Thursday, April 28, 2011


Eat in Kitchen with banquette seating with lime green cushions, a long wood table, metal chairs, pendant lights, paitned wood floor, and white casement windows

Love this lake house eat-in kitchen designed by renowned New York architect Gil Schafer.

The kitchen is in a lake side home built in 1919. The home was clearly renovated respecting the history and charm but updated adding modern conveniences and stylish detailing.

I am a little obsessed with built in banquette seating so I'm loving the wrap around built in window bench that doubles as breakfast nook seating.  And the windows...hello!  The corner of  paned windows is magnificent...letting light and cheer stream into this sweet cooking and eating space.  I also am adoring the shiny painted wood floor (looks like a light blue or grey color).

Kitchen with white beadboard cabinet drawers, a stainless farmhouse sink, lime green upper cabinet interiors and a striped rug
The kitchen has a modern country feel with bead board cabinet doors, a stainless farmhouse sink and upper cabinet interiors getting a lovely dose of lime green color! (above)
What do you think of this lake house eat-in?  Would you want to eat in here?  What might you take...what might you leave?  Please tell.

Happy Thursday!


P.S.  1) I need a lake house;  2) wearing a cute purple Tory Burch dress to work today...have drinks tonight; 3)  Now that Lent is over and I can go back to eating bread...need to show some restraint...difficult; 4) was up until 2:30a dealing with a potential COCOCOZY client abroad; 5) caffeine essential this morning; 6) back to purple dress, was getting it fitted and the tailor kept looking at my hips and shaking his head...I think he thinks dress is too tight or that I need bigger...dress is size 4...I think it fits just right but we'll I think everyone is looking at hips and shaking head thanks to tailor...lady tailor though thought dress was just right; 7) Juan, my handy guy, rescued my huge market umbrella from my roof on I need new market umbrella as this one keeps flying out of stand, see COCOCOZY Twitter feed for pictures of flying market umbrella under Dilemma of the Day; 8) I could go on and on but I will let you get back to your day!  Have a good one dear readers!

Photo: Don Freeman, i2i


  1. You are hilarious! I enjoyed your comments just as much as I adore that kitchen!

    I love banquet seating, too. It creates such a family atmosphere! And love white kitchens!

  2. that kitchen is to die for! my husband and i live in a tiny one bedroom apartment, and we're so much looking forward to finishing school and moving out so we can have more space. i would love an open and light nook like this one. thanks for sharing.


  3. I love Big airy + white kitchen!!
    Perfect to entertained friends & family!!

  4. Great! Great use of space and I love the jolt of color! Can't wait to share this with my sis who is having small kitchen dilemmas!! Thanks

  5. Love the extra long built in bench! So jealous!
    Stacy @

  6. LVE the white beachy kitchen. I am obsessed with white marble counter tops and white cabinets currently!

  7. 1)Love the stainless steel farmhouse sink. Must have. Must. Have.
    2) I want that table. I will probably add it to my list of Things I Will Look For Every Day For The Rest Of My Life.

  8. I would soooo eat in that kitchen!! You might not be able to get me out of there, if you invited me in!! love it. M.

  9. Thanks for the photo! I'm having trouble finding pictures of beautiful kitchen interiors, unfortunately. :(


  10. This decoration is perfect.