Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Living room parquet wood floor slip covered sectional sofa Eames rocking chair built in shelves

I love this home's main living spaces...the living room and the library. Lots of light, just the right amount of texture via plants/decorative pillows/books, great flooring (parquet wood floors and a fantastic rug in the library), neat compact white furniture (a slipcovered sectional sofa in the living room and bench loveseat in the library)...and throw in a little high style in the form of a moulded Eames rocking chair in the living room.  Nice.

These two rooms were the inspiration for our new COCOCOZY Lucite Tray in vibrant green and white pictured below.  Fresh rooms...I wanted the trays to reflect that!

COCOCOZY Lucite Tray in Coco's Flower in Green
COCOCOZY Lucite Tray - Coco's Flower in green! (above)

Home library white bench built in bookshelves green bottles grey rug herringbone wood floor
Perfect little home library...with a white bench style loveseat, lots of light from a large window and lots of books! (above)
What do you think of these rooms?

Happy Wednesday!


P.S.  Notice that neither room feature drapery on the windows. Do you think drapes or curtains are a necessary element in a room?  I go back and forth on this!

Photos: Jonas Ingerstedt


  1. Hi Coco - I've really enjoyed your posts and nominated you for the Liebster Award. It's a blogger's award that is a fun way to tell new readers what you're all about. Go to my post to read about it. Hope you accept!

  2. Refreshing, light and bright! Great color palette!

    2013 Designers Series

  3. love the library. and no when you have rooms this beautiful - NDR or no drapes required!

  4. WHERE is that rug from?!!? Must know! Is it really curved as it appears??!