Monday, August 15, 2011


All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY
COCOCOZY booth at the New York International Gift Fair

Hi all!

I am here!  We did it!  Woot woot.  The COCOCOZY booth is up and running at the phenomenal New York International Gift Fair.  Some of the biggest names in home furnishings and design are here and so is COCOCOZY for the second time.

Am a bit exhausted this morning. Exhausted but happy.  We got in early Friday morning and hit the ground running setting up the booth (fab assistant KS is with me (she loves pink for some reason)).  We worked about 15 hours on Friday getting the bones of our booth together and styling it out.  Then on Saturday we spent the better part of the day putting together all of the finishing touches, working on printed materials, and making last minute runs to the office supply store and my home away from home, the Container Store.

One of my friends came by the booth yesterday and said "So "they" set this all up for you?"  I looked at her and thought "Wouldn't it be nice if "they" did...!".  Nope...what you learn as a new business owner is that elbow grease is abundant and the phrase "short cuts" definitely can't be in your vocabulary. is the COCOCOZY textile collection in our NY booth at the Javits Center.  If you are in town, come by to say hi!

New cotton collection COCOCOZY pillows at the New York International Gift Fair
New cotton collection COCOCOZY pillows! (above and below)

New cotton collection COCOCOZY pillows at the New York International Gift Fair

COCOCOZY Black Label Candle in Coco's Flower at the New York International Gift Fair
New black label candles - this one is "Coco's Flower" and smells like wonderful lavender.  Love it!

New COCOCOZY throw patterns and colors at New cotton collection COCOCOZY pillows at the New York International Gift Fair
New throw patterns and colors. (above)

New colorways for the classic linen collection at the New York International Gift Fair
New colorways for the classic linen collection on the shelves. (above)

New colorways for the classic linen collection on the shelves at the New York International Gift Fair

Coco's card in a silver dish on a wood table at the COCOCOZY booth during the New York International Gift Fair

The fair is about to start again.  I'll share images of all of the process it took to get here (in case that might interest you).  Nice sweet sales rep JG is also in the booth with us.  I have an adorable team of girls working with me this go around and I am so thrilled.

Happy happy Monday!!


P.P.S.  To see all of the new COCOCOZY COTTON COLLECTION go to yesterday's post!
All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY


  1. Loved meeting you yesterday. Seeing everything in person was amazing, your throws are my new favorite! Good luck to you and the girls with the rest of the show!

  2. Coco, your section is so perfect in every way! Very classic and uncluttered. It really showcases all of your great pieces!

    By the way that pagoda pattern; love it in both the brown and blue!


    Art by Karena

  3. just wondering how do i get into Fair this week. Do i need a special pass? i am a huge fan of Cococozy...
    Kelley D

  4. How Beautiful, I cant wait to stop in!

  5. Such a fabulous booth and even more splendid in person!! The real highlite was meeting YOU! Inspirational!

    Thx, Margaret

  6. Hey Coco, congratulations on having your new pillows & things in the New York show! Just wondering if you sell any of your fabrics by the yard?

  7. Ah it looks great!!!! Wish I could see it live =)

  8. Great to meet you yesterday Coco! Your booth looks great, and loved your stuff - especially those delicious throws!
    xo deb and becky
    Living Livelier

  9. I'll be at the show on Wednesday & Thursday...and will definitely pop by to say hello! Your booth looks lovely and I can't believe just you and your assistant built this. Nice work!

  10. Your booth looks wonderful, wish we could be there in person. Everything looks so ... cozy. :)

    J. L. Fleckenstein

  11. so exciting! congratulations it looks so beautiful!!! <3
    Golden White Décor5

  12. I could definitely buy some pillows there! Love some of them! Congrats.

  13. Beautiful display. I never seem to make it to the NY show. Do you show at other markets as well? Have a feeling we'll be crossing paths before long.
    best to you and your beautiful products.
    robin wade furniture

  14. YOu've come a long way, Coco. I'm a dude and I'm totally diggin' your taste. Keep em coming.

  15. This is pretty amazing and you should be very proud of yourself.

    I am a jewelry designer, and I know where you have to be in your business money-wise, product-wise, etc to be prepared or ready to show at a place like the New York International Gift Fair. So bravo!

  16. where on earth have i been? your blog and collection is amazing.
    missing the NYIGF this year, just returning from atlanta gift show. one, no two items i went to market looking for are throws and stylish pillows, no luck. now here you are. can you forward trade info?