Wednesday, June 29, 2011


living room with a large crystal chandelier, ceramic garden stools, a trellis rug, sofas with rounded arms, brass and glass coffee tables, a fireplace, wood floor and a high, coffered ceiling
Traditional living room with a large crystal chandelier, ceramic garden stools, a trellis rug, sofas with rounded arms, brass and glass coffee tables. (above)
New COCOCOZY special feature...I'm calling this franchise THIS OR THAT.   In this new segment, I'll feature two things that are similar in nature but different in form and I want to hear from you as to what you prefer.   I like hearing your ideas and would love for you to weigh in always.


Was browsing through the portfolio/website of photographer Bob Coscarelli and came across these two living rooms. I like them both actually but they are definitely different.

Take a look and consider which one you find more attractive...

Modern living room with lots of mid-century modern pieces (Barcelona leather chairs and Arco floor lamp),  a boxy sofa,  monochromatic grey rug, yellow accent pillows and large floor length windows covered with sheer curtains
Modern living room is very simple with lots of mid-century modern pieces (Barcelona leather chairs and Arco floor lamp),  a boxy sofa,  monochromatic grey rug and some yellow accents.  (above)
Traditional vs. modern living...which do you prefer?  In this case, I might be leaning a bit more towards the traditional only because the modern might be a bit too bare for me...but maybe not...could depend on my mood!  Let me know what you think
Happy Wednesday!


P.S. My laptop fell on the floor on Monday night and broke. I've been without a computer for two days and I am totally freaking out. I went to buy another one yesterday and got totally confused and walked away with only a monitor. Ridiculous that I can easily spend googobs of money on clothes and shoes, but totally freeze up with spending the money to buy a computer. I am a PC girl but everyone in my office keeps saying "Apples are THE best." One girl admitted that part of the reason she liked apples is because they are "cooler" (not necessarily that they are that much better). Whoa is me...woe is me. My dilemma of the day. Off to try to find another computer this afternoon!

P.P.S. Going to another party tonight. This will be the third night in a row I've been out. Will tell you about party tomorrow (if I have a computer)!

P.P.P.S.  Loving the new issue of High Gloss Magazine!  Congratulations to High Gloss Magazine editor-in-chief Paloma Contreras and team.  Virtual eye candy.  Wonderful mix of all things design - both fashion and interiors. Great story.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Pastel living room with a sectional sofa, large picture window with floor length curtains and a view of the patio and a lamp with a bright yellow base

Here's another easy one on the eyes. A living room in pastel hues - light blues, light greys - with a bright pop of yellow!

I love the open sliding wall of windows with the corner view to patio beyond.

Also, like the painted graphic wall mural consisting of varied shades of blue dots...kind of looks like a wave or falling water.

So lovely and fresh felling. Would love this look at the beach.

Alternative view of a pastel living room with a sectional sofa, two armchairs with wood legs and arms, large windows and a painted graphic mural of varied shades of blue dots

What do you think of this space? Work for you or not?

Happy Monday!


Photos: Alec Hemer via Trica Joyce

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Photos by Coco of COCOCOZY
Room with a round table, five stools and a textured wall made out of kraft paper
A room made out of kraft paper! (above)

I know...this is more than one WEEKEND PHOTO again.  Need to learn to self edit...or at least have my content match franchise titles.  The title of the franchise is WEEKEND PHOTO singular...but I seem to fully disregard the singular nature of the  title on a regular basis and end up with more than one photo. Please forgive...LOL!

Went to the Dwell on Design show yesterday here in L.A.

There was so much to see - some interesting...some really quirky...some really cool design innovation.

Was captivated by this room made out kraft paper. these cloud like pendant lights constructed out of a non woven polyurethene (that Tyvek white cover you see on the outside of houses under construction) and by these honeycomb kraft paper or white stools and furniture called Softseating.

Don't know why I was so captivated....thought it was very interesting design.

