Friday, December 10, 2010


Photo by Coco of COCOCOZY
White living room in a NYC loft a tufted sofa, chaise lounge, upholstered Louis XIV chairs, an ottoman with wood legs on a pink and white area rug
Archive photo of best of friend Anne's former New York Soho loft where pink was prominent! A pink wool rug from ABC Carpet & Home is center stage in this pink and white apartment! (above)

So have been trying to reach friend Anne to tell her that she is a clairvoyant. Pink has been her color of the year for pretty much all of her adult life...and now this year the Pantone 2011 Color of the Year is Honeysuckle - a vibrant reddish pink! Anne and so many of my friends LOVE pink. So is their year!

Anne is now living in another great loft apartment in Soho with her husband John and their kids. The family has embraced pink that's for sure. Pink is still a big decor player in their house...a pink bird cage, the wool rug (that I thought was a Madeline Weinrib...which I am sure I was told at some I am being told "you just don't listen"...but just found out it is from ABC Home & Carpet), Jonathan Adler Lampert sofas trimmed in pink, a vintage wrought iron glass table base painted pink, pink throw pillows and more!

Happy Honeysuckle pink 2011 everyone and Anne!

Happy Friday too!


P.S.'s what's weird...was up until 2:45a last night working with fab web designer MR launching redesign of blog (let me know what you think...)...and I told him I wanted to get rid of the famous COCOCOZY silver pig photo. We got rid of the pig. What's funny is that I took that photo at Anne's house years ago...and I just noticed you can see the same pig on the same table in this photo - the same pig who was my mascot for years. So I should embrace the fact that my silver pig will always be around to some extent!

Photo in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY


  1. I actually have a corner which is more masculine creams and browns. By the kitchen. :)

  2. I have a more masculine corner which is creams and browns - by the kitchen. :)

  3. I vote for the silver pig to stay where it was!! so cute!!

  4. love the silver pig, bring her back... as for the honeysuckle (an inccurate name for this color), not so much

  5. It's going to be a long year for me - since pink isn't really my fave - but I may change my mind after reading the Mary McDonald book and seeing this fabulous loft!! And too funny about the pig.

  6. Are we in for vivid hot colours next year? Seen forecast for a shade of tangerine. Both brave colour choice. Love the Union Jack cushions.

  7. I think the redesign looks great! And that room- adore!!! I was thrilled with Pantone's pick- I'm a lover of pink so was definitely happy with the choice.

  8. I'm a little upset that pink is the new color! I have always loved using pink and it didn't get as trendy as turquoise... I am sure with the new year it will be everywhere though... sigh...

  9. I totally miss your trademark silver pig. Reposition it if you must, but delete it? Tsk. :(

  10. Love the new look but adored the pig! bring the piggy back!your friend in NY loves her piggy! by the way love your blog...xx

  11. What about the table ready for cocktails? Order up!

    Looks like the pig needs to make a return appearance!

  12. I'm loving that room. Happy about pink being the new next...
    Just finished my bedroom, pop over to my blog for my take on it.

  13. We wrote the same post.....well, loved to read YOUR take on honeysuckle pink!!!!

    xoxo Victoria

  14. Love the pig! Wish I HAD HIM!!!
    Love the "honeysuckle" too!
    Blog redesign is very fresh but liked the old one too.

  15. your interior designs and concepts are very creative and you haven't gone to a professional interior design school. interesting! looking forward to more articles and interesting interior design concepts from your blog.

  16. i've heard everywhere that honeysuckle pink will be the most sought after color! its a gorgeous color!