Friday, October 8, 2010


foyer with high gloss black front door, marble inlay floor, Greek key trim roman shades and a Benjamin Moore Palladium Blue ceiling
Flawless foyer with high gloss black front door, marble inlay floor, Greek key trim roman shades and a Benjamin Moore Palladium Blue ceiling! (above)

I know I use the word "love" a lot...but I can't help it. The word "love" so often describes my feeling for people yes of course...but also for interiors (I know...weird)! It might be over used in this type of context but I don't care...I'm compelled to employ the word "love" when I see a space, a room, a home or a piece of furniture I love! I'm going to use it again right please prepare...!

LOVE this foyer!

Enough said.

Happy Friday!


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P.P.S. Please see yesterday's post script re: typos...PLEASE HELP if you see can be like a game of sorts...find the typos in Coco's posts!

Photo: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


  1. The more I see a blue ceiling the more I am convinced it's just the right thing to do! :-) Thanks for sharing, Abby

    P.S. I just love your blog!

  2. I Love this!! Clearly I am also a Loveaholic!

  3. This is the first time I've seen your design magazine & blog and I LOVE anything to do with house & home too! I'm not a professional designer but I love to decorate & see how others I LOVE this site & this foyer!

  4. I LOVE it too. Can't think of a more appropriate word...The brass hardware on the door is gorgeous!!

  5. Nice work on the giveaway and congrats on the 10k followers! I've been following you on Twitter but your giveaway came up as facebook ad and I clicked. Thought you'd want to know...that's a good thing!!!
    Good luck, love your blog.

  6. pretty!

  7. Yes blue ceilings are amazing! I painted too light a blue from Pratt & Lambert in my dining room and hallway so it comes across more white with the light in my house. BUT when it works like in your posting, it really works!

  8. The ceiling looks like semi-gloss??? It gives it more life!

  9. Just did my dining room ceilings in a lighter version of this color and LOVE them:) Now I'm on a mission with the doors to go black which led to this picture. Beautiful!