Thursday, February 9, 2012


 White bed with a beautiful carved panel headboard and eyelet bedspread
A white eyelet bedspread with a fantastic carved panel headboard. (above)

Res ispsa loquitur - Latin phrase meaning "the thing speaks for itself" (a term I learned in law school...may be the one of the few things I remember from my law school days!).

A white bed stands for itself.

I LOVE a wonderfully all white bed. Clean, crisp, no nonsense, no frills, relaxing, refreshing...the best.

I have some kind off white linens on my bed right now...I think they are cream (yikes). I have some wonderful white bedding standing by...I'm waiting until spring to bring it out.

Two canopy beds in a bedroom with stone walls and floor with wispy white drapes and white linens
Lovely canopy beds with wispy drapes and white bed linens are perfect in this room with stone walls and flooring. (above)

bedroom with iron framed floor to ceiling windows with a view, a large wall with floral wallpaper, a wood floor and a simple white bed
When you have iron framed floor to ceiling windows with a view and a large wall with floral wallpaper, the only answer is a simple white bed. (above)
What do you think of an all white bed? Love or not love? Do you like a blank slate or do you like a little color and pattern? Do you think it is practical? Please advise!

Happy Thursday!


Photos: tumblr; Kristian Septimius Krogh


  1. That last bedroom is amazing.

    I have all white linens on all of the beds in the house. It always feels so fresh and clean. I love when the sunlight comes in radiates off the white.

  2. i love a white bed with a colored throw or throw pillows. on another note.....that wallpaper....i have never seen such a tall wall wallpapered...this is amazing!

  3. I adore an all white bed. It gives you a feeling of sleeping on a cloud. Unfortunately, sleeping with my dogs also gives me a feeling of peace and well being. I have gone off of white due to living on a ranchita and having animals, however, if money were no object, I would adorn my bed in all white and sleep with both of my dogs too!

  4. I love all white linen on my bed but I add splashes of colour in the form of vintage fabric cushions and very similar wallpaper to that in the last photograph! Sharon

  5. There is something that says Luxury Hotel about an all white bed. I must say that I am a fan! I would pair it with deep teal walls though to through some color into the room!


  6. I swear by white beds. There something just so crisp and clean about white linens. I only buy white sheets and towels.

  7. I love the first bedroom! I have this very same carved wood piece (I discovered it through a design blog last year), and it's currently hanging on my living room wall. I have wondered, though, where else I might use it. I even thought about painting it white, so it's fabulous to see it reinvented this way...

    1. hello! i've been looking for this carved wood piece and i was wondering where you purchased it? it would be much appreciated! thanks!

  8. Love the white canopy beds and the room they're in. Looks like a great vacation house...imagining a warm breezy summer evening.

  9. My bed is white, and honestly, it makes me feel heavenly! Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration but seriously, white gives a very clean, relaxing approach to any bedroom in a very elegant way. Its simple & fresh. It's flexible. And most white bed linens are very easy to clean. By far, the white beds are my favorite! BTW: Love your blog!

  10. That white headboard in the first photo is amazing and those floor to ceiling windows in the last one. I think I'm in love!

  11. I adore and all white or all cream bed. Beautiful examples!

  12. I like to switch it up. I love white, crisp, clean sheets, I also like to play around with pattern and colour which is why I have a rotation of at least four sets of sheets! My fav pic is the one with the floor to ceiling windows!

  13. LOVE an all white bed....easy peezy...smiles

  14. First, I am a LOVER of the all white bed. You can mix and match textures which makes it only more comforting. & it always looks chic. Second, I love the contrast in that last bedroom. The moden, stark feeling of the windows and the floors against that wallpaper is so interesting. The bed looks perfect dressed in white.

  15. I love a white bed. So easy to add pops of color,texture, and pattern to make it intresting.

  16. Hi Coco,
    That is not an eyelet bed spread but a Gujarati Indian mirrored one. The black dots are actually small mirrors.

    p.s. Saw you/your booth at NYIGF. Love your stuff. I exhibit there as well.

  17. You cannot been white bed lenins. I am amazed by the carved wood painted headboard.

  18. Everything looks great COCO!

  19. Love love love the white carved wood headboard! Stunning! My search for one starts now.

  20. Did someone find this white headboard to buy?