Thursday, April 24, 2014


On the road today but love this little blue bedroom by Blair Harris Interiors.  The color is perfect and the bumble bee roman cute!  I would love to be at work at this little desk.  Cozy, comfy...ahhh...


Wednesday, April 23, 2014


A multimillion dollar fixer upper apartment of sorts.

Located at arguably the best corner of real estate in the country - Central Park South and 5th Avenue - is a unique opportunity to combine two apartments in the famed Plaza Hotel's luxury residences.

A three bedroom apartment, 1707, and a 1 bedroom apartment above it, 1807, are being offered together for the mere asking price of $27 million dollars.  The apartment(s) is listed by the Corcoran Group.

Best of friend AM, here is your chance to renovate a NYC apartment....

The thought is whoever has $27 million laying around would buy both apartments and then build a staircase between them to combine the two condos into a 4 ro 5 bedroom, 4300 square foot home with fantastic views of Central Park.

Right now, in my view, the apartments could use some uber glamming up from a high end uber interior guru Michael Smith for example...and a fabulous floor plan from one of New York's many amazing architects.  Then a few months of construction...or a year...and maybe a few million more....and then all the finishing decor touches...and voila...a two story posh home sitting atop Central Park!

Here's what you would be working with...a view of the apartments now...

Living room in one of the condo apartments being offered for $27 million - ready and waiting for a remodel! (above)

A bathroom with diamond shaped tiles and an intricate mosaic tile floor...(above)

The view of Central Park! (above)

The two apartments are located in the famed Plaza Hotel overlooking Central Park! (above)
If you had $27 million would you take on this project?  Worth the renovating or would you just find another in a less desirable location?  That is the question of the day!

Happy Tuesday!


P.S.  Speaking of of friend AM and her hubby JE who live in NYC just bought a house in the Hamptons and are in the throws of renovating it.  My guy TE and I will be taking a trip out to visit her soon to see her construction progress.  When in High Point a few weeks ago when I was showing my new COCOCOZY collection of rugs and wood tile flooring,  best friend AM came with me and we did some shopping for her new house during the whirlwind trip.  AM has also made some fantastic choices on material for her Hamptons house which include some gorgeous Moroccan cement tiles for the master bath!  Cannot wait to see in person!!!!!

P.P.S. Yesterday, I didn't post because I pulled something in my shoulder.  I wish I had a dramatic story to tell to go with my "injury" like: 1) I went surfing and a huge wave hit me and I was tossled around and hit the ocean floor and hurt my shoulder OR 2) I saw an older person stuck under a car and while lifting the car off of the person to rescue them, I pulled something in my shoulder.  Nope.  Wouldn't be so lucky to actually have a good reason that I can barely lift my right arm.  Here's the deal.  I was getting into my car, wearing probably 4" YSL (or should I say Saint Laurent now that the name has changed) Tribtoo heels.  I was bending down to pick up my 18lb dog, Mr. Boo (he was 16lbs but he has gained 2lbs so he is now on a diet), to put him in the car because he is going off to the klinker (doggy boarding) for a few nights. I successfully picked up the little Mr. Boo dog while teetering on my heels and was just giving him a little hug when I felt something tweak out of place on my upper back! Oy vey.  Rather than go back up to my house and change into flats and go to the doctor, I insisted on proceeding with the day as planned...I dropped Mr. Boo off, went to work and then was walking around the office in said high heels all day, half bent over and groaning every once in awhile.  For some reason yesterday, ironically, everything I picked up, dropped on the the I Love Lucy comedy of me in business attire that included non business like 4 inch heels bending down to grab a cell phone, pen or anything was like a scene out of a sitcom!  Feel somewhat better this morning.  Ibuprofen helps.  Oy va voy.  Should I have come up with a good dramatic story for a sore shoulder or should I stick with the real story of the "Mr. Boo pick up and hug"?  Boyfriend TE of course got a chuckle out of did my boss.  My mom was sympathetic, she told me to go get some cream from the drug sister called several times and forgot to ask how I was doing and best of friend AM was fixated on her cement tiles...needless to say...I didn't get an outpouring of concern for my "injury"...whoa is me...whoa is me... Is this what they call a "first world problem?" :-)

P.P.P.S.  Happy Tuesday! xo

Monday, April 21, 2014


Two small apartments in Sweden for sale...two very different use of stripes in their very small kitchens.

I like a small kitchen with a feature wall.  If done right, can certainly add a nice design twist to a small space.

Here, one apartment kitchen has a bold colorful feature wall with horizontal multicolored stripes.  A no holds barred burst of color and pattern.

The other is an all white kitchen with a subtle gray and white striped wall paper on one wall behind cabinets.  A safe and subtle approach to decorating.

Which of these two kitchens do you prefer?  The bold or the demure?

Which one do you prefer?  In this case, I am going to go against my usual all white inclinations and say I like the first kitchen best!  Is that a design do or don't?  Hmmm....

Happy Monday!


P.S.  While most people were celebrating Easter with lovely brunches and dinners and Easter egg hunts, I put my dear sweet mother to work all weekend.  We spent the weekend doing inventory at the COCOCOZY headquarters in Beverly Hills.  Lots of COCOCOZY fabric to count...lots of COCOCOZY product to organize and we are still not done. Spring organizing on over drive!  Was fun hanging out with my mom.  She is hard working!  And mom is very goal oriented...when I wanted to take a break...she encouraged me to push she has done all of my life.  A good parent indeed...pushing me through the challenging times and encouraging me to do the right thing and to be a good person.  She is an amazing role model!  Had a nice lunch with sis DS and mom too (our one break).  Very different kind of Easter weekend but still had a very nice time with family.  Thank you mom.  Thank goodness for my dear family....they are the most important people in the world to me!

COCOCOZY Arch fabric by the yard in Sea Green - spent the weekend counting yardage with mom at COCOCOZY HQ! (above)

Photos: Stadshem

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Blue ombre dyed Easter eggs color fade

Wishing you a Happy Easter!


Photo: Country Living

Friday, April 18, 2014


The Pop - A bold geometric print blue little chair and the bird print create a noteworthy sitting area! (above)

Photographer Kelly Stuart co founder of the popular website The Glow has a wonderful eye.  Found a few photos on her site that I love for different reasons.

The Modern - Love the fuchsia modern lucite chairs and metal table base here.

The View - Love a deep tub right next to a large window with a view!

The Edge - Really if you take the fur blanket and the skull off of this bed, the look is quite the idea though of adding a bit of edge to home decorating with accessories.

The Vintage - The drapes, the rug, the coffee table, the side table all come together to make a cohesive vintage well lived look. 
Happy Friday!


Photos: Kelly Stuart

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Where does a New York socialite and former p.r. maven go to raise a family?  Well in this case Emilia Fanjul Pfeifler and her husband Brian moved their 3 children and a few dogs to the very posh area of Locust Valley, NY - located about an hour outside of NYC on the North Shore of Long Island.  Locust Valley is known for breeding a well heeled set who at one point in history were known for their distinctive accent called - "Locust Valley Lock Jaw".

I happened upon these photos on Vogue's website of Emilia's beautifully decorated 1912 built Colonial home with a gravel driveway.  (note...must have a house with a gravel drive at some point in my life).   It took 3 years to renovate the home into an elegant but livable family home. She worked with interior designer Frank de Biasi on the home.   Elegant timeless furnishings in a cool blue gray color palette.  I like.

Would you move to the suburbs to live here?

Pick your favorite image here and pin it to Pinterest.  I want to see what you like!

Happy Wednesday!


P.S.  Had a very nice dinner last night with TE at Madeo.  Such wonderful food and company!