Friday, January 24, 2014


Gray living room with dueling sofas and a black and white fireplace with a large mirror on the matel

About four times a year we have total confusion at the COCOCOZY HQ in Beverly Hills on they way to spell the color gray...for our all gray pillows, throws, drapes and other items in the COCOCOZY Online Shop and in the COCOCOZY Catalog.    I spell gray..."gray" with an a.  Everyone else wants to spell it grey with an e.  So depending on my mood, I end up either holding the line on gray with an a or giving in to "grey" with an e.  That means all of our documents and literature are always needing revamping because of all of my flip flopping.  Note to self: Save valuable work time and make a decision on gray vs. grey...then spend extra time trying to solve real dilemmas! is a bit of gray on gray decor for you at the end of this week.  A few gray living rooms that do not shy away from this in between black and white color.  What do you think of an all gray living room?  Like?

Gray living room with traditional wall moulding

Modern grey living room with herringbone wood floors and white coffee table

Some of my gray on grey the post!

Happy Friday!


Photos: Harper's Bazaar; Ken Fulk; Unknown


  1. I've always loved grey. But after years and years and years of seeing grey rooms in decorating magazines and grey everything at Restoration Hardware, I'm longing for something more colourful. Not glow-in-the-dark colourful, but something pretty like mineral blue or sage green or pale terra cotta. That said, I do like the second living room.

  2. I love gray. But all gray is too boring. Gray needs a bit of black or red or camel to spice it up. Mary

  3. Love the lantern in the first photo. My lanterns from France go quickly to clients. Love seeing how they finish a room.

  4. I agree with adding a pop of color. Years ago I had to tame my new husband's house. The only thing I could do was match the stainless steel appliances with paint (as he had purple cabinets ((I know)) in the kitchen), I took it all the way through to the breakfast room & the family den, using red in lamp shades and a Persian rug. All the furniture was upholstered in shiny gray/grey/silver fabrics. It was stunning. And, now I want to do it all again. So.

  5. I agree, all just grey feels too moody, it needs a bit of colour here and there. Although not too much, the touch of blue in the first picture looks just fine!

  6. I 100% agree with the grey vs. gray question. I never know which way to go. Love your blog coco!

  7. You give me some unique ideas to improve my interior designing projects. Very nice designed drawing room. I am glad to meet your blog.

  8. Coco, perhaps this will help? I've been told that in America, gray is spelled with an "a." However, in England, they spell it with an "e." Easy to remember too: America - a, England - e. I like gray tones in a room and prefer it mixed with other neutrals, like cream, white & black. Have a beautiful day!