Friday, August 1, 2014


Nothing like enjoying a weekend visit on a wonderful covered patio.  The ultimate in indoor/outdoor living.  Protected enough from the elements (sun etc.) but communing with all that is good outside.  I like these three covered patios with exposed beam ceilings...all cozy, comfortable...perfect for an afternoon read, a nice tete-a-tete with a friend or even a good nap.

Must find one this weekend!

Happy Friday!


Photos: Wayne Windham Architect; Tricia Joyce; Limestone & Boxwood

Thursday, July 31, 2014


An Australian garden defined by its manicured boxwood hedges, fountains and lovely gravel pathways (above)
TE knows it...I am obsessed with crushed gravel.  I want crushed gravel in the next home I/we occupy.  I say it to him all of the time. I want it in the garden, on the driveway, in the orchard surrounding the perimeter of the property...I want, I want, I want.  I know...generally any normal "material girl" would like her guy to express his affection in the form of flowers, chocolates and extravagant gifts. The material side of me however is easy to please...just bring on the gravel. Weird perhaps?  True definitely.

Maybe my trips to Europe have influenced me...but I love the idea of living in home with a gravel driveway...the crunching of the pebbles under foot everyday would remind me of a place like the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris...whenever I go to Luxembourg I imagine what it would be like to live in a palace like that...with beautiful gardens and walking through paths covered in gravel.  TE and I were in Paris last month...meandering through Luxembourg, enjoying the grounds and soaking in the history, all the while, I prattled about how I wanted our garden to look like Luxembourg...with all of its beautiful gravel pathways.

Let me be clear, I am not a fan of total rock gardens with no greenery whatsoever...I like grass, shrubs, plants, trees, with a dash of gravel to create an organic but manicured look.

Three reasons to use gravel:
1) Softens an entrance - Some landscape architects say limiting the hardscaping in the front of a home can make the entrance more inviting.  Using gravel instead of concrete pathways and driveways can make entering a domaine a far more visually pleasant experience.
2) Versatility - Aesthetically speaking, gravel can be used for landscaping in the outdoor spaces of Italian, Spanish, French, and English style homes for sure...lending to the romance of older traditional styles.  Gravel though can also be used in very sleek modern landscape settings.
3) Affordable - If you use local gravel and not imported, gravel can be a cost effective alternative to hard surfaces in your garden.

Gravel comes in different forms, colors, shapes sizes...I like the fine gravel, almost sand like the best.  Food for thought...which would I want!  Here are some inspiring gravel outdoor living spaces, gardens and driveways that I am crushing on today!

I took this photo in Nantucket years ago...a crushed gravel drive at Tommy Hilfiger's Nantucket estate (above)

How do you feel about a little bit of gravel in your landscape?  Like or disklike?  Do tell.

Happy Thursday!


Photos: Paul Bangay; Sunset Magazine; The Contemporist; Coco of COCOCOZY; Limestone Boxwood

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


BATH 1: Grand marble bath in a Paris apartment designed by Jean Louis Deniot (above and below)
A bathroom drenched in wall to wall marble. On the walls, the floors, the tubs, the cabinets...marble everywhere. Can be quite dramatic in style and quite grand in feel.  Found three all marble baths to compare..all using some sort of marble in white with gray veins...timeless style.  These baths are not big in square footage...but read very big in terms of elegance.

The first from my new favorite designer Jean Louis Deniot, the other from another fave design guru Michael S. Smith, and a third from a French design house I just discovered Champeau & Wilde.


BATH 2:  Michael Smith's own NYC penthouse master bedroom is bathed in carved marble and stone (above and below)

BATH 3:  A Paris apartment marble master bath from Champeau & Wilde boasts clean lines and a modern aesthetic (above and below)


Which is your favorite?

Happy Tuesday!


Photos: Jean Louis Deniot; Xavier Bejot; Champeau-Wilde; Architectural Digest/Michael Smith

Monday, July 28, 2014


A multi million dollar beach house...7 bedrooms, 9.5 baths, nearly 14,500 square feet with panoramic Pacific Ocean views. The ultimate California view from a cliff in Malibu. The address 29150 Cliffside Drive in Malibu at it is on the market for $34.5 million dollars listed by Chris Cortazzo of Coldwell Banker.

