Friday, February 4, 2011


Exterior of a farm in the Hamptons

Still in NYC...the New York International Gift Fair is over! It was so much fun! This last week was so exciting.

I'm headed to Dallas next for the Super Bowl (if you can believe it). I'm going for my other real job...we are entertaining clients for the weekend. I fly out tomorrow morning.

From the gift fair filled with mostly women buzzing around shopping and perusing and ogling at design finds to the Super Bowl where a bunch of guys will be ogling at the 50 yard line...oh how my 2 worlds are so different.

The highlights of the fair for me were: 1. Walking into the fair on Thursday night before the start when all was being set up and tearing up with excitement and happiness of actually being at the New York Gift Fair with my own collection...I called my mother, cried tears of joy, while navigating through the chaos of all of the vendors setting up and building their booths before the fair...sounds weird but it was my dream come true and even with boxes crowding the aisles, crates being hauled in, construction craziness and all going on, I thought "this is so awesome"; 2. being surrounded by my oldest and best friends who all showed up to just be there with me...Anne, Nicole, Alyssa and Amie are all the coolest friends around and they ALL went out of their way to be there just to support...I owe each and everyone of them; 3. when furnishings maven Jonathan Adler and his team made a special trip down from their own booth to come to the COCOCOZY booth to say hi and take a look...Jonathan, my design crush (wonder if he knows I have a design crush on him) was so nice and kind about the collection; 4. when both Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams, two of the biggest names in home furnishings, were both standing in my booth looking at my designs and chit chatting away...Mitchell had some words of advice that I definitely listened to!; 5. when Michael Boodro, editor-in-chief of Elle Decor brought a friend by to show her the collection...think he was a little appalled though when I gave him a HUGE hug before he left...LOL!t; 6. when the girls (Crystal and Cassandra) from Rue came by for a quick visit...I have been huge fans of their I was very happy to meet them; 7. When editors from every major online and print shelter publication stopped by to see the collection over the course of 5 days including Danielle from Daily Candy, Parker from Elle Decor, Abby from House Beautiful, Kate from InStyle and Kelley from Real Simple just to name a appreciative that they all stopped to say hi. All of this happened in a little 12'x14' cozy tiny trade show booth in NY!

Anyhoooo...enough about the NYIGF and onto musing about interiors. Well, am tired...need to go on vacation now...even though I am technically on vacation from my day job right now...

I wouldn't mind vacationing at this private Bridgehampton, NY home which is also a farm. I've told best of friend Anne that she and her hubby should buy a place on the Hamptons...a place for her family for sure...but really a place for me to come visit...hee hee...this little farm would would work for my vacation would...get on it Anne (or other best of friend Frances...hee hee).

Empty living room in a Hamptons farm with coffered ceiling, large windows, wood floor and a massive fireplace

This lovely farm is set on 42 acres of land and is currently for sale, listing for almost $30 million ($29,995,000 to be exact) by Sotheby's International Realty. It has 7 bedrooms, 7 baths, 3 half baths, a barn, library, several stone fireplaces collected from French manor houses, antique black walnut floors and doors, a pool and pool house. The main house is 16,800 square feet...perfect for my vacation retreat!

Empty living or family room in a Hamptons farm with coffered ceiling, large windows, French doors, wood floor and a massive fireplace

Empty kitchen in a Hampton's farm with coffered ceiling, wood floor, stainless appliances light wood cabinets, drawers and columns and a matching island

Empty foyer in a Hamptons farm with light wood paneling, high ceiling and a staircase with no railing

Empty bedroom in a Hamptons farm with dark wood floor, white walls, a fireplace and a door leading to an outdoor patio

Possible sun room or dining room in an empty Hampton's farm with windows with a diamond pattern, a coffered ceiling and light tile floor

Would you want your best of friend to buy this house so you could visit? Would you want this farm for yourself?

What do you think of this home? If you had $29 million would you buy it?

Happy to a hair appointment.



  1. I would definitely buy this house if I had $29 million extra! The woodwork is absolutely gorgeous and I love, love the sunroom!!


  2. Looks like a property fit for a princess!
    For me it would be simply to large, even with $29 million to play with!
    I prefer more intimate settings.
    Which makes me happy, so I do not envy huge amounts of square footage.
    10,000 sf mansions have been popping up around here and honestly I do not like them a bit!

    But a little cottage in the Hamptons would suit me as well! ; )

    xoxo Victoria

  3. It would be fun to take a look, but with two kids in college and retirement looming, I prefer my small European-style cottage.

  4. It would depend on who has to clean it....smiles

  5. I say we get 30 people to each chip in a million and we just buy it together. Raise your hand if you're in!



  6. Hands down...I would buy that house in a heart beat. It's magnificent.

  7. So proud of you Coco!! Truly Congratulations for all you have accomplished. PS...i just called you to see if you wanted to go with me to the Vintage fair but clearly you are getting your hair done. Call me when you can. xo A.Ro

  8. My husband is a farmer, so I think he would go for it. And, to have a farm so close to civilization... I'm drooling! Best of both worlds! :) thanks for sharing!

