Monday, February 20, 2012


White living room with French doors and windows, wood floors, fireplace, dueling sofa and paneled ceiling
The formal living room gets good light due the French doors and windows. (above)

$7.9 million for this McLean, Virginia home.  5,617 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 5 full baths and 2 partial, with a guest house, wine room, attic play room, a pool, putting range on almost an acre of land...this is quite a home.

A traditional space with crown moldings, ceiling medallion, decorative trim and all...but not too traditional and comes with all modern amenities and updates including a gourmet kitchen with a Wolf range.  A Sotheby's International Realty listing.

I liked living in Washington D.C. when I was in law school.  I wonder if I would like like living in a D.C. suburb?  Well  I guess if someone gave me this house and asked me to try suburban living near our nation's capital, I might consider!

Take a look at today's SEE THIS HOUSE...if offered the choice to keep your own home or move here, what would you do?

White study with writing desk, arched built in bookshelves shelves, a large window and dark wood floors
A nice place for a very traditional writing desk! (above)

Family room with a wall mounted television, dueling white sofas, a chandelier, and lots of green drapes
The bright and cheerful family room or den has a wall mounted television, dueling white sofas and lots of khaki drapes. (above)

Formal dining room features a fireplace, a grand ceiling medallion and a round dark wood dining table that seats 10
The formal dining room features a fireplace, a grand ceiling medallion and a round dining table that seats 10! (above)

Kitchen with field stone tiles on the floor, white cabinets, dark marble counters, concealed appliances and a glass front book cabinet
Field stone tiles on the floor, white cabinets, dark marble counters, concealed appliance and a glass front book cabinet perfect for a selection of cookbooks and dishware give this traditional kitchen a modern feel. (above)

Master bedroom with canopy bed, fireplace, large window, paneled walls and dark wood floor
The master bedroom retreat with a huge closet and marble bath! (above and below)

Enormous walk in closet in the master bedroom with light wood storage cabinets and wardrobes

Master bathroom with marble floor, wall and counter tops, white drawers and a pendant light

Girl's room with a canopy bed, toile wallpaper, yellow bench window seat and coral floor length curtains
A nicely appointed child's room made just right for a little girl with a canopy bed and softly hued toile wallpaper. (above)

exterior of a multi million dollar home in Virgina

So, would you move for this house or stay just where you are?  Do tell.

Well I hope you have a nice President's Day whether in a D.C. suburb or anywhere around the country.  Hope you enjoy the day off!

Happy Monday!



  1. This is a beautiful home, but even for DC, it is a bit over priced.

  2. You say "suburbs" like it's a bad thing, LOL. McLean isn't really all that suburban, in the tradiational sense. Tons and tons of traffic and of course you have the whole Tyson's Corner area. So no, it's not directly IN DC, but I'd say it has just as much going on.
    Also, this house is gorgeous!

  3. It's very elegant and stately, but for me, it lacks color and pizzazz--a bit bland.

  4. Gorgeous home but I agree with the above comment. I would like to see richer, deeper colors.

    And $8m is just slightly out of my price range, haha


  5. I would have to see the grounds to know if it is worth the asking price, but it's obvious that the house was re-painted and staged for resale, except for the bedroom with wallpaper. The bones are quite good. It's an excellent canvas for the next owner to put their personal stamp on!

  6. I'm ready! Where do I sign? :) I'd 86 the gold chandelier in the den and I've never been a fan of toile and I agree with AZ. COLOR! Gotta have color.

  7. Hi Coco, I wish you joined us this morning for #customwrkrmchat.. timing is uncanny because we were talking real estate and staging!

    To answer your question... in a heart beat, just say the word, and I'd be packing my bags to move in. Home is spectacular.

    I'd like to say the window treatments "help" to sell the home but quite honestly, the architectural details do it all on their own. That house could have been empty and I still wouldn't hesitate.

    Thanks for the dream!!

  8. I'm absolutely in love for the fireplace and the writing desk!!!

  9. OMG! I would do anything to live here...Stunning!

  10. Oh gosh, there is simply no contest! When can I move in? :) The abundant natural lighting is what really made me fall in love with it - of course the gorgeous closet didn't hurt either!

  11. You are my favorite interior design blog! I have turned my mom and my grandma onto you as well!!! I am in my final year of college and constantly refer to your blog for future apartment inspiration (a girl can dream, right?) Please check out my own fashion blog... Hannah

  12. Of course I love the house! I'm highly attracted to high ceilings, neutral decor and huge spaces.

    However, I would have to say I'd stay here (in the Houston area about 25 minutes South of Houston center). I wasn't born here, but I enjoy the weather and being close to the International airport and all Houston has to offer!

    Beautifully done, though. Maybe I'll steal an idea or two ;) Regards, Dawne with D Magazine http:/

  13. GORG though they really need some cococozy up in there!

  14. I love the simple drapery panels, they are my 'go to' favorite for any room. Simple and elegant.

  15. If I could find a little extra money in the checkbook this month... I would definitely move! You buying? Maybe we could get a co-op going? Thanks you so much for sharing

  16. What a beautiful home! i can't believe that houses with that much elegance exist.

    Thanks for posting!

  17. Great clean & chic black and white contrast dahhling... enjoyed the photos..

  18. Absolutely stunning but I couldn't live there. Too white... too formal... to expensive! But stunning!!

  19. love those celery green drapes against the white walls