Here are some of the amenities as described in the real estate listing:  "This magnificent residence w/natural stone floors fuses the best of indoor/outdoor living w/vanishing, wall to ceiling glass doors throughout; spacious open-plan Gourmet kitchen, dining area w/fireplace & family room; a luxurious owner's suite plus sitting room w/stunning ocean view terrace & gorgeous spa bath w/custom designed closets; 6 additional en-suite bedrooms w/terraces; gym & theater; ozone-filtered, approx. 60 ft. pool w/resort-style outdoor entertaining areas; 4/5-car garage, Lutron lighting, 16 zone music, security, industrial grade network & so much more."

The house was originally built in in 1999, sold in 2000 for $15 million and now, 14 years later is on the market for over double the amount than it was bought for years ago.  According to real estate records, the house has been on the market for about 4 months.  Hmmm...summer would be a good time to snap up a beach front property I think!

Listen...this house is not quite my style...but I would certainly not walk away if someone offered it to me. The views are amazing! I would just need a driver to chauffeur me to Los Angeles every day for work and lots of new bathing suits to lounge by the pool on the weekend.


Happy Monday!


P.S. Have a new found love for Malibu...more on that later...

P.P.S. Fun weekend...dear friend RRM was visiting from Seattle with her cute daughter. Yesterday TE and I went out and met RRM and good friend PG for brunch in Los Feliz and a great brunch place named The Messhall. So nice to catch up with my old friends and to introduce them to was a good day.

Friday, July 25, 2014


COCOCOZY Oxford rug on the wall in a bedding display from home furnishing store Lotus Bleu San Francisco's Instagram feed @lotusbleusf (above)
It is always so much fun to see COCOCOZY products in use around the country.  It is particularly delightful to catch surprise glimpses of COCOCOZY textiles on my Instagram feed (COCOCOZY Instagram)

So today I bring you vignettes from here and there on Instagram...where my products are on display in homes, in stores, in offices and more!

A little black poodle on a COCOCOZY throw with COCOCOZY pillows in the background from Mecox Gardens West Palm Beach Instagram feed @mecoxgardens (above and below)

A COCOCOZY Lavender Sachet with a cute collie from fashion pr maven Stephan Tsai's Instagram feed @inkpresspr (above)
Two COCOCOZY Maroc Embroidered Pillows in a bedroom scene from amazing Nantucket interior designer Nina Liddle's Instagram feed @ninaliddledesign (above)

Navy blue COCOCOZY Cane Wood Floor Tiles on Mirth Studio's Instagram feed @mirthstudio (above)

And from Twitter...

The famous Gracie from Grace Home Furnishing's Twitter feed @gracehomela with COCOCOZY Oxford Pillows in sea green behind her! (above)

Love how Nina Liddle used our Maroc Embroidered Pillows paired with a Quadrille upholstered headboard in that island bedroom! Nice.

Please share your COCOCOZY on instagram and tag me @cococozy!

Happy Friday!


Thursday, July 24, 2014


This is turning into an international week for me here on COCOCOZY.  While I sit here in Los Angeles, exploring the worlds of fashion, design and architecture...I am finding great inspiration from around the world.

Today I bring you a grand stone modern house in Valle de Bravo, an affluent enclave on a lake about two hours outside of Mexico City.

I am not an ultra modern girl...but I do think this modern home is quite impressive.  The high ceilings with exposed wood beams, the endless glass of the windows, the stone walls and the feeling of indoor outdoor living...all work for me.

All of this captured by photographer James Silverman...makes me want to go visit.

Mexico isn't too far from Los Angeles...maybe time to explore real estate there!

Love the horses too...reminds me of my days of riding...note to self - need to figure out a horse situation in the next house I live in...wonder if TE likes horses...hmmm...

Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, July 23, 2014


On the outside, this 3700 square foot horse farm in Sweden looks like a picture from New England in the U.S.  A white farm house with an A-frame dark roof surrounded by acres of land and horses in Enkoping just outside of Stockholm.  On the inside, the owners have taken items from their travels to Thailand and sprinkled them throughout the inside of this house to give it a South East Asian feel.

An international farmhouse that spans several continents in its design inside and out!   Here's a look!

Baskets, art and home accessories in the farm's tv room are all from Thailand. (above)

A light fixture made of shells from Thailand hangs near the wide staircase. (above)

The classic farm style kitchen with butcher block wood counters and a farmhouse sink. (above)

Hammocks in this Swedish backyard reminded owners to those on the beach in Thailand (above)
Happy Wednesday!


P.S.  Loving the lanterns in the living room.  Go to COCOCOZY Pinterest to check out and shop a few lanterns I'm loving right now.  Click here.

Photos: Skona Hem