Monday, September 29, 2014


I like this Parisian apartment owned by interior designer Sarah Lavoine.  White with burts of dense colors like black, turquoise, green and even yellow.  A small space that breathes fresh, light and lively.

Little touches like the contrast black piping on the white sofa, the black accent wall painted behind the dining room table, and simple turquoise dining chairs, make all of the design difference in this space.

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Happy Monday!


P.S. Had a great weekend. Started on Friday night with a gallery opening at Gemini Gel to meet and greet artist John Baldessari with my guy TE and good friends SN and BN - then we went to dinner at Taste in West Hollywood with the group! So much fun. On Saturday, TE and I spent the day shopping for "ideas" on Beverly Blvd...then we went out to Malibu and then for a walk up and down the Santa Monica stairs at sunset. Weekend ended on Sunday with a day in Malibu with TE, my mom and my neighbor JH picking fruit and enjoying ocean views...and then a fun barbecue last night at TE's watching football with TE, EE, E and JG. Nice time.

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Friday, September 26, 2014


library bay windows nook round table plaid drapes curtains
Bay windows in library nook in a Los Angeles Tudor mansion! (above)

A few weeks ago, I stopped by the gorgeous Hancock Park Tudor estate belonging to Hollywood media exec RS and his partner fab designer Tom Newman of Newman & Wolen Design.   Tom and I have become friends over the years - he designed my friend SN and BN's home remodel years ago.  Love Tom's aesthetic, style, sense of architecture and design.  He is awesome. Tom and RS moved into the house this year and I was lucky to be taken on a nice afternoon tour of this huge house by Tom himself.

The home was built in 1927 and is 6100 square feet.  It is awesome.   The couple kept much if the original detail but just refreshed the the spaces to make them feel up-to-date.

One of the most charming rooms in the mansion for me is this little gentleman's library right off the foyer.  Wood paneled, plaid drapery, built in bookshelves, velvet sofa and original carved stone fireplace make for a warm, cozy, somewhat regal and at the same time inviting room!  Makes me want to get off the computer, tablet and smart phone...curl up with a nice COCOCOZY throw blanket and open up a book and of all the book!

Anyhooo here's a look at this wonderful space.  A modern throwback...a classic space.

brown tan plaid drapes drapery curtains
Custom made plaid drapes. (above)

gold shell coffee table accessories

wood paneled library tan brown velvet sofa

Original built in wood paneled bookshelves with antler accessories topping them off! (above)

Carved stone fireplace (above)

Thank you Tom for inviting me over and letting me snap a million photos!

 Can't wait to come over for a glamorous black tie dinner party in the next few months...I look best in fall and winter and I have several black tie long gowns ready to go. TE has a nice tux I'm sure he would love to come. Oh...sorry...just made up a party at Tom and RS's house and then invited myself and boyfriend that rude?

Anyhooo...will show you more of this grand home later. May have to go back and take a few more photos. Oops there I go again...inviting myself over!

Happy Friday!


P.S.  The kitchen in Tom's previous home inspired three (3) COCOCOZY readers to remodel their here to see Tom's former kitchen and how it was interpreted by blog readers!

All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


A multi million dollar Russian apartment! (above)
In my perusing of multi million dollar awe inspiring homes from around the world...I decided this week to do a little compare and contrast of 5 different luxury homes in 5 different countries.

Russia, France, Italy, Spain and the United States.  I know.  I know.  I wonder too. All of the time.:-) What does $10 million dollars buy you around the world as far as real estate?

See these luxury international real estate listings below (click on the location names to see the full listing) and let me know what you think:
Penthouse Apartment - 3 bedrooms, 4 baths, 2690 sq ft - $10.5 million dollars (above & below)

Villa in Casa Del Sol - 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, 9,634 square feet - $10,9 million dollars (below)

18 Century Villa on Lake Como - 8 bedrooms, 7 baths, 7,535 sq. ft. - $10.9 million dollars (below)

Hollywood Hills Modern Estate - 6 bedrooms, 6 baths, 7300 sq. ft - $10.5 million dollars (below)

French Castle at Lac du Bourget - 10 bedrooms, 8 baths, 21,528 square feet -  $10.9 million dollars (below)

So...which of these $10 million dollar homes would you buy or take?  Is it unimaginative if I say I would take the Hollywood Hills house in Los Angeles...even though I live in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles (please note...I live in the smallest house possible in the Hollywood Hills actually not too far from this modern manse...would be an easy move...).

