Sunday, April 28, 2013


cherry tree cherries garden gardening yard home house hollywood hills plant fruit
Cherries early morning in the Hollywood Hills (above)
This is my first weekend at home in 4 months.  Enjoying just being here.

I've been out of my little tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills due to construction for all of that time...emergency construction after water damage was discovered just days before Christmas.

Well now I'm back...still have lots of sprucing up to do on my little house but I am home!

A neighbor of mine had a little gathering/trunk show yesterday - she makes beautiful jewelry.  I wandered by.  Had a nice chat with several neighbors, caught up with all of what's been going on in the hood and even bought some jewelry.

This morning...I woke up...wandered down my stairs and across the little trail that is my street and took this photo.

Neighbors MR and JH have a cherry tree in their front yard.  The other day, when I arrived home from High Point, NC market, MR welcomed me back and said, "Did you see we have cherries?  You are welcome to eat some".  So early this Sunday morning...I took him up on his offer...I pranced down the stairs from my house, across the trail, plucked two bright red juicy cherries off the tree and ate them.  Delightful Sunday morning here in the Hollywood Hills.  Just delightful. Thank you MR and JH.

Happy weekend!


Photo: Coco of COCOCOZY


  1. Glad you are back in your home's a beautiful day today in LA. Hope to get to see some pics of your renovated digs :)

    Happy Sunday!

    1. Hi Karen,

      Have some work to do and some acquisitions to make...but will show parts of my cottage in a few months!

      Happy Sunday to you!

  2. Home is where the heart is--especially great neighbors. Congratulations.

    1. These are mouth watering cherries, waiting for pics of your cottage.

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  4. welcome home and love that picture you took of the cherries! Looks good enough to eat!!