Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Dining room designed by Darryl Carter featuring white Panton dining chairs (above)
First introduced to market in 1967, this one material plastic cantilever chair has become a modern classic. The chair was created by designer Verner Panton and developed with furniture house Vitra. The original version of the chair in rigid polyurethane foam with a glossy lacquer finish is marketed under the name Panton Chair Classic - priced starting around $1700. The version sold today at places like Design Within Reach are made of a single piece of strong, flexible polypropylene with integral color that will not fade over time and priced at about $300.

The chair was a huge sensation at the time of its introduction and has remained such a staple that it is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York.

I like a white Panton chair paired with classic dining table or as an accent piece in a room.

Panton Chair - $310 (above)

The chair comes in a variety of colors too.  Just so you know, I often call it a swoosh chair...because there is something about it that looks like it is in fast motion!

Click here to shop for this chair.

What do you think of this modern classic?  Would you use in your home?

Happy Tuesday!


P.S.  Way back when (almost 6 years ago...I can't believe I've been blogging this long!),  I did a story on my friend's kelly green dining room that featured some white Panton chairs.  Click here to go back to the COCOCOZY archives to see that post!

Photos: Veranda Magazine; Architectural Digest; Meucanto Blog

Monday, September 15, 2014


new york city townhouse million dollar living room

Listed at $13,250,000, this upper East Side New York City town house at 211 East 61st Street (between 2nd and 3rd) has it all.  5 bedrooms, 4 full baths and 2 partial baths in 5,650 square feet plus 1100 square feet of outdoor terrace space....must love this listing from Sotheby's Realty (click here to see entire listing).  An elevator will whisk the owners from top to bottom of this 6 story home which includes herringbone wood floors, Nanz hardware, custom mahogany windows, Calacatta marble kitchen and so much more.

If you had just a little over $13 million dollars to spend...might you do it in the heart of NYC?

dining room new york city townhouse million dollar listing

white kitchen new york city upper east side townhouse

master bedroom new york city townhouse

So what do you think of this $13 million dollar home in New York?  I like it.  I would snap it up in a second if someone offered it to me.  Perfect combo of classic and modern.

Happy Monday!


P.S.  Good friend JD and his wife Alison Blumenfeld (who happens to be a wonderful interior designer) invited me and TE over for dinner on Friday night at their lovely new home in Westwood.  It was such a pleasant way to spend Friday night.  Plus, I think Alison has such great taste...was so fun seeing her very very nicely decorated home (simple elegance at its best).  We sat in their pretty garden for a lovely meal of swordfish, veggies, wine and a wonderful flourless cobbler dessert.  Was so nice.   JD's friend JR was there with his girlfriend too.  It was fun catching up.  Thank you JD and Alison for having us over!

Delicious flourless all natural cobbler and ice cream served at dinner on Friday at Alison Blumenfeld and JD's new house. (above)

P.P.S. TE and I spent another day in and around Malibu on Saturday.  It is becoming our routine.  We are working on a little top secret project that has been taking us to Malibu on the weekends.  Not a bad place to spend Saturdays! Not a bad place at all.  This Saturday, after a long day of "working", we ended up with a walk on the beach on our first ever visit to the Malibu Pier.  It was awesome.

Malibu pier
TE and I stopped to take photos of the Malibu Pier on Saturday at sunset.  Here is TE on the rocks! (above)

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Friday, September 12, 2014


Was on the website of fantastic French photographer Jerome Galland this morning.  Stunning photographs of interior design from Italy, Greece, France and all around the world.  I was transported to a different country with each photograph...each detail.

I am on a retreat right now for work.  Going downstairs for our last session of the week.  I too am in a pretty amazing spot.  Check out COCOCOZY Instagram...I put a video up yesterday showing you where I've been the last few days.

It is nice to get away...whether in reality or through your imagination and beautiful pictures.

Enjoy these lovely rooms!

Happy Friday!


Thursday, September 11, 2014


To mix or not to mix?  That is the decor question...for today.

Dining room chairs....gone are the days of matchy matchy sets of chairs it seems.  Adding in one or two that are different around your dining room table is definitely in fashion.

Pictured here are some extreme cases of mixing and matching on the dining chair front...so you get the idea...

What do you think?

SHOP 7 Dining Room Chairs to Mix and Match

What do you think about the idea of mixing and matching chairs - how many different chairs is too many?  Which of these mix ups do you like best?

I like the idea of mixing in two styles...maybe three at most.  Not sure I am down with every single chair being different.  You?

Happy Thursday!


P.S.  Am on a retreat for my day job this week.  In back to back meetings at a beautiful Southern California resort.  Nice place to work!  Been really busy these days.  Trying to keep all balls juggling between work, COCOCOZY and personal life!  The solution is I need another paid intern for COCOCOZY!  Help...send resumes if you are interested. cococozy@cococozy.com

Photos: Suzanne Kasler; Heather Scott Home; Studio Oink; Anna Kern

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


COCOCOZY Fence fabric in black and white in a Pacific Palisades den (above)

Style maven Delaney Todd Bagwell (DTB) sent me these photos of a Southern California home he is working on for one of his clients from Arkansas.   This is a 3rd or 4th home for his clients...a nice getaway spot in the tony Pacific Palisades not too far from the ocean here in Los Angeles.  DTB is a lifestyle expert who plans fabulous events and parties...and now helps a few of his select clients with their home furnishings.

Was completely honored that DTB custom ordered my fabric for this project.   He came by the COCOCOZY offices in Beverly Hills one evening earlier this summer after I got off work and we went through the COCOCOZY line up of all of our fabrics and textiles.  In the end, he order something like 50 yards of our Fence pattern on super extra white linen for this home.

His clients have a beautiful traditional home back in Arkansas...so for this West Coast pied-a-terre, DTB wanted to create a space that was modern and more playful.

Here's a look at the den that he painted a pale blue, installed a huge comfy slipcovered sectional sofa in white, and then added COCOCOZY black and white pillows and drapes, and some blue and yellow pillows to tie in with some of the other colors he used around the house.

COCOCOZY Fence linen pillow in black  - $177 (above)

Sectional sofa with COCOCOZY linen pillows in the mix in a Southern California home (above)

Custom black and white COCOCOZY Fence linen drapery (above)

We also do make another linen black pillow called Gate and it is available in our shop..it comes with piping and invisible zipper...click here to shop.

COCOCOZY Gate Linen Pillow in black on off white linen with piping and invisible zipper - $322 - available in our shop (above)
What do you think of DTB's California casual den design? Do you like mixing patterns and colors  Please do weigh in!

Thank you DTB for choosing a bit of COCOCOZY for this project!

Happy Tuesday!



P.S.  Designers - Please send me photos when you use COCOCOZY in a project.  I would love to review for possibly putting on the blog!  Even if it just one pillow...I always love to see COCOCOZY in homes around the country!

Photos: Delaney Todd Bagwell