    Congrats on an amazing week! I love to hear of people making their dreams happen!

  9. Terri, count me in...if you make that 300 people.
    I would be happy living in only one room of that place, preferably the foyer.

  10. o. my. goodness. what an incredible home! congrats on your NYC debut!

  11. I would need lots more than $30 mil...taxes alone would be more than my annual income now, which is nothing to brag about. Then there would be all the buying trips to Europe to furnish it, not to mention cost of the actual furnishings and importing them, and of course the high-end decorator's services that I would hire to advise me. Don't forget the cost of all the maids and servants and groundskeepers to keep it running, all of whom would need to live on site. (Can't keep up this spread with a weekly visit from two Merry Maids.)

    It would require dogs and horses and their care-takers; and one would need to actually plant things (it is a farm). Include greenhouses with staff and a cook who knows what to do with all produced.

    Of course, to properly look the part, my wardrobe would need complete overhaul (Donna Karan and Burberry and lots of expensive shoes in place of current Land's End and Target T shirts and scuffy slippers) and I would need all new friends who could appreciate all the expenditures and the spread.

    So, thanks for the offer, but I don't think I can swing it this year. Regretably.

  12. Beautiful!
    BTW, saw your pillows being featured in the premier issue of High Gloss Magazine. Congrats!

  13. * It's UNdoubtedly, UNdeniably beauuuuutiful... BUUUT, may I just buy the smaller POOL HOUSE n' POOL?

    Linda in AZ *

  14. Well done CoCo..and from an acorn large oaks grow-that would be your business of course.
    "Come on down!" "you have just won a farm in Bridgehampton, NY.".."I will take it Bob!"

  15. What an amazing house and property! I'd live there..

  16. Lovely woodwork. It would be a truly beautiful house if it were about one tenth of the size.

  17. Aaahhh... dreamy Fridays! This is a complete dream house for me! I am already moving in- in my mind! Let the shopping begin to fill that house! :) Enjoy the superbowl and congratulations again for your accomplishments at the NYIGF! Please check out my blog, as I am in the middle of a virtual magazine series!

  18. Why is it that looking at all this wealth makes me a little anxious? Too big & too bold. Yes the coffered ceilings are amazing, the whole place is amazing, but, who has this much money? Only people I don't know, that's for sure!

  19. Beautiful home! Now I know what to do with that extra $29 million I have laying around!

    So happy for your success in NYC!


  20. Congratulations on all the fabulous things that happened for you at the NYCGF!!
    And, What a beautiful house! Would make a wonderful legacy home for a family. I would definitely want a friend/family member to buy it so I could come for a visit!!

  21. That is one beautiful home! Breathtaking, literally! I LOVE your blog, thanks for posting.

  22. Yes! I'd live there in a hearbeat & build many great memories! I'd have a ball hunting for antiques with which to fill this home! I'd use it as a family compound & stipulate in my will that this property should always remain in the family!

    Karen T.

  23. Wow, wow, wow!! Can I just tell you that I've been following you for a while now and your stories and pics of your design booth are so inspiring. Congratulations and how awesome. I am living vicariously through you right now.

    The Cheeky Cafe

  24. I like your the visitor! Enjoy the superbowl...xv

  25. Congratulations on the booth and following your dreams! As a lawyer, as I discovered you are, and a blogger, it is an inspiration to me. Hopefully, one day I can find my niche and go for it too!

  26. OMG, What a Spectacular Home it is beyond Gorgeous .
    One person Anonymous described how
    the costs them selves out weigh the purchase unless
    you have X amount of money.But Hey if you have the
    portfolio to buy I say go for it,

  27. (pitter patter, pitter patter) That's the sound of my heart doing backflips over this house. Wow. Somebody did an incredibly amazing job stuffing this house with grand architectural details. It. Is. STUNNING. The fireplace and surround in the 2nd interior shot is so majestic. The symmetry of the kitchen is really nice, I they took a fabulous kitchen and then mirrored it, making it doubly fabulous. I'm jealous. And that staircase, all that gorgeous wood, the curved is sooo dreamy, I'd even go as far as to say it looks like: a "stairway to heaven". (sorry, couldn't resist) I love what they did in the sunroom with the windows...something not many people would think to do, but look at the pretty shadows they cast. So, do you think I could get $29 mill for a kidney? Didn't think so...

  28. Congratulations on your success at the gift show! The Water Mill house is in a lovely location. But I presume the staircase balustrade would be installed before closing at that price; otherwise, a Certificate of Occupancy (allowing you to live in the house) would be withheld. That is probably the reason it is shown without staging furnishings.

  29. i literally just lost my breath...absolutely gorgeous!

  30. I love this house! It's amazing--and all those windows are fantastic!

  31. the hall room and the stareway is gorgeous. just love it...

  32. For $29 million can I at least get the railing on the staircase? ;)


  33. I would soooooo buy it if i had the money.

  34. Definitely a jaw dropper. That house would be an adventure to decorate!