Friday, January 28, 2011


Photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZYAntique furniture at the Young Collector's Night at the Winter Antiques Show I've stopped crying. :-) (see yesterday's post re: a grown woman (me) having a meltdown).

Now I am just thrilled to be in New York!

I went by the Javits center first thing when arrived yesterday and saw my booth. It is so small...but very cute. Have to spend the entire day with Candice pulling everything together. Alyssa is stuck in London so I am down a hand...anyone in NY and want to help set up? :-)

Last night, best of friend Anne and her sweet hubby John and I went to the Young Collector's Night at the Winter Antiques Show. Oh what a sparkling evening. New York at its finest. This is the kick off event to the Winter Antique Show were tons of dealers set up shop at the Armory on the Upper East Side to show off some of the most stunning historic furniture, art and accessories I have ever seen!

The antiques were gorgeous (and I'm not even a huge antiques person), the crowd was quite posh, and the champagne was delightful. I wore a cute new Prada dress (short black), a little skinny Prada patent belt with a bow and my shiny Christian Louboutin patent leather high boots (I will wear that same outfit again probably this shhhhh...pretend like I didn't detail it here), and my Chanel purse. Anne wore a gold clutch, one shoulder black dress and some sexy suede boots. Fun to be all dressed up and to go out in NY!

Anyhoooo....thought you might want to see some of this gorgeous event and some of the furnishings.

People mingling under a tent at the Young Collector's Night at the Winter Antiques Show

Room of antiques at the Young Collector's Night at the Winter Antiques Show

Antique chair at the Young Collector's Night at the Winter Antiques Show

Antique furniture at the Young Collector's Night at the Winter Antiques Show

Catalog for the 57th Winter Antiques Show

I want to go back and look at all of the antiques too. If only I had time!

Am off to go try to get my tiny booth together.

Happy Friday to you!



  1. So happy you have recovered and can ENJOY! Lucky you!

  2. Beautiful setup! Looks like a lot of action. After all its NYC!

  3. TThats beautiful. I love to mix old & new furniture :) xx

  4. Thanks for showing the pictures of NY. Much success at the show!xx

  5. It looks like the event was absolutely lovely. Glad to hear everything worked out and safe travels home!

  6. You sound like you were dressed to the outfit. This outing is always a treat. We will be going also, went to the opening last year and you are right "all the swells" look mighty good! So many beautiful things to see.....glad you enjoyed!

  7. Good luck! would love to see pics of your booth ;)

  8. I am in love with antiques & have never been to New York. If there, I'd gladly help set up your booth. Before it's all over I'll bet you develop an appreciation for antiques, also. And like the previous commenter stated, it's good to mix old & new; it's more interesting.

    Karen T.

  9. Pleease publish pictures of your booth! (and any others-I'm so curious what it's like) Good luck today!

  10. So glad to hear you've recovered - it's awful when travel plans go awry but it's all fine now! Looks like such a lovely evening - wonderful way to start your week in New York. I'm sure you looked smashing - and mum's the word.

  11. So glad you are safely in NY and having fun! D.S.

  12. was so nice meeting you the other night @ the new traditionalist party with
    wanted to wish you the best of luck on your new line-stuff looks amazing!!!