Sunday, September 15, 2013


Color swatches for COCOCOZY 2014

Today, I am picking colors for COCOCOZY pillows, rugs, throws and fabric for 2014.  The process has taken a couple of weeks...longer than expected.  I went and cut all of these fabric swatches, have looked through my Pantone color books, perused inspiring photos of interiors and collecting thought provoking images of fashion.  Then after all of that, I started picking colors.  My design process is always about gathering way too much information to start for fear of not having everything I will need to make the right choice.  Then after all has been amassed, I sort through it all in detail to make choices I can live with.  I have hundreds of fabric swatches sitting in front of me this morning...this weekend morning...choices...choices.

What colors do you think will inspire you for your home decorating in 2014?  Do tell!

Oh did I mention, I am about 3 months behind.  After over 2.5 years of having my own textiles collection, I now know you should really have your designs and samples done about 4-6 months before you want to debut them in you can get them to press...and out to buyers.  I am behind.  Hence this weekend photo...color color color!

Can't wait to show you what I am cooking up for 2014!

Happy Sunday!


Photo:  Coco of COCOCOZY


  1. I can't wait to see what colors you settle on for your collection!

    I really noticed that we are moving more into the jewel tones and into even deeper colors with our accents. I think wall colors will stay muted, neutral and calm but just like 2013, rugs and accents will be really bold and where we'll make our statements. I hope that 2014 brings us even deeper into punch of colors and I see myself moving more into deep, deep rich mediterranean blue, orangy/reds and deep purple.

  2. I agree with Cyndy, it must be so fun to choose how to move forward.
    I am very excited for the debut!

    2013 Artists Series

  3. I am really drawn to blues myself these days. However, I think ethnic colors, like those from south america, are going to be be popular.

  4. Lately I have been drawn to mustardy yellows. As for of the moment colors, rich purples and greens are popping up everywhere.