Friday, December 31, 2010


Woman standing a stage wearing pink tights, heels, white gloves and a short white dress, she's lit from behind and looking to the right holding a feather boa or cape

Well another year coming to a close...and what an interesting year it has been. 2010 started off in a very dramatic way, then there were some highs and then there were some lows...but all in all it was pretty good year - thanks to my sweet family, my dear friends and all of you lovely COCOCOZY readers!

I am excited for 2011. So many new opportunities and new risks I'll be taking in this year to come. I'll be sharing them all with you and invite you come along with me on my potentially life changing ride - hopefully you'll get a bit inspired too.

The only New Year's resolution I have for 2011 is to be brave. I want to be as brave as I possibly can 2011. Brave in everything I do - in all aspects of life.

Brave about business. Brave about opening up and sharing even more. Brave in trying things I have never done before. Brave with new relationships and love. Brave about pushing myself physically and mentally - challenging myself as much as possible. No fears. Pushing hang ups aside. In 2011, I will be brave!

I wish you a wonderful New Year. I wish you much love, good health, prosperity and even though you may not have asked for it, I wish a bit of brave for you too!
Thank you dear readers for sticking with me in 2010. Can't wait to continue our ongoing conversation about all things design, decor and a bit of fashion too in 2011!

Happy Friday! Happy New Year!

Much love.


P.S. Also, don't worry...this brave thing doesn't mean I've lost my sense of humor. You'll still read about my all my comical moments (which I think are the true fabric of life). I hope in this year I'll continue to make you laugh quite a bit too. Brave and funny? Hmmmmm...let's see how that works...LOL!

Photo: Fabio Bartelt

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Eat in kitchen with dark cabinetry, cobellstons arraged like paver field tiles on the floor, white beadboard ceiling, a chandelier, a farmhouse table surrounded by matching chairs

You know how I always say I love a room with white walls? No doubt. My preference. Absolutely.

Is it possible that I could also love equally as much a rooms with dark walls? Rich black walls or enchanting navy blue wall paint (sometimes with a little gloss) always works for me.

Loving the black kitchen above with the dark cabinetry, the cobblestone like paver field tiles used on the floor, the white beadboard ceiling, the farmhouse table...everything about it.

The wonderful sultry baths below also work for me.

It is weird...even though these spaces are dark...they seem bright to that possible? Even cheerful! Hmmm....interesting. Maybe it is the fact that each of these spaces has either white ceilings, molding or a light floor or accent wall added in for contrast - two toned rooms. Love them!

Bedroom with navy walls, a white bed, marble fireplace with a mirror on the mantel, dark wood floor, molded ceiling detail and a Turkish rug

Bathroom with navy walls and a matching stand alone tub, herringbone wood floor, and a door with roman shades for privacy

Living room with matte black paneled walls, two white pendant lights, grey wood floor, a taupe chaise lounge and a simple wooden chair

Bathroom with navy blue walls, a large art deco gilded mirror, two wall mounted candlesticks, dark wood floor, moulded ceiling and a marble console sink

What do you think about rooms with dark paint on the walls or cabinets? Work for you or not?

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. It is raining again here in Los Angeles. I have no home phone service due to the has been out for a week! Arghhhhhhh! Help. I hope you all on the east coast are surviving the weather!

Photos (from top to bottom): House & Home; Melanie Acevedo; Windsor Smith; James Merrell

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Living room in a cabin with knotty wood floor, a black bench style ottoman, grey sofa and armchairs with high backs

Winter and snow seem to be the theme of my last few posts!

So many people I know are either stuck in snowy weather or voluntarily trekking to snowy weather to enjoy the holidays.

If I were stuck in the snow...I'd want to be stuck in this cabin. If I were voluntarily heading to the snow, I'd want to head to this cabin.

Oooooooohhhh friend FF just built a gorgeous 8,000 square foot house outside of is GORGEOUS. Am hoping some day I'll put a bit of it on COCOCOZY. I think it is one of those ski in/ski out places. She sent me a photo and it looks like a stunning lodge! I can't wait to visit. She and her family are there now!

Surrounded by mounds of white snow in a little tiny glen this cozy cabin is perfect...I would love to spend hours in front of that stone fireplace! Wouldn't you?

