Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Black spiral staircase

What a cute one bedroom apartment.   So fresh!  I love the white painted hardwood floors in the living room, the baby blue powder coated pendant lights above the dining table, the bright white walls and the minimalist decor.  This space works for me.  This shows that a small city apartment can feel just as light airy and charming as a Nantucket estate (I mention Nantucket only because best of friend FF just called me today asking if I was doing the annual trip to Nantucket with her and her family...I had to decline due to COCOCOZY collection trade shows in Atlanta and New York this summer...I love Nantucket...I can't believe another summer of missing orange fizzy drinks at the Bayside Beach Club and the Boston Pops on Jetties Beach...oh be warned dear readers...Nantucket and the lack there of is definitely on my mind...somehow I'm sure I'll be mentioning Nantucket and relating everything to Nantucket for the next week or so...just so you know...!).

Living room with painted white wood floor, round cofee table, exposed brick wall with an empty white picture frame, a white sofa with bright patterned accent pillows, a white armchair and a taupe rug

Alternative view of the living room's where you can see the painted, round coffee table, a white armchair, an exposed brick wall with an empty picture frame and the dining room

View of the white living room and dining room with blue pendant lights, large windows, white table and chairs

Dining room with blue pendant lights, large windows, white table and chairs

Close up of the round, painted coffee table in the white living room

White minimalist bedroom with turquoise throw, blue and white patterned pillows, sea grass rug at the foot of the bed and wood chest of drawers

Close up of the white and turquoise patterned pillows

Small kitchen with floating shelves, grey walls, white tile floor and a view of the dining room

What do you think of this little flat?  Does it work for you?  What might you add or subtract.

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. Going to drinks at the Polo Lounge tonight.   My second time in less than a week!   Love it there!
Photos: Alvhem


  1. Love this. So refreshing! Big one bedroom.

  2. so pristine and out of this world )..thanks for sharing

  3. Well hello gorgeous! I love it! I can see myself living in a place like this. So fresh and clean and charming. :)

  4. My bags are packed. I could move right in. I love it that much. Crazy for the art work, all that white with splashes of bright color and then that cocktail table.

  5. Love the white light space with the brick !!


  6. So pretty and crisp! Easily changed with color accessories too.

  7. Swedish home (or Scandinavian for that matter) have the BEST light!!
    Makes me wish I was home more often!!

  8. This is divine. So serene and well-edited. Thank you for posting this. love it.

  9. Yes. A great airy space.


  10. I'm in. I love the clean crisp feeling.

  11. It's lovely to look at. Does the occupant live a monastic life? No television set, no desk, no computer, no books, no papers?

  12. Looks great at first glance...But where will the 8 people eating at the table sit b4 and after dinner there are no chairs and plenty of room for them. I'm also not fond of that brick poping out for no reason...

  13. Simple, airy, crisp, very pretty...but can you live in it? Looks more like a staging assignment than a living space. I could just see my kids get hold of it, ugh!

  14. I do like the spaces, but I could go for a few more pops of color, maybe just in the dining room -- maybe either the table or chairs, to break up all the white. Or maybe just some texture, like natural woven chairs or a reclaimed wood dining table.

  15. I love this! I love the painted hardwood floors and the minimalist interiror. Perfect!

  16. This is a perfect bedroom...with great color combination and perfect use of wood & tiles..