Monday, November 5, 2012


Located on prestigious Carbon Beach in Malibu right on Pacific Coast Highway, this 9 bedroom, 13 bathroom home boasts over 150 feet of gorgeous California beach frontage.  Prime real estate I would say. 10,317 square feet of prime real estate to be exact.

Oh did I mention the $50 million dollar price tag for this house (or should I say estate...or mansion...what does one call a larger than life beach house...?)? Hilton & Hyland has this multi million dollar real estate listing!  Let's see...the house was designed by architect Michael Graves and I found reports that say a guy who once ran Yahoo is selling it (Terry Semel is his name I think).

Here's how the home is described on the property website:

"The home is composed of three pavilions and is a blend of contemporary and traditional architecture, portraying both the feeling of Modernism and Classicism.  You are swept into the heart of the living space by the expansive ocean view. Twelve foot ceilings encase a bank of French doors leading to a signature covered outdoor veranda with columns reminiscent of a contemporary southern plantation. The master bedroom is bathed in sunlight from both the French doors that front the ocean, and the 6 part gridded circular window that comprises most of the north wall of the room. Dual baths and closets complete the master suite. The architect says his vision was to present a home that was “cool and open with the presence of water."

Take a look at what a mere $50 million will buy you in Malibu....!

aerial view of an ocean front property in Malibu
Än aerial view of the ocean front property. (above)

exterior view of a Malibu beach front property with pool and lawn

living room with high coffered ceilings, fireplace, blue and white striped sofas and armchairs and wood floors

dining room with high coffered ceiling with a long wooden table surrounded by yellow chairs with glass doors and windows with an ocean view
12 foot coffered ceilings in the open plan dining room living room area with windows that offer fantastic views of the water. (above)

open plan dining room with yellow metal chair surrounding a wood table, high ceilings and windows that offer fantastic views of the pool in the backyard as well as the ocean

master bedroom with ocean view, blue accented circle shaped window and matching glass door, two ottomans in the corner and wicker chairs

ocean view from the white master bathroom with stand alone bathtub facing blue trimmed glass doors and windows lead onto a balcony.
Love this view from the master bath.  Also I like the light blue trim on the glass doors and windows that lead out onto the balcony and more water vistas. (above)

ocean view from the patio of a Malibu home

exterior view of a malibu beach front property with lawn and stairs leading directly to the beach

So, what do you think of the architecture of this it, hate it?  If you had $500 million in the bank, would you spend $50 million on this beach house?  Please weigh in the comments below!

Happy Monday!


P.S.  This week, I'll be bringing you an exclusive look inside the living area of a darling Spanish style home here in Los Angeles.  So excited to share with you this simply elegant thrilled that the homeowner and friend SN chose to include COCOCOZY pillows in her living room too!  Here's a sneak peek at that post for later in the week.

COCOCOZY pillows on a neutral couch in a living room
COCOCOZY pillows inside my friend SN's lovely Los Angeles home! (above)

P.P.S. COCOCOZY NEW COLLECTION - I finally received the samples for the new collection I am working very excited! AG and TG came by COCOCOZY HQ on Saturday and saw the beginning swatches for this new collection. Okay...I think I will bury yet another big COCOCOZY story in the P.S. section only because I can never hold anything in long enough for a big reveal. on Friday, I got my first samples of the COCOCOZY bedding collection! In January 2013, I'll be debuting a collection of complete bedding - COCOCOZY duvets, shams, sheets and more! I am so excited. I had some linen shams and boudoir pillows in the original COCOCOZY collection...they were extremely high end and I think far too luxury for everyday people like you and me (would be good for the $50 million dollar beach house people though). So I was fortunate enough to be approached by a wonderful company who is now manufacturing a full top of bed collection for COCOCOZY. Woot woot. Woohoo. Yippeeee!!! We've been working on the project for almost a year. The samples are looking good overall. Need to still work on the colors in one of the collections but so far so good. I'll write a real post on COCOCOZY bedding soon.

P.P.P.S. Remember to follow COCOCOZY on Bloglovin'!

P.P.P.P.S. VOTE - Remember to vote tomorrow!  I have been obsessed with presidential election polls over the last few weeks - is that geeky? Another question re: election geekiness.  Am one of those people who loves going to the polls to vote and then I wear my sticker around all day that says "I voted". Is that geeky or patriotic? Or is it patriotic geeky?  Either way I am proud to vote and if I am deemed a geek because I am constantly checking the polls, then I am proud of that too!  An interior design addicted, election obsessed, leading a double life, voting girl.  That's me!, vote, vote!


  1. love it! you should check out 350 N Carolwood Dr Beverly Hills! It's my dream home!

  2. Only thing I like is that glass table in that 1st photos.

  3. Love love love the location and direct beach access but not too impressed by the actual house. It feels impersonal and a little cold...

  4. that is one ugly house

  5. Wish I had that much money haha!
    What a gorgeous house!


  6. I like the house very much, but I do not like the striped couch and chairs...

  7. It's a dreamy place, but who needs all that space? I'd prefer to spend all that money in some piece of art.

  8. I would not spend that much money on this house... totally think it's not worth it! It does look pretty though, but just not my style


  9. Oh! It's fantástic!!!


  10. well, perfect view. lovely interior design. But I would NEVER EVER buy such a big house. Even if I had billions. It's too big. it's like living in a hotel. where is individuality, where is that familiar feeling when you enter a room full of memories? it's too big, and too empty.

  11. A great post!!!
    it´s a fabolous places :)
    New post:
    Kisses, Rachel

  12. great post ! the view and land around the house is amazing ! THe interior is a bit dissapointing. Way too minimalistic. Maybe because no one is living there ... ;)

  13. wowww what to say? Hugeeee

  14. I don´t like this house is very big for me. Jejejejejejeje

    Kiss from Andalucía

  15. The location at the beach is fantastic! That I would by for 50 millions :) But the house, no. The outside is a horrible mismatch of different architectures. In my opinion...

  16. All I can think of is how much the real estate people stand to make off of commission,makes you want to change occupations!

  17. I'm in dream house heaven! If I had the money, I would buy the house as long as I didn' have to clean it :) Love the shot from the master bathroom- sitting in the tub soaking in the view... I also really like the circle window with a view of the trees above. Just amazing.

  18. I love it!! I LOVE Love love open floor plans. The feeling of open free space is amazing!!!

    xoxo Kerrin

  19. Love the home and views! I would love to see more large scale fab contemporary art, more unique accessories and art glass. The dining does not look like a place guest would enjoy dining and relaxing1

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series

  20. Divine is an understatement!


  21. Very beautiful indeed, but not quite my style so probably wouldnt spill $50mil even if I did have $500mil in the bank. Cant imagine how that feels like...

  22. So good! <3

  23. I should send you some photos of my 1960's ranch so everyone can see how most of us really live in the 'Bu! ;)