Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Light blue hand blown Murano glass table lamps by Joe Cariati with white shades
Swank Lighting - Pair of Glass Jug Lamps - $1400 (Light blue hand blown Murano glass table lamps by Joe Cariati)(above)

Was chit chatting via email with my friend AB who just bought a new home in the Pacific Palisades. I was telling him he had to send me photos of his new house for COCOCOZY and asking lots of other questions about random things that he was artfully dodging (as he has managed to do for years of friendship). All of a sudden in the middle of our discourse (or me nagging him), AB sent an email saying "Where do I get this?" "Get what?" I wrote back and then continued with the barrage of questions. I was so busy with my train of thought that I didn't even notice that he had in fact attached a picture he had seen on COCOCOZY (it is below). Turns out the "this" was the blue glass jar shaped lamp in the photo a lovely foyer. He wanted that exact blue lamp.

I felt like this was a game show challenge...some kind of scavenger hunt. The gauntlet was thrown down and I took the lamp search on...with a bit of bravado I must add. Of course, excessive bravado or hubris is always followed by a dose of needless to say, I did not find the exact lamp he was looking for. I did, however, come across several other lovelies.

So, glass blue lamps make up today's CHEAP TO CHIC!

Foyer with light wood floor, graphic painted ceiling, white desk with a white upholstered ottoman, blue glass lamp and a sofa with white and tan sofa with nail head trim
Photo: At Home in Arkansas Magazine. Interior design: Bear Hill Interiors

Blue sea glass table lamp with white linen drum shade
Mecox Gardens - Blue Sea Glass Lamp - $685 (Blue sea glass table lamp with white linen drum shade)(above)

Aqua glass table lamp with lucite base and silver ball finial. White silk shade with silver foil interior
Maison Luxe - Paulette Lamp - $450 (Aqua glass table lamp with lucite base and silver ball finial. White silk shade with silver foil interior.)

Blown glass aqua blue ribbed table lamp
Modern Dose - Perry Lamp - $385 (Blown glass aqua blue ribbed table lamp)(above)

gourd-shaped table lamp made from transparent teal blue glass and topped with an off-white drum shade
Lamps Plus - Blue Martini Glass Lamp - $134.91 (gourd-shaped table lamp made from transparent teal blue glass and topped with an off-white drum shade)(above)

Any of these table lamps appeal to you? I love the first ones at the top. I might be stealing AB's idea and get a pair for my little cottage in the Hollywood Hills.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Huh...I actually really like the least expensive one. Yay for me!

  2. So do I actually. So weird that I'm not naturally drawn to the most expensive one... woo hoo

  3. I like all of them, but I think I would go w/ the least expensive one if I was buying them for myself.

  4. Thank you for posting the entry hall photo-we actually have a pair of the custom lamps shown in our showroom $765.00 each. I always enjoy your post-keep up the good work!

  5. Hi! I have the Paulette lamps and LOVE them!!! Available on ebay for cheaper :)

  6. I love the pair in the first photo and the wallpaper on the ceiling in the foyer is beautiful.

  7. Of course out of all of them, I love the Cariati ones the best. Sigh. Such is my lot in life.

  8. Your post is timely---my sister just bought one from Pier One that was nice, a bargain at $65, definitely could be dressed up with different shade and finial too---here's a link to it online...

  9. Is it weird that I actually like the cheap one? Is it because it has 'martini' in it's name?

  10. Of course I like the most expensive one most!

  11. Covet.

    I think I like the Perry lamp best. The interior of the shade looks a little shiny...

    I love shiny.

  12. Loved this post! Lighting+Great Lamps are sooo hard to find -as a designer I am always looking for the unusual for clients. xx

  13. I know the Joe Cariati lamps seem expensive compared to the others, but they are one of a kind and signed by the artist; Joe Cariati. Joe is working on series #2 of the line, but these blue ones from series #1 were actually a prototype and therefore the only pair that exists in the world. Thanks for including us in this post. Great blog!

  14. I think I'd go with the Paulette lamp - love it's unusual shape, but if I'm dreaming...definitely the hand blown murano splurge!

  15. I just did a post very recently featuring this colour - one of my all time favourites. So calming and tranquil.
    I particularly love the Mecox Gardens lamp- it looks like sea glass.

  16. Thanks for featuring one of our LAMPS PLUS products in your post! You might also like this Robert Abbey design:

    It's brand new, we just added it. It has a more faceted base, but the beautiful blue ceramic base is spot on. Enjoyed your post; we'll re-post about it in our own blog: Thanks again!

  17. I love you for this. I have been looking for a blue glass lamp for ages.

  18. Jane from AdelaideNovember 6, 2010 at 7:38 PM

    Unfortunately I absolutely adore the one in the Entrance/Foyer that your friend AB is after. Has anyone seen this lamp ANYWHERE??? Really. Badly. Desperately. Want. It!!!!!!! Please. Great post, thank you.

  19. Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol...great read, thanks.