Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Dining room with glass wall sliding door, reclaimed wood floor, exposed beams, a chandelier and grey upholstered chairs

I like a room that is sharp and precise...I also love clothing that is neat, well edited...tailored.  Clean lines, not too many frills, neutral in the home and in fashion it seems!

model wearing a light brown turtleneck dress from Calvin Klein's Fall Ready to Wear 2011
Calvin Klein Fall Ready to Wear 2011 (above and below)

model wearing a grey dress from Calvin Klein's Fall Ready to Wear 2011

What do you think about these tailored looks?  Work for you or do you need a little more color and pomp added in?

Happy Wednesday!


P.S.  Had a fun dinner at Cecconi's last night with interior designer Emily Ruddo from Armonia Decors and her friend furniture designer Darren Ransdell.  We had all met up at a store party at Roche Bobois (which for some reason seemed like the furniture store was transformed into a night club...with loud music and lots of people wearing tight dresses and store disco party of sorts...LOL!) and then had a late bite to eat.  The halibut tartar at Cecconi's is to die for...Emily recommended it...went so well with a chilly glass of champagne and some good conversation. What a lovely evening!

P.P.S.  Busy day and running!

Photos: Helen Green Design;


  1. I love the room. I'm not sure about the clothes. Normally I'm a big fan of Calvin Klein. Love his underware :)

    Best, Cindy

  2. Less is more!
    Pam Freeman/

  3. i definitely appreciate the beauty in simplicity and calvin klein does that well! those chairs are so wonderful.

  4. Great post! I also enjoy clean, crisp decor. Something very satisfying about an organized, beautiful design.

  5. Beautiful dining room. Rustic but still refined is a huge part of my style!

  6. I think I have never seen a model with such tremendous ears. How unfortunate that CK has dressed her in elephant gray...

    I'm sorry; I couldn't resist. In all seriousness, I generally like Calvin Klein's pared down, understated look, but I'm so bored with the emaciated models already. It's gotten to where I can't tell if I like the clothes until I see them on a real person who hasn't just been released from a concentration camp.

  7. I like the room as well and the idea that it is facing the garden. It will be nice to have breakfast while looking outside and watching as the sun rise up. Lovely dining room.

  8. Simple and well-inspired. Looks great!

    - kitchen designs enthusiast

  9. What a gorgeous dining area! Loving those clean lines. Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

  10. I've always loved tailored interiors. They're refined and quietly dignified while still having a certain drama. Jasper Conran (son of Terence) and Ralph Lauren are the masters of the tailored interior, and both admit to being inspired by the masculine palettes, fine lines and sublime details of Savile Road suiting. It's simplicity of the most sophisticated kind. I think we'll be seeing a lot more of it next year.
    Well done on being ahead of the curve!
    Best wishes from Australia

  11. I was really, really loving the last image until I read Rebecca's comment. Oh dear those ears and now the whole look is lost to me!!!!!!!!!

  12. I just came across this post of yours - not sure how I missed it! I actually worked on that house when I was at Helen Green and it is one of my favorite projects that I have worked on so far. So glad you like it! I love the tailored look of the furniture and finishes and really feel that it turned out beautifully. *Just as an FYI it is published in this months House & Garden magazine.