Wednesday, May 9, 2012


small white kitchen with green linoleum floor and black appliances

Ran across this photo of a bright white small kitchen with a wonderful green floor.

Turns out the floor is a huge sheet of green colored linoleum.

I like this idea.  Still keeps the overall design bright and fresh but adds a bit of vivid personality to this cooking space.

Cool thing is that using the right kind of linoleum can be environmentally friendly too.  See below for some green colored green natural linoleum floor options!

White kitchen with black appliances and green linoleum tile floor

4 natural linoleum tiles in varying shades of green
Marmoleum natural linoleum tile colors (above)

What do you think of this green colored flooring?  Like or dislike?  Would you ever consider putting linoleum on your kitchen floors? for thought!

Happy Wednesday!


P.S.  On Saturday, I went to a fab bridal shower for dear friend AZ who is getting married in Mexico in a few weeks.  Am off to a destination wedding and am so excited to travel and to see my good friend get married.  Anyhoooo...while at the shower I ran into Megan Dostal, co-founder of Further, an eco friendly company that makes these cool biodegradable hand soaps, lotions and now candles.  I've met Megan a few times over the years at AZ's birthday parites but we never really got a chance to talk. This time we did. I found out that Further was founded by Megan and her husband Marshall. He began making the soaps in their garage out of recycled vegetable oils picked up from local restaurants!  Just 3 years later, their products are in 400 stores and restaurants nationwide!  I love a great entrepeneur story.  Plus the soap and the lotion are quite fabulous too.  Can't wait to catch up with them at the wedding.  See the soap below!
Further Hand Soap
Further - Hand Soap - $17 (Made from the glycerin derived from the distillation of biofuel. Biodegradable. No animal testing)(above)

P.P.S.  Hope you have a great green Wednesday!

Photos: Bolig Maganiset


  1. I would absolutely use Marmoleum in a kitchen. I actually want to use it in our laundry room, but hubby is being difficult ;-) The turquoise would be perfect...

  2. The Further soap, lotion and candle also smell AMAZING. Seriously, I always liked the discreet scent, but the two new ones we have are a tad more potent, and I can't get enough of the delicious aroma. I want to bathe in it and put on extra as perfume. (full disclosure, i'm az, but i'm also being for real!!) xo

  3. I think natural linoleum is wonderful. About five years ago, I installed a marbled charcoal-color Marmoleum in the kitchen of my previous house, and I was very happy with it. My kids loved it because it is so comfortable on bare feet. I hope to use it again someday in my new house. It works well in both vintage and modern interiors.

  4. My daughter just found this amazing product and is using it throughout a re-do she's undertaking. She says the wood styles are awesome.

  5. LOVE Marmoleum. Great company great product!

  6. Wow, linoleum has come along way! I'm impressed and need to show my sister this! this could be a problem solver! Thanks!

  7. I love the green against the stark white kitchen--talk about a unique and unexpected POP of color! Love it!

  8. I used the light tan and darker tan marmoleum in a checker-board pattern in our laundry room and mud room. I loved it. I would have gone a bit bolder in my color choices but I knew we'd be moving in a couple of years so I kept it a bit more neutral. It was great and looked like new when we moved three years later. (And not a scratch on it from my dog's nails!)

  9. I just love this kitchen so much!

  10. I put the green Marmoleum (upper right corner) in my kitchen and breakfast room with a gray inlay border. I have white cabinets and honed black granite counters. I went one step further and painted the walls a green too. The floor is so comfortable to stand on for long periods of time.