All are from Molo a Canada based company founded by two architects. 

The kraft paper and tyvek honeycomb material also comes in the form of walls and room dividers.  So interesting.

Cloud pendnat light made out of non woven polyurethene
Molo - Cloud Softlight - starting at $450 (above)

Two Softseating White Textile Fanning Stools stacked on top of each other to make a table
Molo - Softseating White Textile Fanning Stools - starting at $360 (two stools stacked to make a dining table) (above)

What do you think...too cool, too weird, too interesting or not too interesting at all?

I might imagine a few of the white Softseating stools in a child's play room, in a bedroom or even outdoors added in as some extra seating.  Maybe?

Happy Sunday!


P.S.  Will share a few more of my design finds tomorrow on the blog and maybe even a few on COCOCOZY Facebook and COCOCOZY Twitter.  Stand by for more.

All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY

Friday, June 24, 2011


All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY
a reclaimed wood table under a crystal chandelier in a wire ball inside the new Restoration Hardware store in Los Angeles
Inside the glam new Restoration Hardware store in Los Angeles. (above)

So put simply...I am impressed.

Last night, I went to the opening party for the new Restoration Hardware "gallery" in West Hollywood.

My friend elite event planner Yifat Oren (Yifat was responsible for Reese Witherspoon's wedding) and my assistant KS joined me and we met up with my fab new friend Jessica Kantor from Vogue.

The event was hosted by the Los Angeles County Museum and the venerable Margaret Russell, Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Digest (Margaret looked so summer chic by the way...she was wearing a cute pink dress with a sparkle encrusted neckline (I had just seen Margaret last week at the event for the First Lady of the United States). During a quick hello at the party last night, Margaret was also very nice to congratulate me on the COCOCOZY textile collection!). 

Ran into Million Dollar Decorator star Mary McDonald (I met Mary through a friend awhile back, so we had a nice chat), designers Oliver Furth and Jeff Andrews among many others!

Okay enough about who was there...I need to talk about what I saw.

I walked into the party at about 7:30p...into a beautiful courtyard with huge wine barrel chandeliers hanging from gargantuan ropes, lots of outdoor furniture and great music.  It was quite posh.  Then I moved into the search of my friends (who were all running a tad behind) and was bowled over.  Restoration Hardware, the store that used to be in malls around the country, had transformed into a fine furnishings purveyor.  GORGEOUS reproduction furniture, sparkling chandeliers, wonderful accessories and an overall traditional meets modern sexy vibe.  The store has dark grey walls, lots of pieces in the neutral, grey and brown tones.  French and Eurpoean antique reproductions and even some stabs at mid-century modern reincarnations were throughout the two story very grand and elegant space.  While all seemed rather fine...all of the furnishings and the setting felt inviting...assistant KS even said she wanted her dream home to look like the store!  All seemed to be well made...heavy, substantial, well crafted pieces.  I'm no expert on all of this...all I know is what I saw...and I loved it.

Then it was time to meet Gary Friedman, Restoration Hardware's CEO.  He is pictured on the Restoration Hardware website.  Well as it turns out, he is a totally nice man who clearly knows what he is doing (the reason I say "as it turns out" is that I know he must be a little busy and if I were running an empire, I could only hope that I would be able to be as nice and natural as he was).  Gary, a true pro I could tell, was so kind and gracious when meeting me, Jessica and KS (Yifat had left for the evening at that point).  I didn't know what to expect...but all I know is that after chatting with him for just a few moments, I walked away duly impressed again!  (Oh I had just read this article about Gary Friedman and Restoration Hardware's revamp in the Wall Street journal. Gary was quoted as saying "Great brands don't chase customers; customers chase great brands" that quote and I try to remember it every day as I work on building the COCOCOZY furnishings collection and the overall COCOCOZY brand...very inspirational).

Anyhooo...enough of my chatter and onto my pictures of the event.   Here goes....

