great find, thanks coco

  6. I am in love with everything about this.....and I am sooo intrigued by the boulder...I am off to try and find out what and why....I love it.

  7. This is in my top five all-time homes. So much to look at...and the Panton chairs knock me out with that table!

  8. One of my favorite homes ever..... :)))) The ceiling is AMAZING....!

  9. This is a post that I do not want to lose. I am insane for this space. Thank you!

  10. Love the contrast of the bright white with all of the natural wood elements in these spaces. The pops of green are dramatic, yet somewhat organic. And I truly adore the barn door in front of the shower. FAB idea! Thanks... loving your blog, as always!

  11. leftmyheartinparis.wordpress.comAugust 15, 2010 at 8:56 PM

    I'm crazy abouto those barn doors. And the more I look at the sculpture above the fireplace the more it's growing on me.
    Love your blog....very inspiring.

  12. This has so many of my favorite elements:
    1. White Floors
    2. lots of light
    3. HIGH ceilings
    4. open kitchen
    5. awesome bathroom detail
    6. exposed beams
    7. weird art
    8. plants
    9. outdoor space
    10. sleeping loft

    DING DING DING! Brooklyn Home Company RULES! Now where are my millions???

  13. omg, such a lovely use out of a smaller space. The guest loft is genius.

  14. I was wondering where one would locate the hardware shown for mounting the salaved barn door--i saw a modern version of this in a Las Vegas hotel, but have been trying to find a rustic/charming version for my master bath in my traditional cape cod...looks perfect!