Living room in a cabin with knotty wood floor, grey sofa and armchairs with high backs, a flagstone fireplace, exposed beams and a red, upside down canoe hanging from the ceiling

Cabin in the woods in winter

Oh, I also love the canoe hanging from the ceiling. I should put a canoe in my little cottage in the Hollywood Hills and see what people think!

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. Go to COCOCOZY TWITTER and see my big news, I tweeted about it last night...tweet along with me and let me know what you think!

Photos: Powell & Bonnell

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Exterior of a green barn with red and blue doors covered in snow

Yesterday at the family Christmas dinner at my tiny little cottage in the Hollywood Hills, we started talking about barns. JS, long time family friend, said her next big home project is that she is planning on building a barn at her home in Maine. Love the idea of a barn!

Maybe her barn will look like this! Wouldn't it be great to have this barn? In the snow or in warm weather...I love the idea of a barn. I used to ride horses and I've always loved being in a working barn.

About 6 years ago, I used to ride horses, 3-5 times a week in fact. Dressage. I rode a horse named Kip, a handsome Thoroughbred - a huge regal horse, who was over 16 hands high. I leased him. He wasn't my own but I adored him. Under my horse lease arrangement, I had the right to ride Kip 3-5 times a week...and I enjoyed pretty much every minute of my regular rides - I conquered a lot of fears over the 5 years I was riding and it felt good. After some doing, Kip and I developed a wonderful relationship - I think he liked me ...or maybe it was just the carrots I brought him every day. I used to get to the stables at about 6am to ride with Kip on weekdays before work. I loved riding. Horseback riding is really a very quiet sport...a very intimate relationship between rider and horse that a observer would never see...with a breath, a small shift in seat, a flick of a small finger, or the slight pressure of a leg, you can communicate with what I think is a rather magnificent animal. Kip was magnificent but Kip was also so easily spooked by the small things in life. He also had a little leg issue which made him stumble from time to time. Don't know whether he stumbled or got spooked the day he was trotting along with me on his back...he flinched and then before I knew it he was falling on his head doing almost a ...complete somersault with me on his back...he did something though to protect me...somehow I fell but kind of just slid down the back of his neck right before he and I both flipped over...he was fine...I was fine...scary for both of us though. I got back on that day and rode for another few months. I got back on because of that saying...when you fall off the horse you MUST get back on (think that has great application to the rest of life too). I have to admit though...riding was never the same for me after that fall...I got back on. A few months later, however, I hung up my cute velvet helmet, my stunning black leather tall field boots (the riding boots with the cute laces), long crop, array of jodhpurs and have not really been on a horse again. I will get back on a horse in 2011. At least just once. I will. I still adore horses...miss riding, miss Kip and miss going to the barn...I do. Well readers it has happened again..I totally to figure out how to maintain to barn architecture. addition to a barn being a functional work space, I love the concept of a barn transformed into a living space too...the high ceilings, the rustic architecture, the classic love love.

A green barn with red trim, metal roof and weather vane...standing oh so proudly in the snow...perfect!

Happy Sunday! Hope you had a Merry Christmas! Now onto New Years!


Photo: Jeff McNamara

Saturday, December 25, 2010


All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY
Christmas tree in a living room with wood floor, white sofa, armchair and ottoman with navy piping, a coffee table with iron legs and a glass table top, and a black fireplace

Wishing you Happy Holidays!

I hope you have a wonderful merry Christmas day filled with family, love, good food and lots of joy!

Close up of a present Christmas ornament in a Christmas tree
Close up of a sparkly, flower inspired Christmas ornament in a Christmas tree
Christmas tree in a living room leaning to the right
My leaning Christmas tree! (above)

Off to finish cooking Christmas dinner for my family! Having family members over at Christmas time for the second year in a row (I feel so adult hosting Christmas dinner). In the middle of prepping the meal, I ran out of salt and pepper of all things so I have to run to the grocery store!

Have a great day! Happy Saturday! Happy Christmas! Happy Holidays!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Living room with built in bookshelves full of books arranged by color, dark wood floor, white armchair with an ikat accent pillow and an upholstered blue ottoman with black legs, a sisal rug and a round wood table holding more books and a flower arrangement
Photo: Windsor Smith Room in a Box

Warning: Anyone in school, students for sure, do not read this post! It is a cautionary tale as to what has happened to one girl (me) after she entered the workplace and stopped reading...kind of like the story of the Grinch or Scrooge or something like watch goes...