People mingling at the new Restoration hardware in a room with dark wood walls and birdcage chandeliers

Taupe upholstered armchair with a large accent pillow that say "Ets Fournier Bastide" and a small grey rectangular pillow on a painted wood floor

succulents in a stone planter on a wood table with a bamboo runner in the new Restoration Hardware store

People mingling at the new Restoration hardware on white fully tufted sofas and sectionals
Loved these fully tufted sofas and sectionals. Love! (above)

Room with grey walls and a light wood bookshelf and a modern grey leather armchair in the new Restoration Hardware

Bedroom in Restoration Hardware with a wood bed frame, chest at the foot of the bed, two large mirrors in antique wood frames

Bedroom in the new Restoration Hardware with a white tufted sleigh bed and grey and white bedding with a crystal chandelier hanging about it

view from the second floor of the new restoration hardware where you can see all of the birdcage chandelier and the people below them

Close up of a birdcage chandelier

So...what do you think?  I would have to say...if you have received the Restoration does not do justice to the furniture and accessories (it is a nice catalog don't get me wrong)...but trust me, everything in the store is even more beautiful in real life.

I want to hear your thoughts on this new look for Restoration!  What do you think????

Happy Friday!


P.S. Went to dinner at Fig & Olive after the event with Jessica and KS and ran into Emily Ruddo of Armonia Decor.  She is a reader and designer and it was so nice catching up with her and her friend.

P.P.S. It was just announced today that the COCOCOZY collection is now being represented by a showroom in Atlanta called Christian Mosso Associates (CMA).  The CMA showroom in Atlanta represents textile and furnishing lines like Serena & Lilly, Peacock Alley, Designers Guild and many more prestigious brands now including COCOCOZY. I feel like I'm in good company!  I will be in Atlanta in July to show the collection!

Photos: All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Living room by Steven Gambrel with high coffered ceilings, a modern spikey chandelier, grey-lavender painted walls to created a panel effect, floor length curtains, grey sofas and matching armchairs, a leather ottoman has been turned into a coffee table and a greyish lavender area rug covered in squares.

Love this all in one room designed by Steven Gambrel. This city living room dining room combination is a renovated and remodeled ballroom.

Decorative molding and greyish lavender paint are combined to create a "panel" effect on the walls...these long rectangular panels act as a link between the high high ceilings and the rest of the room - a little design helping the architecture along!

I definitely like the dark black fireplace too.

And notice...more purple, lavender, lilac...hmmmm...purple is not my favorite color but for some reason this week I've been loving the way the lighter shades are used in design. Notice all of the lamps in different shades of purple!

Dining room by Steven Gambrel with high coffered ceilings and decorative molding, two modern chandelier, grey-lavender painted walls to created a panel effect, floor length curtains,  a greyish lavender area rug covered in squares.

What do you think of this converted ballroom. Do you like it as open living space or would you prefer to just dance in a room like this?

Happy Thursday!


P.S. Am off to a party tonight with fab assistant KS, my good friend Yifat Oren and new friend JK. Will be fun!

Photo: S.R. Gambrel

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Dining room with dark wood table surrounded by mismatched blue chairs, the white wall in the back is covered with art in different sizes in blue frames, and a single pendant light. The white wood floor is painted with a variety of blue, brown and grey graphic patterns

Can't tell if this is too shabby chic for my taste or it is just interesting and eclectic enough to try out in a small space. I'm kind of liking the idea of stenciling a random mix of graphic patterns onto a white painted wood floor. This small dining room is cute. I always love an interesting graphic pattern why not just stencil a few patterns right onto the floor?

What do you think?  Do you love? Do you "dis-love"?  What might you do differently?

Happy Wednesday!  Hope you have a good one.


