Monday, April 21, 2014


Two small apartments in Sweden for sale...two very different use of stripes in their very small kitchens.

I like a small kitchen with a feature wall.  If done right, can certainly add a nice design twist to a small space.

Here, one apartment kitchen has a bold colorful feature wall with horizontal multicolored stripes.  A no holds barred burst of color and pattern.

The other is an all white kitchen with a subtle gray and white striped wall paper on one wall behind cabinets.  A safe and subtle approach to decorating.

Which of these two kitchens do you prefer?  The bold or the demure?

Which one do you prefer?  In this case, I am going to go against my usual all white inclinations and say I like the first kitchen best!  Is that a design do or don't?  Hmmm....

Happy Monday!


P.S.  While most people were celebrating Easter with lovely brunches and dinners and Easter egg hunts, I put my dear sweet mother to work all weekend.  We spent the weekend doing inventory at the COCOCOZY headquarters in Beverly Hills.  Lots of COCOCOZY fabric to count...lots of COCOCOZY product to organize and we are still not done. Spring organizing on over drive!  Was fun hanging out with my mom.  She is hard working!  And mom is very goal oriented...when I wanted to take a break...she encouraged me to push she has done all of my life.  A good parent indeed...pushing me through the challenging times and encouraging me to do the right thing and to be a good person.  She is an amazing role model!  Had a nice lunch with sis DS and mom too (our one break).  Very different kind of Easter weekend but still had a very nice time with family.  Thank you mom.  Thank goodness for my dear family....they are the most important people in the world to me!

COCOCOZY Arch fabric by the yard in Sea Green - spent the weekend counting yardage with mom at COCOCOZY HQ! (above)

Photos: Stadshem

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Blue ombre dyed Easter eggs color fade

Wishing you a Happy Easter!


Photo: Country Living

Friday, April 18, 2014


The Pop - A bold geometric print blue little chair and the bird print create a noteworthy sitting area! (above)

Photographer Kelly Stuart co founder of the popular website The Glow has a wonderful eye.  Found a few photos on her site that I love for different reasons.

The Modern - Love the fuchsia modern lucite chairs and metal table base here.

The View - Love a deep tub right next to a large window with a view!

The Edge - Really if you take the fur blanket and the skull off of this bed, the look is quite the idea though of adding a bit of edge to home decorating with accessories.

The Vintage - The drapes, the rug, the coffee table, the side table all come together to make a cohesive vintage well lived look. 
Happy Friday!


Photos: Kelly Stuart

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Where does a New York socialite and former p.r. maven go to raise a family?  Well in this case Emilia Fanjul Pfeifler and her husband Brian moved their 3 children and a few dogs to the very posh area of Locust Valley, NY - located about an hour outside of NYC on the North Shore of Long Island.  Locust Valley is known for breeding a well heeled set who at one point in history were known for their distinctive accent called - "Locust Valley Lock Jaw".

I happened upon these photos on Vogue's website of Emilia's beautifully decorated 1912 built Colonial home with a gravel driveway.  (note...must have a house with a gravel drive at some point in my life).   It took 3 years to renovate the home into an elegant but livable family home. She worked with interior designer Frank de Biasi on the home.   Elegant timeless furnishings in a cool blue gray color palette.  I like.

Would you move to the suburbs to live here?

Pick your favorite image here and pin it to Pinterest.  I want to see what you like!

Happy Wednesday!


P.S.  Had a very nice dinner last night with TE at Madeo.  Such wonderful food and company!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


COCOCOZY embroidered pillows in blue (above)

I instagrammed a photo of a few COCOCOZY embroidered pillows in blue yesterday. I love these tones and shades of blue.  From a dark midnight blue, to a blue that reflects the colors in the Aegean, to a softer cornflower blue.  Blue is my color of the day.

COCOCOZY Arrow pillow - $150 (above)

To shop the entire COCOCOZY embroidered pillow collection - click here.

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, April 14, 2014


COCOCOZY for Mirth Studio painted wood floor tiles - new flooring concept! (above)
Last week I mentioned my latest exciting new license partnership with Mirth Studio.  This week, I'll go into a bit of detail.