Oh what I wouldn't do for an extra moment to curl up with a good book. In yesterday's post, I admitted that as of late, I don't have a moment to read words...I only look at pictures in books, newspapers and magazines...I go straight for the pictures...eeek. I used to read a lot and really enjoy it. I looked forward to burying myself in a wonderful novel...I even had favorite authors way back when. I enjoyed reading good long articles in Vanity Fair, Time (way back when they had long articles) I look at pictures in InTouch and US Weekly. Thank goodness I have a good education behind me...otherwise, my mind would officially be mush!

So my time for reading has been cut down to zero. I know. Terrible. Considering I come from a family where reading/academics has always been a priority. In fact, my inability to read got so bad that this weekend when my sister handed me an article from the L.A. Times (something to do with MOCA) and said, "Coco read this is so interesting!", I looked at her like she was an alien of sorts. My eyes became as big as saucers and I thought, "Read?". Sis DS kept pushing the paper towards me while chatting on, "Oh this is the most interesting article. Really. Did you see it yet? You've got to read it. You won't believe what happened." My mother was watching this whole scene, I think amused as to what would take place next. I panicked a bit...What was my sister asking me here with this newspaper article...she's asking me to read...take the time out of my busy schedule to read something? What? What was she thinking? Where does one start when they read...the beginning...I assume? How long would this reading business take? feel the walls and ceiling coming in on me...I can't read!!! Finally, I responded by pushing the newspaper back to her and saying, "Uhm just tell me what it says." Wow. It was at that moment that I realized I have really entered into a literary abyss. I don't know how to read mind is always racing onto the next task, activity, function...I don't know how to read! HELP!!!!

Anyhooooo...need to just forget that I can't read for right gives me too much time to I losing my I becoming a mush brain? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Never mind...back to pictures, pretty things and holiday la la la. In all seriousness (or at least in partial seriousness), I do wish in some world that someone would give me a bit of time to read in the coming year...I also wish for some of these wonderful built-in bookshelves to house all of the wonderful books I will be reading...

Books at their best...built-in shelves that work...decorative and functional. I love a shelf that surrounds a doorway like the one in the Windsor Smith room above or shelving that takes up a whole love love!

Hence this wish...a bit of time to curl up and read...not a lot of time...just a bit of time.

Living room with floor to ceiling built in bookshelf stuffed with books and a tv, a brown sofa, a coffee table made out of twigs with a glass top, wood floor, grey walls, and a powder blue Louis XIV chair with a red and white accent pillow
Photo: Eric Cohler

Dark wood writing desk with shelves full of books and trinkets
Photo: Anthony Cochran Design

Library with floor to ceiling bookshelf full of books, parquet wood tiling, two wing back armchairs, a Moroccan rug, and a coffee table with wood legs and a glass top
Photo: Selldorf Architects

Living room with built in bookshelf full of books, dark wood floor, white sofa and matching armchairs with purple accent pillows, a zebra print rug and two lamps with blue bases and white shades on round dark wood side tables
Photo: John Barman

What do you think of built-in shelves? Where would you most want a nook in your house to read? What have you read as of late? Any recommendations in case my wish for "time to read" comes true?

Happy Wednesday! Happy Holidays.


P.S. Head over to my COCOCOZY TWITTER to see a photo I took yesterday showing just a bit of the havoc the rain is causing in Los Angeles and So. Cal! I got caught in it yesterday a bit. If you live out here, stay safe and dry...if you live elsewhere in the country dealing with bad weather, the same goes to you. Tweet me and let me know if you plan to stay home...cozy...out of the rain and weather or if you have to be out in it! xo

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Kitchen with dark wood cabinets, floating shelves, subway tile backsplash, stainless appliances, a hanging pot rack and an island with stained wood cabinets and a wooden counter top

Was browsing through one of my favorite design sites, Remodelista, this morning and saw this cool kitchen from Made, a design firm in NYC.

