Monday, January 14, 2013


COCOCOZY wool rug
COCOCOZY for Capel Rugs - Oxford Rug in Navy (Tibetan hand knotted wool rug) (above)

So...over the last 6 months, I've been alluding to and mentioning partnerships that I've been working on for COCOCOZY.

Today I am thrilled to announce a collaboration and a new COCOCOZY collection that we are bringing to market.

COCOCOZY for Capel Rugs! COCOCOZY rugs are going to market in 2013!  I'm still pinching myself.

These are pictures of the samples of COCOCOZY hand knotted wool Tibetan rugs that will be in stores this year!  We just got these 5'x8' samples in a few weeks ago and now I will be showing them at the New York International Gift Fair in less than two weeks! The rugs will come in other sizes and colors too.

Established in North Carolina in 1917, Capel Rugs is the oldest privately owned rug manufacturer and importer in the United States. Capel is known for their traditional classic braided rugs that are made at their mill in North Carolina.

Most recenlty, Capel has  some fantastic rug collaborations including their latest with television personality and designer Genevieve Gorder. They also do a fabulous line with textile designer Kevin O'Brien.

Here's the short version of the story on how this all started...

Over a year ago, a very smart and sharp Tami Watras, the Vice President and Creative Director of Capel Rugs approached me and COCOCOZY to talk about rugs. Tami sent me a nice email saying she would like to meet.

A few weeks later in July 2011, Tami came by the Atlanta market with Capel Rugs president John Magee and Vice President John Harrison to view my pillow collection. I remember meeting them and thinking, "Wow they look so official, they seem really nice and this is serious stuff!". I was right on all fronts.

It was after that meeting, the rug games began.

As my fab agent SM (I think I mentioned I have Hollywood type agent...or did I?) was negotiaing  the deal, my dear and sweet angel best of friend AM met me for a day trip to North Carolina where we rented a big SUV and drove to the Capel headquarters in Troy.  We were going to Capel to see if this was a deal I wanted to do for COCOCOZY.

While in Troy, we also got to meet the fantastic Cameron Capel, Vice President at Capel and whose grandfather founded the company.  During that sit down with the Capel team, there was instant chemistry...we had a shared vision as to what the rug collection could look like and more importantly we all had such a great time getting to know each other.   On the drive back to the airport, AM who had her nose stuck in the Capel catalog (shopping of course), simply said "You should do this deal.  They are great.  Do it."  That is where it all began.

So a year and half later, after several meetings, swatches, samples and designs going back and forth, here are a few of the designs and colorways in the first COCOCOZY rug collection!

Take a look...please let me know which you like best.

COCOCOZY for Capel Rugs logo

Grey rug
COCOCOZY Fence rug in Charcoal Gray. (above)

gray rug
COCOCOZY Coco's Flower rug in Gray. (above)

light blue rug
Loop rug in Light Blue. (above) I have to decide which of these rugs I'll show in the COCOCOZY booth in NYC in two weeks. Again...I need your help. So many decisions. So little time until New York market!

Would love to hear your thoughts on these rugs. Please. Be honest...what do you like, what don't you like and which do you think I should show?

Happy Monday!


P.S.  For pricing, to order, or for more information on our new rug collection, please email us at!

P.P.S. Yesterday was my birthday. TE was very nice to whisk me away to San Francisco for a birthday fun weekend there. Will tell you a little more about that tomorrow and share some funny pictures from our day on Saturday at the San Francisco 49ers game. Yes...don't gasp...I did go to a 49ers game. I know!


  1. Coco's flower. Unique and beautiful. Congratulations!

  2. Happy belated bday Coco! TE sounds like a sweet guy.
    It was so interesting to read the back story to your rug partnership. I think the Fence rug will sell like hot cakes and the Loop rug will do well too. I can just picture them in Elle Decor!
    The Oxford Rug is fantastic - I think this is the one you should hang up at the market. That gorgeous blue (in the photo with the grey rug the oxford rug shows a bit and the blue looks so bright and fresh, that's what did it for me, cause in the first photo you don't realize how bright the blue is, k I'm babbling!) Anyways, I think with your white booth that blue is going to POP POP POP! The pattern is fresh and original and the colour is amazing and will really stand out.

    Congrats again on your partnership and happy bday.


