Friday, February 15, 2013


Stefano Pilati of Zegna's Paris duplex with  black and white home office with an olivetti desk and beni ourain moroccan carpet rug

So I tend to be a little more reserved when it comes to the use of color in home decor.  For some reason though, this Paris duplex owned by the Stefano Pilati,  the Creative Director of men's fashion brand Zegna, works for me.  Every room has a different tone, texture and feel.

From the black and white office where painters canvas is used on the walls as paneling, to the turquoise painted living room with its eclectic mix of furniture including two yellow vintage Frank Lloyd Wright chairs, and the bedroom with a suede upholstered bed, and then perhaps the boldest statement, the gold and marble master bath.

Living room in Stefano Pilati of Zegna's Paris duplex with turquoise walls and yellow Frank Lloyd Wright chairs

Master bedroom in Stefano Pilati of Zegna's Paris duplex with suede upholstered bed

Gold and marble master bathroom in Stefano Pilati of Zegna's Paris duplex

What do you think? Could you make this Paris apartment home? What would you keep? What might you retire?

Happy Friday!


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P.P.S. Had a wonderful Valentine's Day with TE. Nothing like a black tie dinner at cooked for you at home!

Photos: Architectural Digest


  1. Very Chic! Loved it!

    Marlene Danko
    Sea Star

  2. Looks like a designer's apartment, and I love it. Very eclectic and happening, but also opulent.

  3. Oooooh, lala!! The mix of traditional elements with modern twists is perfection. And I applaude anyone brave enough to use that turquoise paint. It's swoon-worthy.