Saturday, March 24, 2012


white built in desk/vanity in a walk in closet with a blue wooden chair. The shelves above the desk hold pictures, handbags and decorative boxes

I like a nice compact built in desk.  I live in such a small tiny minuscule cottage in the Hollywood Hills that I am always attracted to any design that saves space.  Love these little white desks built right into the architecture and that provide a nice little place in the home for working, writing, or just doodling and dreaming.  I also like the idea of having fun with desk accessories too. Why not make your little home office look good too!

built in desk in a home office with the shelves covered in books

Where do you get work done in your home?  Do you like the idea of a built in desk?

Happy Saturday!


P.S. The whirlwind week is almost over.  Am back to blogging now though.  Had so much fun going to so many fun events and seeing so many people I know and then meeting new friends!

P.P.S.  Fun lunch yesterday at Cecconis with KR and AY.  So fun chatting about blogging and other things!

P.P.P.S.  Have the big MOCA Art auction tonight.  Am on the events committee.  Such a fun party and auction that supports the museum...going with sis....should be so much fun.

P.P.P.P.S.  Couldn't get my act together to meet my dear friend FF and her family in Vail this weekend.  This week was so kooky busy that I didn't even have a moment to plan a fun get away!  Note to self...need to make more time for just a little down time.

P.P.P.P.P.S.  Meeting a friend from my day job right now...we're going for a 3 mile run/walk!  So happy it is Saturday!

Photos: Eric Striffler; Maria Brito


  1. I also love the idea of a built-in desk. My home is small and we have had to use the dining room table for years as a desk. I plan on taking out one of the shelves that I built in to my bedroom and putting in a wider one to use with my laptop and printer. It will be nice to have a designated space for work again!

  2. My closet actually looks like the 1st pic, but instead of Lanvin boxes, they're Jo Malone (I WISH they were Lanvin). Have fun at the auction! Wondering who's going to get the "15 minutes" bench ;)

  3. i love the idea of a built in desk, but since our flat is so small and i don't often work from home, it's more important that we have something that stows away
    hope you had a fab weekend
    x kat

  4. I think the built in desk idea is great! It allows for a lot of space, and plenty of storage. Especially in kitchens, knowing how to work with the storage space provided by desks can make all the difference, and the ideas offered here on how to decorate these desks are fresh and inspiring.

  5. Built in desks can look great, like the ones above. My only issue with them is that once it's built in, there's no simple way to re-orient your desk and i prefer not to work facing a wall, mine faces a window.

  6. OK, have to confess... I like that collection of Hermes Birkins above that desk than the desk itself. Talk about expensive decorating!