Wednesday, September 12, 2012


18th century French Chateau exterior
The gardens and exterior of an 18th century French chateau!. (above)

Happened upon this little French chateau and thought I would share it to you. Old world on the outside but totally modern on the inside.

It is for sale for $6.7 million listed by Coldwell Banker Previews in France.

Here's how their website describes the historic home (translated to English):

"Neauphle le Chateau, an exceptional location for this beautiful home built in the eighteenth century with its orchards, its beautiful and large park overlooking a magnificent view over the valley. The main building of 7000 sqft, offers a magnificent reception room with a spacious living room, with high ceilings, sumptuous bedrooms with six bathrooms and walk-in closest (including two large suites). Completely renovated, this home has luxurious features of character and retains all the charm of the era: with fireplaces, beautiful beams, a superb wine cellar. There are numerous outbuildings including a very comfortable guest house, a caretaker's apartment with a garage and a greenhouse. An exceptional property.

So today I bring you a little real estate from SEE THIS HOUSE!

living room with white dueling sofas, french doors, three rectangular coffee tables, wood floors, pendant lights and a large mirror with a gold frame

dining room with three pendant lights, torch lamps, two toned walls (gold and brown), wood floors, french doors with floor length curtains, a long table with white chairs

modern kitchen with hidden appliances, black island with white counter top, over sized square pendant light, bar chairs, and two wine cabinets

bedroom with wood floor, white shag rug, fireplace with a large mirror with a gold frame above the mantel, french doors and windows with pale pink floor length curtains

den with white molded fireplace, dark wood floors, exposed beams, dark blue dueling sofas separated by coffee table, a light gray rug, and dark wood cabinets

Like or dislike? Take or leave? I think I'm obsessed with hardwood floors because the thing I like best about the interior is the floors. Let me know if anything catches your eye. Do you like the modern decor and interiors or would you prefer classic in a stately home like this? I'm on the fence.

Do weigh in please.

I am running off to an early morning shoot for my job time is 7a!

Happy Wednesday.



  1. I personally would love to see more antiques mixed in with contemporary and perhaps some herringbone wood floors. It lacks a certain warmth.

    Art by Karena

  2. Umm... I'm drooling. This is literally my dream home. There is not one single thing I would change about it!

  3. Love the symmetry, high ceilings, windows (the views must be fantastic!). The decor palette is too limited/restrained/severe for my taste. I'd like to see a little bit color, signs of life. A COCOCOZY pillow or two!

  4. I love the modern appointments in this very traditional setting. The marriage of the modern to the traditional permits the grand architecture to come to the fore. Exposed beams and the gracefulness of the fireplace in the den catch the eye specifically because the furnishings are modern, understated, and without color.

    For a cool 6.7 Mil – Hey! I’m there – but only if they include the furnishings and the wines in the fridge…

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. It is stunning! I love the mixture of old an new.

  6. The kitchen doesn't appeal to me at all, but the rest of the rooms are quite attractive.

  7. I am all in on this one. Definitely Ooolala worthy. I love the modern interiors that are a contrast to the beautiful old world architecture. The inside is not too overdone as one would expect. Every room seems to give way to drawing your attention outdoors as well. Always a great combo!

  8. Early morning shoot...oooo do tell!
    I like the floors in the bedroom, the bedroom colour scheme and the kitchen fridges. Sure I`d live in this little chateau!


  9. I'm on the fence as well. Such a contrast between the inside and out. Agree the flooring in the bedroom is everything though.

  10. I'm with Julie E. Add some Cococozy life in there, and I'm in! :)

  11. i loove this! the decor is so calming to me! I would take this house in a heartbeat, interior and exterior. My favorite room is the bedroom, followed by the kitchen! :)

  12. I just died and went to this the house ;) It is just beautiful.... i cant stop looking at all the photographs! Im in love with the last photo of the living room space, that ceiling is incredible!