Thinking a lot about kitchens and cooking lately as I have invited family members over for Christmas! Oh dear... I say oh dear not because of family but because I have not a moment to spare to plan a proper dinner. I have a photo shoot for some fab home furnishings I will be bringing to you in 2011 (I wonder how many of you actually read the blog...if so, you will know that this is the first mention I've made of my new venture. By the way, just to clarify, I don't expect anyone to read my jibberish at all as I am a pictures only type of girl...have had a hard time concentrating long enough to read anything as of late...I have kind of regressed to being 3 year old that can only look at things with big pictures and I have other people tell me what is going on... LOL!). That photo shoot lasts until the week hours of Thursday night/Friday all my prepping has been focused on that. Christmas dinner will just have to come will! I need an extra set of hands. I really do! this space, the stone field tile floors, the rustic wood cabinetry, the large island with the pot rack hanging above, the open shelving above the stainless country sink...a warm cozy space with that manages to feel perfectly polished and a little rugged at the same time!

The best part of this kitchen I think is the fully tiled hood with white subway tiles that go up to the ceiling and then onto the ceiling. So cool...I would call this floor-to-ceiling-to-ceiling tiles!

Love this...

What do you think?

Happy Tuesday (still raining here in Los Angeles!)


Photo: Remodelista


Thank you all for your wonderful entries for this COCOCOZY holiday giveaway. Thank you Pieces for being a great partner with this giveaway.

The winner of COCOCOZY GIVEAWAY #7 is....


Congrats Amy!

When asked to pick two items from Pieces as her entry, here is what Amy had to say:
"I'm in love with the Pieces website! I really like the pair of black fretwork end tables! They would be perfect in my living room or possibly beside my bed. I also like the pair of glass lamps with the gold paper drum shade! I'm glad you posted this link so I can dream!!! :)

It was so great hearing from all of you...I will be doing more giveaways after the New Year (and I might try to sneak in one before Jan. 1). I hope you enjoy these and will keep trying!

Thank you Lee Kleinhelter of Pieces for the generous giveaway item and thank you Susan for coordinating all of this!

Happy Tuesday (I have the day off...errands!!!)


Monday, December 20, 2010


Ivory colored cashmere, silk, cotton blend throw with chocolate brown suede border from Pieces Inc.
Pieces Inc. - Cashmere/Silk Throw - $395 (Ivory colored cashmere, silk, cotton blend throw with chocolate brown suede border. 50"x70")(above)

I am thrilled to announce another holiday giveaway - COCOCOZY GIVEAWAY #7! My partner in this giveaway is none other than faboosh Atlanta home furniture store, Pieces!

In this giveaway, Lee Kleinhelter owner of Pieces was so kind and generous to offer up a great giveaway item. One lucky reader will win one of these wonderful ivory cashmere throws from Pieces! It retails for $395!

So here's all you have to do to enter COCOCOZY GIVEAWAY #7:
1. Go to the Pieces website and identify any two items from the collection that you love.

2. Come back to this post on COCOCOZY and in the comments section, let me know what your two favorites are from Pieces and why (e.g. color, awesome design, just pure fun of it etc.).

3. Make sure to identify yourself in some way in the comment - no anonymous comments can win (need something to identify you in the event you win...i.e. website, email address, etc.).

4. Submit your comment in this post by tomorrow morning, Tuesday 12/21, at 6:00am PST/9a EST. That means a little under 24 hours to enter.

5. Check back on COCOCOZY tomorrow at around noon (PST) to find out if you've won!
So simple!

I will randomly select one (1) very lucky lucky winner to win one (1) throw. (This is a U.S. only giveaway)

If you are the winner, you'll have to email me your mailing address so I can have Pieces send you the throw!

Hope you enjoy this giveaway!

Happy Monday!


P.S. TELL YOUR FRIENDS! If you mention this giveaway on your blog or website, email me at and I will give you a shout out in the winner post! So please tell your friends!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Yellow enfilade with a tile floor and a sculpture of a white owl in the center

As many of you know...I want my own castle...I know...sounds weird to most people who have regular dreams. Most people probably desire and dream of a beautiful family, general happiness and health for their families, a nice normal well appointed house, lots of friendship and love, a great next job, an exciting know that stuff that every day dreams are made of. Well sure I want that stuff too, but I know my dreams are really about living in a chateau, castle or grand villa...I would want all of those other regular dreams too...just while living in the castle. That's it. Make sense? Hmmmm...

This photo shows an "enfilade", a succession of doorways in a formal grand home. Just in case you had not heard this architecture term is the definition.

