Thursday, November 17, 2011


All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY
Colored Glass Tea Light Holders arranged in an ombre pattern
1. Colored Glass Tea Light Holders - $10 (above)
West Elm Los Angeles opens today!  I got a semi-private tour of the new West Elm store earlier this week BEFORE the store's opening.  The modern furniture and accessories retailer is now in the middle of Los Angeles right on Beverly Boulevard.

Nice Kendall Coleman a West Elm publicist invited me (and a few others) to come meet West Elm's venerable Creative Director Vanessa Holden and then tour the store.

The tour was so much fun!  So cool being in a store before it opens.  There was an employee meeting and all of the new sales staff was cheering...there were stylists and photographers buzzing around making everything look perfect and making sure to document it all.  The space is gorgeous.  Kind of a warehouse feel with lots of skylights and industrial touches.  Love it.

I felt like a bit of a cliche...kid in a candy store...getting to see a store like this on the eve of its opening.

First and far as cool modern home is clear the people at West Elm know what they are many great home accessories and so much furniture to see...all well edited though and perfectly designed.  Love!

Interior of West Elm's store in Los Angeles
The new West Elm store in Los Angeles the day before opening day! (above)

White cabinet holding kitchen accessories in a variety of shades of green
2. Kitchen Accessories (above and below)

Close up of mint measuring spoons, green spatula and grey ceramic bowls with white flowers

Two Mercury Owls
3. Mercury Owls - $14-$19 (50% of retail price goes to charity!)(above)

Four shelves holding white alphabet mugs
4. Alphabet Mugs - on sale $4 (above and below)

Close up of the "C" mug

Two rows of blue and white modernist mugs
5. Modernist Mugs - on sale $6

White cabinet holding a variety of black, white and grey bath accessories
6. Bath Accessories! (above and below)

Black and white graphic printed Hammam ceramic soap dishes
Love these Hammam ceramic soap dishes with the graphic patterns! (above)

Metal Parsons desk with white storage boxes
7. Metal Parsons Desk - $499 (above)

Beaded snowflake napkin ring on a green napkin

My faves are the metal Parsons desk, the Mercury Owls (cute table or shelf decor), the bath accessories and the Modernist Mugs.  So basically everything!

If you are in Los Angeles should go check out this new West Elm.  It opens today!  Good affordable options for holiday shopping!

West  Elm
8366 Beverly Boulevard (at Kings Road)
Los Angeles

Happy Thursday!


P.S.  Great dinner last night with best of guy friend BN and newer friend SCS who is a stylish, clever and nice Hollywood exec who runs a cable network.  We went to Madeo and practically closed down the restaurant.  Madeo is this Hollywood insiders haven...with fabulous Italian fare and a cozy environment.  At the end of the night we got to talking politics - lighthearted politics I might add.  Me and best of guy friend BN are always arguing politics so now we just talk about fluffy stuff so we don't fight.  It was nice though to have someone on my side of the argument.  SCS was so hilarious as she quizzed BN on his views and he tried to quiz back (unsuccessfully).  Very hilarious and fun dinner.  Can't wait to do it again.

All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY


  1. Thanks for sharing the fabulous-ness! Looks great! Love the owls too!
    *Also enjoyed hearing about your dinner at Madeo! Fun fun!
    The Curtain Lady

  2. So much nicer than the Bass Pro Shop that opened here in harlingen this week! I could do some real damage in West Elm!I have to do most of my interior decorating shopping online.

  3. I am positively giddy, for I am a West Elm groupie and will be incorporating some items in the new place once we are all moved in. YAY!!

  4. I am thinking it's a good thing we don't have this shop in Australia! I could do some major shopping aka Retail therapy! Thanks for sharing - love the owls.

  5. Loving everything - especially the green kitchen accessories. It's such a great colour - I could also do some serious damage to my bank balance if I lived any closer ! Thanks for sharing Fiona in West Sussex UK

  6. OMG!!! I'm so excited! I have to have that gray chevron shower curtain!! Hellooooo, CC!!!

  7. The store looks gorgeous and much larger than the santa monica store !


  8. Oh West Elm.... you are calling my name! I think I'll visit the Philly store today (don't worry Jonathan Adler store, I'll come see you too!).
    BTW, love all your posts. Very inspiring!

  9. I'm wildly jealous of everyone who has access to such gorgeousness! As much as I would love to have West Elm here in the UK, I would most definitely fear for my bank account... I will have to admire from afar I think!

    Thanks so much for sharing! x

  10. Very similar to the thrift store I shop at here- NOT!!! JK!

  11. What a beautiful store! This is the kind of place you want to just sit and hang out for awhile!