Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Kelly Wearstler bedroom brass canopy bed
Kelly Wearstler designed bedroom with a fantastic brass canopy bed! (above)
I don't think I have done any posts on uber fashion and interior designer Kelly Wearstler before if you can believe it.  The reason I say, "if you can believe it", is that Kelly is slowly but surely taking over the world...with clothing collections, home furnishings lines and so much more. I admire the empire she has built and her unique style.

I was just on the design maven's website and found these 5 rooms she designed that I find boldly intriguing.  I tend to like things a little less done...Kelly's style on the other hand is all about layers, lots of glam, lots of textures.  She has a legion of devotees among those in the interior design world.

It's in these five Kelly Wearstler designed rooms, I found a bold elegance that I really like...spaces I could live in....spaces I would want to visit.

Kelly Wearstler bathroom gold tile sink knobs
A bathroom vanity and sink area that gleams with gold tiles and fixtures. (above)

Kelly Wearstler living room greek freize gray sofa
A super sized Grecian freize hangs over a living room sofa (above)

Kelly Wearstler green kitchen
Green cabinets and gold metal backsplash in a small kitchen (above)

Kelly Wearstler wood panel dining room Platner chairs
Wood paneled dining room with Platner dining chairs and an oversized round gold mirror (above)
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  1. Ugh yes. KW is the godfather.

  2. In one word (or two) "International Chic". These rooms are all very refined and European in tone, dating to the 70's or 80's for inspiration. Love them all.

  3. If Kelly Wearstler is taking over the world, then I for one welcome our new fashionable overlord!