Definition of "enfilade" Wikipedia: "In architecture, an enfilade is a suite of rooms formally aligned with each other. This was a common feature in grand European architecture from the Baroque period onwards, although there are earlier examples, such as the Vatican stanze. The doors entering each room are aligned with the doors of the connecting rooms along a single axis, providing a vista through the entire suite of rooms."

Usually these enfilades are in quite grand homes - reminds me of Versailles or what you might see in royal European home. I want my own enfilade...rooms upon rooms, doors leading to more doors.

There I said it! Maybe for Christmas?

Anyhooo...happy Sunday!


P.S. COCOCOZY GIVEAWAY ALERT - Another giveaway tomorrow...this time my partner is very chic Atlanta furniture store Pieces Inc. This giveaway will be right here on the blog (none of that Facebook only stuff). See you here tomorrow.

P.P.S. Btw...had a wonderful weekend of holiday parties...a party every night starting on Thursday. Lots of fun catching up with friends I hadn't seen in a long time and meeting new people. Happy Holidays to you!

Photo: McMillen Interior Design

Friday, December 17, 2010


Living room in a cottage with black and white striped rug, white sofa, armchair and ottoman with black and white striped accent pillows and a black coffee table

I like this little renovated 1904 fisherman's cottage on Shelter Island. Very cute to me! The decor here is bold but it only involves two and white...I think it works and is done very right.

Am loving the kitchen with the floor to ceiling chalkboard wall the most! What a great idea!

Alternative view of a living room in a cottage with black and white striped rug, white sofa, armchair and ottoman with black and white striped accent pillows, a black coffee table and a fake window

Black and white dining room in a cottage with a light wood floor, table with black legs and a marble top, black chairs with white and black graphic print seats, a dark wood bench, black chandelier, white cabinet and french doors

Black and white kitchen with floating shelves, white cabinets and drawers, black counter tops, an island with white legs and a black top surrounded by black stools and a floor to ceiling chalkboard

Happy happy happy Friday!


P.S. Trying to pull together another giveaway for next week!

Photos: Schappacher White Ltd.


Over sized bean pillow with pink polka dots and stripes from Tottini

So thrilled to be doing another Facebook only giveaway this week! I think I promised I would do a Facebook only giveaway when we reached 20,000 followers on Facebook...well, to be honest, I really had forgotten. Ooops. Coincidentally we reached 20,000 on Facebook yesterday and lucky for me I had this giveaway already planed for today...sweet...serendipity or just dumb luck...either way, I'll take it!

Anyhooooo, this time my giveaway partner is cute Seattle based children's store tottini!

tottini is offering up one of these great limited edition Dwell Studios fatboys - covered in fun stripes and dots - the over sized bean pillow can be used as a lounge bag, bed, or armchair. This multifunctional fun item can be used to add a pop of fun color and great lounge space to any room really! Another generous giveaway I might add!

The retail price for this fatboy bean bag is $229! Wow! Fantastic! Thank you Melissa and Melissa from tottini!

We are giving one (1) of these away to a lucky winner on Facebook!

Here's how you enter - a simple two step process:

1. Go to COCOCOZY FACEBOOK PAGE and leave a comment on the giveaway post there telling me WHERE you might want put this cute children's accessory in your home or someone else's (i.e. in my family room for my daughter).


2. Go to the tottini Facebook page and leave a comment on WHY you think you should win (i.e. because I've never won anything (lol!)).

That's it...two comments and you could win...making it simple this holiday as I know you are tres busy with all of the running around!

Entries will close tonight at midnight (PST)...also only for U.S. residents (due to shipping costs).

I'll announce the winner tomorrow!

You can go to the COCOCOZY FACEBOOK PAGE now to see more photos...oh and to enter too!


Good luck and Happy Friday!


Thursday, December 16, 2010


Room with a blue sliding barn door opening to a hallway with a writing desk and wood wall

Love an interior sliding barn door. Great alternative to a pocket door if for some reason your home's architecture will not allow. Also, these doors are great space need to worry about a door swinging open and taking up room. I have rigged up a few in my house...the Hollywood Hills version...some white paneled doors on some very basic barn door sliding hardware that we covered with a wood valance. See this post showing the door in my tiny Hollywood Hills cottage (wall color is way off for some reason in that photo of my den...walls look yellow they are actually a muted Ralph Lauren khaki/tan color...please excuse).

