Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Dining room with Vico Magistretti-designed De Padova crystal-and-wood dining table and chairs, sisal rug, tile floor, window seat and a view of the white kitchen islands's marble counter top
Vico Magistretti-designed De Padova crystal-and-wood dining table and chairs (above)

Love this feature from the December issue of C Magazine. It is the home of Kathleen and Maurizio Almanza, the owners of Los Angeles based Italian furniture store Eccola. I was just in their store the other day...snapping some amazing that I still haven't posted...yipes...must put those up.

Anyhooo...according to the C Magazine article, turns out Kathleen and Maurizio met in Rome...she is American and he is Italian. They moved back to L.A. and started their business. In the article they say while they miss the pace of Italy, their darling home filled with wonderful Italian furnishings and accessories has a pace of its own!

Living room with exposed beams and pointed ceiling, two toned 1960s Gio Ponti chairs, a gold chandelier, sisal rug and tan sofa with bright accent pillows, a large mirror and glass coffee table with metal base
Love the two toned 1960s Gio Ponti chairs in the home's chic living room!(above)

Exterior of Kathleen and Maurizio Almanza's LA home

Den with blue tile floor and armchairs, a round coffee table, a long wood table with wicker baskets and two white wall mounted lights

I love the blue dining room and those living room chairs! What do you like the most? Check out the full article with more photos of the home in C Magazine this month!

Happy Wednesday! Happy December!!!


Photos: Lisa Romerein


  1. I love the last image. It's beautiful!
    Eclectic and fun!

  2. What stunning images! Those are fabulous! Wonderful Gio Ponti chairs!

  3. oh man. people be living well! Love the mix in this last pic: the chairs mixed with the wood table, and modern light fixtures, the art, the coffee table. Love it, and love C mag.

  4. Lovely - and I've always admired how well the Italians mix antiques with modern lighting - such a great look.

  5. I agree.... it really is an interesting home! I would not have guessed that the interiors would look as they did just seeing the outside of the house.

    Really fun!


  6. Such an amazing house. Must check out there store. I love the ice blue color of the chairs in the first photo.

  7. Love the mix of modern chairs and older casement pieces. Mandi.

  8. Love the blue and white, such a peaceful combination, makes me feel like I'm at the beach!

  9. Love Love Love the living room tables! Thanks for sharing!!!

  10. I just adore the colour of the blue chairs so striking against the white!

  11. Love seeing a little local design! Peaceful, comfortable, not stuffy at all.

    Thank you for sharing!

    I especially love the combination of whites, grays/blues, amber yellow....

    Jessica Rae

  12. Love this house. I live in a tudor myself and I think the grey exterior really updates it.... and I love the contemporary but not too cold interiors

  13. GRAZIE COCOCOZY!!!!! Just on my 3rd cappuccino and opened my computer to find this. What a treat! Thanks for all the wonderful comments. Hope to meet you all sometime at our showroom for a prosecco for two or three...
    Thank you COCO for including us on your hip, chic blog. Have a nice holiday season!
    Kathleen & Maurizio

  14. What fun choosing my favorite "Pieces."
    #1. Pieces' Pair of Vintage Yellow Glass lamps (L-MA-130 ).
    They dazzle! The color would spark up any room, contemporary or traditional- - and especially my loft, which combines both. Glad they're SOLD, or I'd have to have them.

    #2. Pieces' Mirrored End Table?(T-JD)
    One room in every home should have something mirrored. This handmade end table 'reflects' great style. Imagine the surprise of opening each of the three drawers to find a magenta or turquoise custom lacquered interior. Wouldn't that make your day? ~ Alice Simpson

  15. Hi Coco,

    Checked out the Pieces site- some very unique things. The two items I love are the orange lacquer tray ($225.00) and the custome wood plank table ($4945.00) The color of the tray is fantastic and juicy. Having attempted this myself, I also appreciate the labor intensive process of lacquer-12 coats, with sanding in between each! Really hard work, but so worth it! The table is fab because it has a great patina. My family kids me about my affinity for tables...I kind of collect them. There such great backdrops for other beautiful things and I picture this particular one as a desk- perfect with a great looking lamp, my laptop and a picture of my family. If I'm lucky and win that wonderful throw (dreaming about it here in frigid Chicago!) you may reach me at: Thanks and happy holidays! Jen Lucas