I am so proud to be a part of a fantastic new product release - painted wood tile floors with COCOCOZY patterns on them.

Long story short.  Via email and a blog post I met Sally Bennett, founder of Mirth Studio in Charleston, South Carolina.  Sally came up with the brilliant idea of creating engineered wood floor tiles that are digitally printed on to look like they are hand painted wood floors. Sally, an artist by trade, has dozens of wonderful colorful designs in the Mirth Studio collection. Ingenious.  Genius.  Smart.  Well the minute I heard of this concept I knew two things: 1) I had to do one of the first blog posts on these tiles (click here to see my post) and 2) I wanted to partner with Sally to license out my COCOCOZY designs for these wonderful floor tiles.

In less than a week after meeting via email, Sally and I worked out a deal.  Just this last week, Sally took her innovative product to High Point Market along with 5 of my designs!  So exciting!

Well the response was overwhelming.  Sally is the first to bring this sort of product to market so designers and potential partners went crazy over these floors.  Sally was inundated with at the trade show with lots of business prospects.  Was so happy for her and so happy to be a part of her wood floor tile launch.

Here is a glimpse of the COCOCOZY wood floor tiles on display at High Point Market and some of the varieties available.

COCOCOZY for Mirth Studio painted wood floor tiles on display at High Point Market last week!

Love this gray COCOCOZY Ring wood floor tile - snapped this picture at market!

COCOCOZY Maroc Wood Floor Tile - 12"x12"

Nine 12"x12" COCOCOZY Maroc wood floor tiles laid out to 

COCOCOZY Chain painted wood floor tile in celery green  - 12"x12" (above and below)

COCOCOZY Chain wood floor tiles in light blue - This image shows nine tiles laid out on a floor (above)

Here are some details on these wood floor tiles from Mirth Studio's website:
  • Available in 12” x 12” square tiles made of ½” thick engineered hardwood.
  • Pre-finished with 10 coats of abrasion-resistant, crystal-clear UV-hardened 100% resin urethane.
  • Ideal for residential or light commercial use.
  • Should be installed using a multiple-stick urethane glue.
  • Can be installed over most subflooring—concrete or wood.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 10-year commercial and 25-year residential on tile surface, lifetime structural warranty (see details in warranty section).
  • Manufactured and finished in the US. 100% MADE IN THE USA!
  • Can be lightly sanded and refinished multiple times just like conventional engineered wood floor products.
  • You can easily replace a single tile or small section, unlike traditional wood flooring, which must be ripped out and re-installed with sanding and staining when damaged.
  • The tiles come 18 per box. Each box weighs 33 lbs.
  • Can also be used decoratively on walls

To see the entire COCOCOZY for Mirth Studio Wood Floor Tile Colleciton - CLICK HERE.

If you would like more information or would like to order any of these tiles, please email

Happy Monday!


P.S.  Woke up a little sore this morning.  Went on a 6.2 mile hike yesterday with TE.  Such an amazing walk uphill to stand almost right in front of the iconic Hollywood sign.  It was such a nice day for a long walk up a hill.  Not too sunny.  Not cold.  Just perfect.  With good company I might add.

P.P.S.  This weekend was my "I Love Lucy" weekend.  I got locked out of the COCOCOZY Headquarter offices on Saturday...I had brought my dog, Mr. Boo, over to get some paperwork done, I stepped out of the office for a minute and locked myself out!  About an hour later and $149 poorer, a nice locksmith who looked like a spy of some sort, came and helped me open the door!  Lucy  moment number 2 occurred when I was sashaying up some stairs with TE and was taking pictures of the inside of a house, when all of a sudden I lost my footing and ended up falling face down.  No injuries at all.   Just a loss of pride and dignity. Lucy moment #3.  Mr. Boo, my dog, eats $100 in $20 bills belonging to my boyfriend TE.  TE left money on the dining room table...Mr. Boo climbed on said table, stole money and ate it. Oy. Tried to make jokes about this mishap...fell on deaf ears! Ooops. That's it.

P.P.P.S.  Hope you had a nice weekend and hope you have a nice week ahead!

Photos: Sally Bennett; Coco of COCOCOZY