Anyhoooooo...back to this photo. J'adore (as my friend Jennie O. from San Francisco would say)! The color, the setting, the way the door is such an integral part of the making the decor so cool.

Would you put an interior barn door in your house? Why or why not? What is you ideal door and interior door color!

Happy Thursday to you all!!


P.S. Oooohh...almost forgot to mention another fab COCOCOZY FACEBOOK ONLY GIVEAWAY again tomorrow...two Facebook giveaways in one week! This time my partner is Seattle based tottini - a very posh children's store owned by friends Melissa Maffei and Melissa Van Flandern. We're giving away a great decor item for you and your kids (or nieces or nephews or god children). Stay tuned!

Photo: Meyer Davis Studio Inc.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Foyer with dark wood floor, beadboard wall, a bench holding four presents and a large wreath

Who doesn't want a little holiday cheer around their home? Why not?

One of my neighbors here in the Hollywood Hills has gone all out...with a brightly lit polar bear in his front yard to go along with a dazzling display of lights. I live on a trail (that means a narrow street where only one car at a time can go up and down)...and this neighbor lives directly across from me with his wife and daughter. His holiday spirit makes me smile every time I back into my garage in the evenings and see the cheerful display of lights. My house looks like Grinch's house in holiday spirit on the outside at all! Next year I'll make my outdoor light debut with a demure dazzle of white year... In the meantime...for the inside of the house, I love silvers, greens and touches of sparkle, garland and pine to say "it's the holidays!" Need to amp it up a bit inside the house this holiday. Have the day off so will work on my holiday cheer!

I love these photos...the holiday decor is perfect in my view...almost chic I would say...the simple use of a wonderful garland on a fireplace mantel or a pine wreath in foyer says it all in an understated way...! Happy Holidays!

Bedroom with wood floor, exposed beams, a large fireplace with a festive holiday garland

Please let me know what you think of these images...just the right amount of holiday spirit or not enough? Also please let me know what you think is your ideal holiday decor!

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. In honor of the holidays, I have some great giveaways lined up for this week and next! Stay tuned and check in daily to make sure you don't miss out. Also, please make sure to go to COCOCOZY FACEBOOK to see who won this week's fabulous pillow giveaway! Thank you Jayson Home & Garden for being so generous in providing the pillows to 5 lucky winners and thank you for being such an amazing partner in this one! Abbe, I really appreciate it all!

Photos from top to bottom: Virginia MacDonald, Stacey Branford, Virginia MacDonald

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Exterior of a mansion in New Jersey

Uhm...$68 million dollars? Hello?

That's how much this stately home in Alpine New Jersey is currently listed for by Sotheby's International. Not you typical neighborhood home for sale...right? A tried and true mansion. Hmmm...liking it!

30,000 square feet, 12 bedrooms 15 bathrooms, 4 half baths, 3+ fireplaces, 5 car garage, heated driveway and motor court, indoor basketball court, wine cellar/grotto, home theater and more...

I think I could make do with this. I like this real estate listing because it is a blank slate...ready to be given the COCOCOZY treatment! If only!

Hallway with wood floor, Greek columns, arched entryway, black and white tile floor, moulded detailing and a coffered ceiling

Foyer with black and white tile floor, arched ceiling, crystal chandelier, iron railings and paneled walls

Living room with two crystal chandeliers, wood floor, french doors opening to a balcony, paneled walls, wall mounted candle holders and moulded ceiling

Library with arched, coffered ceiling, chandelier, wood floor and wood paneled walls and cabinets with glass doors

Gate of a mansion in New Jersey

What do you think of this home for sale? Take it or leave it? I'd take it!

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. COCOCOZY FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY REMINDER - Remember to go to COCOCOZY FACEBOOK to enter the fab pillow giveaway I'm doing with Jayson Home & Garden. Also, see post below for details! You still have all day today to enter!

Photos: Sotheby's

Monday, December 13, 2010


Green vintage Suzani pillows from Jayson Home & Garden

The holidays are here and it is giveaway time for COCOCOZY readers!

So thrilled to be doing yet another giveaway with posh Chicago home furnishings mecca Jayson Home & Garden.

