Monday, June 18, 2012


white kitchen with dark wood floor and a stainless steel wall covered in magnets
A stainless steel wall in a bright Seattle kitchen is the perfect place for those magnates you usually see on refrigerator doors! (above)

I was on the website of interior designer Laura Bohn...searching through her portfolio when I came across these three images. Cute fun innovative design ideas.  I like the idea of taking a material or finish that has typically been seen one way and using it differently.  Here are three SMART DESIGNS!  Take a look!

Den with white walls, floating shelves and a fireplace with the fireplace surround painted with chalkboard paint
Chalkboard paint is used every  where these days but I've never seen it used on a fireplace surround...way to warm up the setting with some nice words! (above)

commercial metal shelving cart converted into a bathroom sink base
Okay...I have never seen this before...commercial metal shelving - a cart with wheels -  repurposed  into a  bath sink base! (above)
What do you think of these clever design ideas?  Like or dislike?  Can you imagine using any in your home?

I like the stainless steel wall the best I think!

Happy Monday!


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  1. Using a cart for a vanity is super clever! I never would have thought of that!

  2. I think all three of these ideas are super creative and interesting, but I couldn't imagine doing them in my home! I think I might be too boring. ;-)

  3. The magnets on the stainless add a little color and personality. Great idea for a future project!

  4. Hi there, are you sure that's a stainless steel wall with all of the magnets? Magnets typically don't stick to stainless steel due to the chromium in it which provides a repellent effect.

    BTW, love your blog!
    Check mine out

  5. What creative ideas! I like them all!


  6. Stainless steel wall is my favorite. very practical for all the fun family photos, kiddie reminders etc...rolling vanity looks cute, but would we really want to roll a vanity someplace?

  7. The metal cart in the bath is really clever! Never would have thought of that...

  8. My favorite is the stainless steel wall in the kitchen!! What a fab idea!

  9. clever but all on the verge of the little cooler than vibe.
    but seriously, they are all cool.

  10. Not a fan of the cart in the bathroom. What's the point of the wheels, it can's go anywhere. I think there would be better options.

  11. Loving these spaces. I like the metal magnet wall in the kitchen too! It's a nice way to share all of the cool places you and the family may have visited (and I've never been a fan of magnets all over the front of the fridge so this is a great compromise!) Love the blog, You rock! xoxo