Photo: Skona Hem

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


bedroom with a light purple quilted headboard with gold trim, white bedding with gold embroidered detail, a brown throw and a nightstand with nail head trim

Who knew? A trend may be underway...lilac beds? Never had thought about this light shade of purple as an option for a bed or headboard...but it seems that most stylish in the design community are onto this lilac bed trend (namely posh New York interior designers Katie Ridder, Christina Murphy and Amanda Nisbet have all used these lavender like beds in their designs)!

I like it actually...a light purple bed. A lilac bed. Paired with white, light grey or a neutral wall behind it and some simple mostly white bedding, I'm thinking a lilac bed kind of works! Modern but romantic...perfect for a guest room or master suite.  Design for thought...

Queen upholstered bed in lilac colored fabric with metal legs
Room & Board - Ella Bed - $1399 (Queen upholstered bed in lilac colored fabric. Metal legs) (above)

Elegant minimalist bedroom with an upholstered lilac headboard, white bedding, lavender floor length curtains with graphic printed Roman inspired window scarves

Queen bed with light purple linen upholstery and nailhead trim
Crate & Barrel - Colette Bed in Lilac - $1699 (Queen bed with light purple linen upholstery and nailhead trim)

Bedroom with white bedframe with purple upholstered head and foot board with link detail trim, white bedding with blue embroidery, a fuzzy blue throw, and blue and white curtains

What do you think of these lilac beds?  Take them or leave them? If you would take a lilac bed, where might it go in your abode?

Happy Tuesday!


Photos (in order from top to bottom): Katie Ridder; Christina Murphy Interiors; Amanda Nisbet Design

Monday, June 20, 2011


White outdoor furniture contrasts nicely against the deep blue ocean - a  terrace view from the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc d'Antibes. (above)
Here is where I would like to go on the French Riviera...with a long luxurious stay at the legendary Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc d'Antibes. Ahhhhh...if only.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the hotel, built back in the mid 1800's, recently underwent a $67 million renovation earlier this year and reopened in April. The face lift included upgrading the rooms and grounds. The hotel is decorated by its owner Maja Oetker. Madame Oetker, who has owned the hotel since 1969, personally oversees all of the interior design where textiles seem to be the key.  Luxurious drapery, upholstered furniture and pillows play a huge part in shaping the resorts uber elegant ambiance.  Oetker uses both Colfax & Fowler and Pierre Frey textiles throughout the resort to create an elegant, classic but fresh look - a look that is distinctive but that doesn't compete with the stunning ocean views.

The Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc has a long list notable guests who have stayed there including royalty, famous politicians like JFK and its share of stars and celebrities.

If only I had the time, this would be the perfect place for a getaway. I love the grounds and the traditional but not overly heavy decor. My dream vacation spot on the Cote d'Azur!

A trompe l'oiel mural and black and white marble floor in the hotel's entry. (above)

Striped drapery, pale turquoise wall and wicker furniture give a feeling of outdoors in an indoor lounge space. (above)

The casual dining area has a spectacular ocean view - no extra decorations needed here! (above)

Bold color or patterns are used on the drapes and upholstery - a contrast to the delicate unassuming wallpaper used in the guest rooms. (above and below)

What do you think of this hotel? Anything in the decor you see that you like?

Where would you spend your dream vacation?

Happy Monday!


P.S.  Been a bit busy these last few days...KS my fab assistant and AM our new intern worked so hard to send off almost 70 pillows and googobs of drapery panels and catalogs and candles (all from the COCOCOZY collection) to our new showroom in Atlanta!  Phew...shipment is off and should be there in 5 days.  I will go to Atlanta to show the collection in mid July.  Am so excited! 

P.P.S. Now that the shipment to Atlanta is off, I have to make all of the samples all over again for New York (we show about 100+ pillows at the New York International Gift Fair in August)...this means buying new linen, having each of the designs and colors ways (almost 40) hand screen printed again and then having pillows sewn (the owner of my sewing workroom has gone missing...I think she is really busy and I haven't heard from her in, and then we have to get everything including all of the throws to New York.  We still have to get our swatch books finished off too...we've already sent dozens of yards to the swatch book place!  Oh did I mention we are doing new throws, new cotton pillows and more!  Oh and I've got to figure out a photo shoot for the new products too....hmmmm....oh boy....oy much to little new saying is "whistle while you work or else you might cry!".  Whistle...whistle!!!!