Jayson Hoome & Garden has so kindly offered to giveaway 5 vintage Suzani pillows (colors will vary depending upon availability...each is different because made from unique vintage fabrics..) to 5 lucky COCOCOZY Facebook Fans.

These pillows were all made from hand selected vintage Suzani material...they are backed in linen. The large size is 24"x24" and they range in price from $175-350.

Here's how you enter - a simple two step process:

1. Go to COCOCOZY FACEBOOK PAGE and leave a comment on the giveaway post there telling me WHERE you might use these pillows in your home (i.e. in my living room).


2. Go to the Jayson Home & Garden Facebook page and leave a comment on WHY you think you should win (i.e. because I'm nice).

That's it...two comments and you could win...making it simple this holiday as I know you are tres busy with all of the running around!

Last day to enter will be Tuesday 12/14 at midnight my time (PST)...also only for U.S. residents (due to shipping costs).

On Wednesday 12/15, I'll announce the 5 winners picking from those who have left comments on BOTH the COCOCOZY and Jayson Home & Garden Facebook pages..

You can go to the COCOCOZY FACEBOOK PAGE now to see the other colors you have a chance at winning...oh and to enter too!


Good luck!!!

Happy Monday!


P.S. Very excited for this!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


White attic home office with white drawers, two desks with white rolling armchairs,a window and a big bulletin board

This attic home office would be the perfect work space for me. Plenty of walls to put up big bulletin and chalk boards to keep ideas organized and out in the open. Plenty of lower cabinet drawer storage. Plenty of light (an office must) - both natural and room lighting. Nice desk space and lovely little view out of some lead glass windows. Would be perfect for me...instead I am working on a counter in my kitchen!

So much to do this Saturday...I'm sure you all do to as the holidays approach. I wish all of us luck in getting everything done!!

Happy Saturday!


P.S. Ooooh I almost forgot...COCOCOZY giveaway alert...will be doing a faboosh COCOCOZY FACEBOOK only giveaway with posh Jayson Home & Garden next week! Lots of gorgeous Suzani pillows will be given can only enter if you follow both COCOCOZY and Jayson Home on Facebook. So don't miss out! More details on Monday!

Photo: Canadian House & Home

Friday, December 10, 2010


Photo by Coco of COCOCOZY
White living room in a NYC loft a tufted sofa, chaise lounge, upholstered Louis XIV chairs, an ottoman with wood legs on a pink and white area rug
Archive photo of best of friend Anne's former New York Soho loft where pink was prominent! A pink wool rug from ABC Carpet & Home is center stage in this pink and white apartment! (above)

So have been trying to reach friend Anne to tell her that she is a clairvoyant. Pink has been her color of the year for pretty much all of her adult life...and now this year the Pantone 2011 Color of the Year is Honeysuckle - a vibrant reddish pink! Anne and so many of my friends LOVE pink. So is their year!

Anne is now living in another great loft apartment in Soho with her husband John and their kids. The family has embraced pink that's for sure. Pink is still a big decor player in their house...a pink bird cage, the wool rug (that I thought was a Madeline Weinrib...which I am sure I was told at some I am being told "you just don't listen"...but just found out it is from ABC Home & Carpet), Jonathan Adler Lampert sofas trimmed in pink, a vintage wrought iron glass table base painted pink, pink throw pillows and more!

Happy Honeysuckle pink 2011 everyone and Anne!

Happy Friday too!


P.S.'s what's weird...was up until 2:45a last night working with fab web designer MR launching redesign of blog (let me know what you think...)...and I told him I wanted to get rid of the famous COCOCOZY silver pig photo. We got rid of the pig. What's funny is that I took that photo at Anne's house years ago...and I just noticed you can see the same pig on the same table in this photo - the same pig who was my mascot for years. So I should embrace the fact that my silver pig will always be around to some extent!

Photo in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Living room with a green velvet sectional sofa, white beadboard walls, two white armchairs, a round coffee table with a white base and glass top, wood floor and a furry white rug

Love this plush velvet green sectional sofa in this white living room and also love the touches of green in the flowers and throw pillows. There is something so serene about this room and the color green. I love it.

In the dining room...the centerpiece is so cool...sculptural and it is green too...j'adore!

Dining room with dark wood floor, beadboard walls, two white pendant lights, wood chairs with white upholstered seats and backs and a sculptural centerpiece

Happy Thursday!


