Tuesday, September 2, 2014


black row house white window trim

The other day I was driving down a street here in Los Angeles...in Culver City I think.  I noticed a jet black building for rent...commercial space right on a corner across from a gas station. Now there was nothing really remarkable about the building except the bold approach on color.

Got me thinking about the trend I've noticed of late...homes of all shapes, styles and sizes painted super dark, even jet black.  The opposite of the oh so coveted all white house with a white picket fence.  I like this edgy version.  A jet black house...with white trim even...makes a bold statement.  Oddly fresh and clean in design and style.

What do you think?

black row house london gray brick

Any of these black houses appeal to you?  Would you go with the contrasting trim or a softer black or would you go all the way with a super dark jet black look?

Happy September!  Happy Tuesday!


Photos: IKBA; New York Times; Cal Turner Architects; Peter Sellar

Friday, August 29, 2014


cococozy gray rug blue pillows lotus bleu
COCOCOZY pillows and rug at Lotus Bleu in San Francisco! (above)

Got this picture from Amy from Lotus Bleu in San Francisco.  A cute gray, white and blue vignette featuring three COCOCOZY pillows, a COCOCOZY rug on a wonderful Chinoiserie upholstered long bench.

Brightened my day certainly to see my textiles put to good use.  Love the mixing and matching of patterns and colors...it all works.

Lotus Bleu, a design studio and home furnishings store, carries the COCOCOZY line in San Francisco.  Love having them as a partner.  Jeannie, Kaoru, Amy and team have been so great!

If you are in San Francisco for the long weekend, go to Hayes Valley and check out Lotus Bleu!

lotus bleu store hayes valley san francisco

Lotus Bleu
325 Hayes Street
San Francisco, CA 34102

Lotus Bleu carries lots of great brands...bright, colorful, full of texture and pattern...fun store to do a little fall shopping in most certainly!

Happy Friday!


Thursday, August 28, 2014


Designed by Juan Montoya, this Dominican Republic home screams all things tropical and all things Caribbean.  The indoor outdoor spaces, the dark rich woods and bamboo, the views of the ocean and the classic palms waving in the breeze.

Was just talking with best of friend AM.  I offered to go babysit her Dominican Republic vacation home...she has a house there too.   I generously offered my time (and TEs) to travel down to the Dominican to go sit in her house on the beach for a week...just to make sure everything is ok of course.  Will have to check with her again to see when she might "need" me to do that for her.  Oh friendship...I am willing to do so much for my friends.  Of course the trip to the Dominican would be purely altruistic...I would simply be helping out a friend who has a beautiful fully furnished beach house that needs house sitting.  :-)

Anyhoooooooo....love this home featured here.

What do you think of this island home decor?  Could you see yourself vacationing there?

Happy Thursday!


P.S.  My mother is from Haiti...I have family who live in the Virgin Islands. The Caribbean is in my blood.  I wonder what my mom thinks of this home?  Mom reads the blog everyday and sends me emails on all of my typos...wonder what she will say about this lovely island home.  Mom?