Saturday, June 2, 2012


White bedroom with ikata polka dot duvet cover

Love this simple white bedroom with a ikat polka dot duvet cover. Comes from Swedish photographer Daniella Witte. It is her bedroom. I like looking through her photos of her home.

Fresh, clean decor with a bit of whimsy here and there. I just pinned some images of her dining room, living room and home office on COCOCOZY Pinterest. Make sure to follow me there as I'll pin more interesting photos that don't make it onto the blog!

alternative photo of white bedroom with ikata polka dot duvet cover with brown pillow and sweater

Am off to brunch with best of friend AM, her nice hubby JE and SN is joining us too.

What are your plans this weekend?

Happy Saturday!


P.S. Thanks for all of the comments on my garden decor. I think I am going to take some of the tips to heart...change out the pillows, maybe change out the dining chairs at the deck table, and add a little bar cart - all reader suggestions! Thank you!


  1. Love the polka dots and the color scale of this room. Thanks for posting!

  2. Love it! Loving white on white, the splash of black is perfect.

  3. Classic polka dots. This looks like another must have. (and how much do you love the little white dog on the floor).

  4. Hello!
    Do you have any idea where to purchase this ikat duvet cover? I have searched everywhere to no avail. Ideas?? Need help!

    - Veronica

  5. I have been looking a long time for bedding like this. Do you know where I can find this dot duvet cover? I'm in love.