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Photo: Meyer Davis Studio Inc.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY
Bed in The Bowery Hotel with a high headboard, painted brick wall, patterned curtain and Moroccan rug

Adore The Bowery Hotel in NYC! Just stayed in this fab suite last night (was upgraded from a smaller suite to this). Now on plane (in much for having 250K miles on this airline...doesn't do any good it seems...oh boy...) headed back to Los Angeles...after a whirlwind day and half in New York...

An overnight stay with best of friend Anne and husband John and their adorable children, work work work, a work party at the Central Park Boathouse, a dinner with Anne, John and good friends PR, JJ, MC and Amie R. at Gemma and an amazing stay at the Bowery Hotel for the night.

There is nothing better than New York in December...the chill in the air, the sparkling holiday lights, trimmings and windows all over the city. Something so festive about NYC in December. Love it.

Anyhooooo....back to this room....I don't know why I like this hotel so much but it has this really cool eclectic strange interesting warm vintage vibe to it. I especially love the corner suite I was in last night. Lead glass paned floor to ceiling windows wrap around the room and boast views of the city including the Empire State building! I love the wood floors, the gorgeous rugs, the white painted exposed brick, gorgeous marble and subway tile bathrooms (not shown here), the rusty rustic tones...I love it.

Was so sad to hop in a cab this morning back JFK to go back to L.A. Oh well booo hooo. Hope you enjoy these pics!

Close up of The Bowery throw on the bed at The Bowery Hotel

Back wardrobe with red and white curtains at The Bowery Hotel

Sitting area in a suite at The Bowery Hotel with two green armchairs around a round table, a floor to ceiling window with a view, wood floor and patterned curtains

Leather sofa and matching ottoman with nail head trim in at The Bowery Hotel

view from a suite at The Bowery Hotel

view from a suite at The Bowery Hotel

Sitting area in a suite at The Bowery Hotel with two green armchairs around a round table, a floor to ceiling window with a view, wood floor and patterned curtains

I love the white bed linens with the orange border...hmmmm...,may have to consider for my bedroom. I also love a hotel with white always know it is clean!

Oh two apologies...this morning I must have called security 10 times...I thought I had left a not so valuable necklace in my first room at the hotel (pre-room-upgrade)...after sending everyone on a hunt, I found the necklace in my bag! Yup. The security guy was so nice and just laughed when I told him the unfortunate misplacement on my part. Good natured about the whole thing...oooops. I also apologize for spilling an entire glass of champagne in the hotel lounge area last night...some French guys sitting next to us said though that it was good luck to spill a whole glass of champagne...who knew...hee hee!

What do you think of this room? Anything you see here you covet?

Happy Wednesday!


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P.P.S. Okay...just realized I used the word "sweet" in the title of another post just a week ago...! Not very creative!! I did the same a week before when I used the word "finesse" in two different post titles only to realize after publishing. genes are not working right now. much for me being a "creative" type! LOL! Hope you will forgive my limited vocabulary for post titles!

All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


White kitchen with black lantern lights, wood floor, and a wood table surrounded by white wicker chairs with grey gingham covers

The mandate for designing this house was the owners wanted no color whatsoever. They asked and they got.

I like this home...I am in New York right is was snowing when I arrived yesterday. So winter is on my mind.

A winter white home for year round use in the Hamptons...hard to keep clean I am sure...still something that really works about this paticular hom with all of the textures, shapes and contours that add visual interest with out a drop of color. For those of you who crave color, this is not the house for you...but for those of us who are okay with all rooms including white, this house has a very consistent theme and a certain blank canvas charm.

An all white space with interesting lines is refreshing and makes me think of endless possibilities.

White living room with two sofas, arms chairs, wood side tables, a striped rug, built in bookcases and a fireplace

Foyer with a white chandelier, white paneled walls, a white staircase with black railing and steps, dark wood floor, a tan rug and a round wood table

White bedroom with french doors, large windows, a fireplace, sofa, grey and white striped dueling armchairs and an upholstered ottoman

I especially love the foyer in this house! Love the high ceilings and the square paneled walls.

For those of you who like white rooms, what do you think? For those of you who can't stand all white rooms, color aside, is there anything here that you find interesting design wise?

Happy Tuesday!


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Photos: Architectural Digest