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. Thank you to 14 year old Rachelle Adamson for her shout out to COCOCOZY on her new blog called Seachelle's Seashore.  Click here for her post about COCOCOZY - Rachelle says COCOCOZY is one of her favorite blogs!  Rachelle commented on one of the posts here on COCOCOZY saying she had written about tmine - I, of course, clicked over and was so pleased to find out that one of my readers is 14!  Congrats Rachelle on your new blog!

P.P.S.  Speaking of dashing (or "not so") - Was dropping some clothes off at the cleaners when I got a lesson in life.  I sashayed out of my car wearing a very cute short navy Rebecca Taylor laser cut flare dress and high high black Saint Laurent Tribtoo shoes and some very cool sunglasses. I thought I looked quite dashing - just to go to the cleaners if I do say so myself.  Well as onlookers gawked and gazed probably thinking "Look at that stylish girl with a load of laundry in her hands" (or maybe not), I flung open the doors to the cleaners and proceeded to prance in...only to find that my 4 inch YSL's had caught on the doorway.  I tugged and pulled and the shoe wouldn't come loose...I tried to gain my composure but then a dirty sock fell out of the pile (oops didn't sort dry cleaning that well) and there I was, with a load of dirty clothes, caught in a doorway with a gym sock staring at me.  I turned around to look at all of the gawkers and gazers...none of them were gawking (maybe they were never gawking actually)...they were all looking down and away from me with a smirk on their face.  Note to self, never think you look like a movie star when heading into the cleaners with a pile of laundry...I know many of you probably suffer from this daily thought...just know that life will always remind you in subtle ways that you too are human - a lesson in being humble. Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 22, 2014


Was with TE this weekend...wandering around, of all places, a kitchen and bath showroom.  While TE was off looking at some kind of guy shiny ovens, I happened upon this faucet from THG Paris.  I had never heard of the brand...but apparently they make luxury fittings and hardware for bathrooms and kitchen.

There were hundreds, maybe thousands of faucets and plumbing fixtures in this store...and the only one I wanted to ask about was this one.  I loved it immediately.  The knobs did it for me...completely.  I found the whole look very elegant.

When I waved the salesperson down and asked him the price of this pretty bath faucet with "O" shaped round knobs, I nearly fell over.  He said "Oh I think this one is about $4600 and some of these in this line go up to $15,000".  I was like one of those cartoon characters shaking my head back and forth to make sure my ears were clear and that I was hearing right.  Yes...$4,600!  What?

I had a minute or two to look again at it...and I must say it was absolutely beautiful.  Could I ever afford a $4600 faucet for just one sink in one bath...probably not.  That didn't matter...I began to fall deeply in love...with...a faucet.

Well, then my guy TE came back from his stove trek and asked me what was wrong.  With my eyes glistening and face glowing, I excitedly said to him, "I love this.  I love it.  Don't you?"  With his eyes half mast and a very neutral look on his face...he said, "Not really.  It's okay."  And then he turned and walked off towards a modern and shiny waterfall shower head.  Hmmm....

How could he not love it?  What?  Why was it so expensive?  Why am I even looking at faucets in the first place?  All of these important thoughts ran through my head.

Then I took to Instagram for validation...I asked my COCOCOZY biased following of nearly 10,000 what they thought...I did not tell them the price...but on aesthetics alone...they seemed to like.  (Follow me by clicking here on COCOCOZY Instagram btw.)

Anyhoooooooooo.  In case you must have this faucet, details are as follows: it is from Collection "O" from THG Paris.

The most expensive THG Paris faucets seem to be the ones with crystal knobs...they've partnered with famous French houses like Lalique, Christofle, Daum and more to create faucets with glass and crystal knobs that make the spouts look like jewelry.

Just thought you might put this in your design file!

Happy Monday!


Photo by Coco of COCOCOZY


A lovely ground floor townhouse in London...a mews house with arches throughout.  A sunroom defined by three glass arches sets the tone for the city house entire house.  Love the arched glass ceiling in the garden room that looks out over a well manicured amazing ground floor patio.  This home is designed by Andy Martin Architects.

I like an arch.  I do.  A classic architectural detail that can make all of the difference in a modern home.

An aside note: This London home is called a "mews house"...I didn't know what "mews" meant so I had to look it up.  Apparently it is "a group of buildings originally containing private stables, often converted into residential apartments".

TE and I have been talking about arches lately.  I know.  Strange random topic of conversation between a guy and a girl...but it is not quite so random for us right now.

What do you think of this London home with all of its arches?  Like or dislike?

Happy Monday!


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