Thursday, February 7, 2013


flower arrangement with roses, hydrangeas and orchids on a patio table

So far, I am liking February!

Got these lovelies yesterday morning at work.  A total surprise delivery.  When the delivery guy walked into my office with this nice size floral arrangement, I was reading a script, I looked up and had to focus and refocus, my eyes widened, I jumped up and started making strange cooing noises, I snatched the card out of the flowers, but the delivery guy needed my signature and needed to scan the envelope, so we did this awkward hand dance of me handing him the envelope, taking it back, grabbing his scanner, handing it back and finally he looked at me and just said calmly, "Miss, please just sign here."

Turns out the flowers were from TE. Very thoughtful and sweet.  Just for no reason.  Some gorgeous February flowers.  TE is so very nice.

Deep purple and red.  Roses, hydrangea, orchids and I think larkspur (not sure what the 4th flower is...let me know if you can identify it).

These flowers made my day.

close up of flower arrangement with roses, hydrangeas and orchids on a patio table

close up of square metallic ceramic vase holding a rose, hydrangea and orchid flower arrangement on a patio table
A square metallic painted ceramic container compliments the colors in the gorgeous arrangement. (above)

another close up of flower arrangement with roses, hydrangeas and orchids on a patio table this time focusing on the roses
I love red roses.  I just do. (above)
Happy Thursday!


P.S.  TE used the Empty Vase florist for my lovely flowers.  Beautifully done.

P.P.S.  I took the flowers home (well to my temporary home at sis DS's house) and photographed them outside this morning.  Would it be weird for me to drag them back into work?  I'll miss them all day long!

Photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY


  1. So jealous of your jobs - getting to read scripts and design your own line! Heaven, my dream jobs!
    TE is so sweet and what pretty flowers he picked. Bet he's got something extra nice planned for Valentine's day.


  2. Are there hyacinths in there too?
    How beautiful!

  3. Beautiful and definitely ok to take them with you to work! TE is a good guy! :)

  4. Yes Hyacinths, not Larkspurs, the other one looks like an orchid that's been dyed to match - lucky you! Even better that they're NOT on Valentines Day!!

  5. I think the other reddish flower that looks similar to a rose is a camellia. Lovely arrangement.