Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Contemporary living room with lavender accents

Saw these two living rooms the other day where lavender is the connecting theme.  The first is a living room with very subtle accents in a light shade of purple.  While the second, takes on lavender living with zest by incorporating a lilac colored sea grass wallpaper and then punches up the decor with even more purple with the ikat upholstery on the side chairs...oh and did I mention the orange sofa.

So today I ask you...which of these two living rooms do you prefer?  Could you see yourself living with lavender?

Contemporary living room with lavender Louis XIV chairs, a Saarinen inspired coffee table with a glass top and purple hydrangenas

Lavender living room with orange sofa, purple ikat accent pillows and armchairs and a Greek key rug

Close up of a purple and white armchair in a lavender living room

Happy Tuesday!


Photos: Brendan Wong; Lilly Bunn


  1. Could live in the first space. Thinking the second room would be too much color for me.

  2. Love this color. It really seems almost like a neutral. Every color looks great with it.

  3. Love the first one with its great mix of furniture (the Platner table paired with the antique armchairs looks fabulous) but my vote would definitely go to room number 2 (designed by Amanda Nisbett maybe?). I need a bit more color in my life :)

  4. I like aspects of both, but I really love that poppy-colored sofa with the lavender pillows. I'd opt for a stark, white backdrop though- the lavender wallpaper is a bit overkill and too Easter-eggy for me.

  5. I haven't been a fan of purple, in general, since my pre-teen days I the late '80s. I do like the purple splotchy ikat chairs, but I can't so much handle the pastel shades.