Photos: Matthieu Salvaing for Wall Street Journal; Hotel du Cap Eden Roc

Friday, June 17, 2011


All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY
A bright red antique coffee grinder
Item 1 - A bright red antique coffee grinder was priced at $2000 at the Rose Bowl flea market last Sunday. (above)
Last weekend, just this past Sunday, I set out at 8:15a to Pasadena to go to the Rose Bowl flea market.  I was planning on spending two hours or so browsing and shopping...getting ideas...finding some good pieces too maybe.  My plan was to do a surgical strike and out in 2 hours.  So much for surgical strike...I ended up leaving the flea market at 2pm...some 5 hours after arriving. The best laid plans...right?

Friend and fab architect Tom Newman of Newman Wolen Architects, who I haven't seen in ages, read my COCOCOZY post on Sunday morning and he saw that I was tweeting from the Rose Bowl.  He said my tweets motivated him.  All I know is about 3 hours into my flea market odyssey, I got a surprise text from Tom saying "Got inspired. Came to Rose Bowl. Still here?".  I immediately texted him back saying how happy I would be to run into him.  That was the best part of the day...browsing and chatting with Tom for a few hours! 5 hours, I think I perused every single booth and stand at the flea market that had any furniture, home accessories, tableware and more.

Sunday's flea market was both fun and confusing.  Fun because there is so much buzz and energy with all of the people browsing and negotiating.  Confusing because I lost all sense of my design aesthetic and got all caught up in whether something was worth the purchase and what was not (I is worth it if I like it but this past Sunday I lost all sense of what I even liked). 

It is also strange because every minute my aesthetic changed at the flea one point, I was obsessed with cowboy stuff (saddles etc...I think Tom influenced this), then I was looking at beaded chairs from Nigeria, then I considered a hoard of metal letters and metal signs.  Items I would NEVER in my life be interested in purchasing before I went into the flea market vortex. are some items I spotted.  I didn't buy much when there...only bought three things really (which are not pictured).  I wanted you all to take a look though at all of these items and tell me which you would have purchased and why...or tell me why you wouldn't have purchased any of it. 

Very interested to hear your take on these flea market finds.

Two French vintage  porcelain bowls with gold detailing on the rim
Item 2 - Two French vintage  porcelain bowls with gold detail around rim.  Priced at $15 each. (above)

Two Saarinen inspired stools with a white tulip base and vinyl seat cushions
Item 3 - Tom liked these Saarinen like stools with a white tulip base and vinyl seat cushion. (above)

Maps, bird prints and fruit engravings
Item 4 - Prints.  Map and fruit engravings. (above)

Blue glass seltzer bottle
Item 5 - Blue glass seltzer bottle.  Asking price $85 (I think...I can't quite remember)(above)

Stack of three vintage suitcases on two black chests on top of a blue steamer trunk
Item 6 - Vintage suitcases and a blue steamer trunk.  (above)

Crystal ball chandelier
Item 7 - Crystal ball chandelier.  Asking price $250 (above)

4 teal metal bar stools with vinyl seat and back covers
Item 8 - 4 teal metal bar stools with vinyl seat cover and back. $400 for the set. (above)

Orange lacquer painted wood screen with crane landscape
Item 9 - Orange lacquer painted wood screen with crane landscape scene. Asking price $400 (above)

Yellow ceramic rope pot
Item 10 - Yellow ceramic rope pot...chipped around edges.  Asking for pair, $45 (above)
So which of these flea market finds do you like...which ones do you hate? Which do you think I should have taken home?

Happy Friday!


All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY