Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Hallway in a NYC home with french doors, white washed wood floors and Persian rugs

Here is a peek inside the New York City Upper East Side home reported to be owned by filmmaker/director Spike Lee that is currently on the market for $32 million dollars.

The home located at 153 E. 63rd and it is known as the Hatch House...constructed from stables back in the early 1900s.  The home was gifted to the first owners by the Vanderbilt family and famed burlesque dancer Gypsy Lee Rose is said to have owned it for 3 decades.  Spike Lee bought it in the 1990's for $16 million and is now selling it for twice as much.

The 8200+ square foot home is made up of two buildings surrounding a courtyard.  It features 5 bedrooms, 8 baths, staff quarters and a gym.

This property is listed by Sotheby's Serena Boardman.

Living room in a NYC home with white sofa, Persian rugs, herringbone wood floor and marble fireplace

Den in NYC home with white dueling sofas, Persian rugs and herringbone wood floor

Exterior of a NYC home

Floor plan of a NYC home

Outdoor patio of a NYC home

It has been reported that the home was owned by famed modern artist Jasper Johns too!  Lots of famous names it seems have lived under this roof.

What do you think?  Would you take it or leave it?  I like the house.  Love the arched windows and the long walkways connecting the two buildings.  I also love the idea of having my own private courtyard right in the middle of New York City.  I'd take it!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. This is GORGEOUS. Who wouldn't take it. And the decor, while a little generic, is so much better than what you see in most of these places. Very nice, Mr Lee. I wonder why he's selling...

  2. I'd live there in a heart beat! Love the coziness...the fireplaces... the history.... location, location, location!!!

  3. Ugh like get at me--this home is incredible with so much design potential--perfect for any taste honestly

  4. Ms. April Wood BondJanuary 8, 2014 at 7:53 PM

    i bet the art is amazing- the design is very restrained but super tasteful.

  5. Wow, you'd completely forget you're in one of the world's busiest cities! I love that it seems like a serene escape in the big city. Love this!

  6. I love when there is a home interior as well as the floor plan. It makes me understand each space and function so much more. Love to look of this home. A bit too formal for my taste but I can enjoy the overall look just the same