  3. Oxford rug in Navy and Flower rug in Gray. They are all awesome, but I think those are the most unique! Awesome work.

  4. Happy belated Birthday, Coco!
    Best of luck with the new rug collection. Love the Oxford Rug.


  5. Happy Birthday Coco! Your rugs are absolutely gorgeous...all of them. They are going to sell like crazy. Congratulations :) xo

  6. I'd put your fence rug in my bedroom today. Good luck and I love the blog!

  7. What incredible rugs... Jezz. Cococozy is such an amazing company!

  8. Happy birthday to a fellow Capricorn! Love, love, love the rugs. Hard to pick a fave, but must go with Coco's flower, and the Oxford. I'm sure each is more stunning than the next based on these sneak peaks!

  9. Oxford blue is just stunning! It has the most drama, impact, modern, fun and who doesn't love un ending circles swirling.
    I also loved the beautiful blue ribbons rug, simply elegant. I am so happy for you and your collaboration with Capel. You will stand out in New York, so you better be looking the part of as head of your new multimillion dollar company. Congrats

  10. So happy for you!
    Capel is a wonderful company. So glad you collaborated with them!
    Cameron is a friend of mine. So glad you got to meet.


    Holly Phillips @ The English Room

  11. Wow amazing rugs and an amazing collection! Congratulations! Flower grey rug and the Navy Oxford are my favourites but they are all beautiful. Do you actually have another job on top of this job? Don't know how you do it all???

  12. Not a fan of the grey, but I love love love COCOCOZY Coco's Flower rug in Gray

  13. Love them all, beautiful work!

  14. You are on fire! That is terrific! I can't wait to see them in person.

  15. Oxford in Navy is absolutely amazing! Looks like you found an amazing company to work with in Capel. Congratulations and Happy (belated) Birthday! Sounds like you are having lots of fun all around! :-) Yeah for you!!!

  16. Love the Fence rug! I would scoop that up in an instant. The blue Oxford is stunning too. It would look lovely underneath a dining table. Can't wait to see these out in the marketplace! Great job!!

  17. Happy Birthday Coco! I would show the Oxford Rug! It is so unique and graphic. Will you be able to show smaller samples of the other styles (all great)?

    2012 Artists Series

  18. Happy birthday coco, what an amazing present. Your doing a great job moving things forward. I would show the oxford for sure, such high impact. Show stopper, have fun. I'm very happy for you. Mandy

  19. Love the Oxford and the Fence rugs. There are all lovely but those two are my faves. Nicely done and belated happy birthday.

  20. I really like the flower and oxford rugs. Congrats on your newest line..such an amazing opportunity. Best of luck to this new venture.

  21. Tammie Burton HoekstraJanuary 15, 2013 at 7:29 PM


    How amazing is this?!! Congratulations on bringing this deal together. I'm crushing on the Oxford Rug in navy but I've got a thing for navy...anything navy is good in my book. Which reminds me, I loved the chair you collaborated on with Ballard Designs. It came out beautifully.


  22. I love the new rugs 1 so nice to see something that's graphic but fresh. I can't wait until they are available. The light blue one looks like my doodles which I love and the chain link fence is brilliant.

  23. LOVE the new rug collection... do you deliver to Australia? Fingers crossed.... Anya H Interiors (interior designer in Sydney, Australia).

  24. I guess it depends on the target market, for me I like the 2nd & 3rd rugs, the first one is definitely eye catching and I like the navy & white, but it's a lot to take in. Would pass altogether on the last one - Good Luck, I am sure it will be fantastic and thankfully everyone's tastes are different.
    All the best, Kate

  25. Hi Coco! Happy late bday!!! And congrats! About the rugs, the second one (Coco´s flower) is absolutely beautiful, versatile and elegant, although I must say I´m a bib fan of grey shades because they create a modern vibe and you can, later, accesorize with pops of color! And my fav, the Light blue rug! Just gorgeous and fresh and ideal for large or amaller places at home or offices!

    Congrats again!!

  26. Oxford rug in NAVY!!! Love it, Show that one, elegance and impact!!
    kisses from Argentina

  27. ALL of them but particularly the Oxford rug AND the chainlink. Who knew chainlink could look so good?!? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  28. Coco, happy birthday! I love reading your blog, you are such an inspiration to me, a wanna be interior designer haha! I love getting ideas and seeing what new things are out there. I would definitely go with your charcoal fence rug. So classy :)

  29. When will the rugs be available? I looked on the website and don't see them. Thinking about one for a client.

  30. Hi Nicola,
    Please email us at and we can send you a preview booklet and pricing.