Thursday, September 6, 2012


All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY
close up of leaves from English botanical prints from 1870s

So...was rummaging through some closets in my tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills this past long weekend...not really cleaning anything out...really just rummaging...looking for stuff...I actually was looking for some stories I had written years ago about my Grandmother.  While rummaging, I happened upon these...

They are botanical prints  that I bought in London maybe 8 years ago.  I bought them at the Portobello Market in Notting Hill while wandering through the market with some friends.  They were about $10-$25 USD each and one of them has "circa 1870" penciled in by the merchant on the back.   If it is true, they are antiques.

I bought these botanicals, brought them back the U.S. to be framed, put them on a counter I'm sure, and then into a closet for safe keeping and then tah dah here they are...years later.

I chose this plant and flower prints for their colors. I liked the tropical plants...the palm tree is my favorite and then I loved the bright orange red color of the mums and the soft yellow of the Acacia flower.

Such a fun surprise to find these pretties...tucked away in a closet...treasure hunting at home I guess!

English botanical prints from the 1870s

close of up approximate date of botanical prints

two botanical prints from the 1870s

Close up of flower from Pompon Chrysanthemum botanical print

Close up of text from Pompon Chrysanthemum botanical print

Herm Wendl botanical print

English botanical prints from the 1870s

Which of these do you like? How would you group together on a wall? Do you like botanical prints in home decor or as art? Do tell.

I will get these framed. The question is what kind of frame to put them in? The other thing I was thinking is that I could have them pressed inside a lucite coffee table tray or something...hmmm...thinking... Help!

Happy Thursday!


P.S. COCOCOZY HQ Office Furniture Update - We got some more furniture yesterday at COCOCOZY HQ in Beverly Hills - 2 huge book cases and a desk were delivered yesterday afternoon! Have been waiting for 12 weeks for this furniture to arrive.  I picked out these pieces back in June or May I think...and because we wanted some customization as far as colors it took 3 months for the items to arrive.  It was a game of patience waiting for these goodies.   We also got a cool outdoor table from France a few weeks ago (it is not shown here) and that is our main conference table.  Went straight to COCOCOZY HQ after work last night to see our newest office furniture.  I immediately took these blurry pictures. Reminder...the office is small small small...the furniture just came yesterday...nothing has been put on shelves...nothing has been styled...but I think we'll be able to work with these new pieces.  I like them! Again, sorry for the blurry was getting dark outside and the light was low.

new desk at COCOCOZY HQ
Wood desk that arrived yesterday with custom white lacquer and one of my brass vintage Stiffel lamps. (above)
tall white case in COCOCOZY HQ
One of the super tall cases I had custom painted for the COCOCOZY HQ...just came in yesterday so we have to figure out our storage bin situation right away. (above and below)
view of COCOCOZY HQ and some temporary furniture
The COCOCOZY HQ is oh so tiny...we now have to get rid of the temporary furniture we've been using -- you can see a bit of it here on the bottom right. (above)

P.P.S. We are still waiting on a few more pieces but wanted to share the latest. Most people who are smart and coy only share the before and after....I can never wait that does that make me not smart and not coy?  Over Sharing Syndrome (OSS) kicking in as usual!! Wooohoooo....! Let me know what you think.

All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY


  1. Loving the pics of the office!! And Lady Daly gave me a few floral prints some years ago that I have yet to frame. Thanks for the reminder! Though, it will be interesting to figure out where to hang them in our teeny tiny space. xx

  2. What a great surprise in your closet! It'd be like christmas! I love them all but the palm tree is my favorite. I'm from Florida so I'm partial to palms. I really love the idea of having one in a lucite tray. Can't wait to see what you end up doing with them!
    I love the office furniture too; that table is beautiful!!

  3. Love them all! Fantastic, can't wait until we see it all styled up!

  4. I am a big fan of antique botanical prints too! I had them framed in very cleanlined black frame to add some modern touch ( Though you could use champagne or acid-mirrored frames if you'd like a more vintage glam look.

  5. WOW I love botanical prints. Yours are fab, especially the Bombons! What an amazing surprise! And I'm adoring that chippendale style desk. So chic! xox

  6. I love the furniture so beautiful and glad that you chose white to show off all your beautiful pillow fabrics!!!
    As far as the pics I see framing them and doing a grouping I think they would look good in and aged gold frame!

  7. Maybe the prints were waiting to go to office? When things like that happen, It makes me wonder!

  8. Your new wood desk puts a capital ‘E’ in the description ‘Exquisite’ – very, very smart! And I love having the ‘teaser’ of viewing it and then seeing where and how you place it and then accent the space. Small spaces may be challenging, but getting it right is such a terrific feeling!

    Your prints – treasures lost and found –

    I would hang the three portrait shaped prints as a grouping and the landscape print on a different wall as a companion piece, arranging the grouping with the palm in the center – the Acacia positioned to its left and the Mums positioned to the right.

    Since you may have an antique in at least one of these lovelies – and you would probably do this anyway – it is advisable to use archival materials in the framing, and especially with the glass. It’s all about protection for these sweeties.

    I would frame them as a set (including the companion piece) – frame and matching filet in whatever you prefer (gold, silver, black?) with linen mats to match the background of the prints. No, there isn’t anything racy about this suggestion, but these are so wonderful I just would insist on letting them stand ‘front and center’ as their own statement. No burst of color mat, no frames which pull the color from any print, etc – just the exquisite print centered majestically in a display of frame, mat and filet.

    I do not generally use flower or botanical prints in furnishings. I use them in art and for accent placement (pillows, etc). I do not consider botanicals to be any part of ‘trend’ décor – they are timeless and make such a lovely presence in a space. I like to treat them with the respect they have earned over time.

    Thank you for sharing a ‘sneak peek’ – have a glorious week end!

  9. As a broker for antique prints, I enjoyed seeing yours, although I didn't recognize them. I would definitely put the three verticals together in a row, and depending on the space, the horizontal could go adjacent to them or underneath. I have nine folio size Reichenbachia Orchid prints in my bedroom, all in a straight line above my bed on a brick wall. They are stunning. As for yours, you will certainly enjoy them for years to come.

  10. The office looks amazing! love the desk!

    Christine & Sarah

  11. Would you mind sharing who makes your desk? It's beautiful!