Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Gradient colored beaded Elie Saab gown, Fall 2014 Couture Paris (above)
Wouldn't think that couture fashion designer Elie Saab and furniture maker Currey & Company would have too much in common. Well this fall they do...in the form of stunning red-carpet-black-tie-ball appropriate evening gowns and one-playful-glass-beaded-chandelier.

Okay...was browsing through lighting with TE on Sunday.  We were trying to find images of the perfect chandelier for a little thing we are working on...we came up dry after looking through a million websites.  We found lots of nice lighting but nothing quite perfect.  The cool thing was that while browsing with him, I saw quite a few light fixtures that I hadn't seen before.  Then, last night, for no apparent reason, I decided to methodically go through every single runway show from Paris Fall 2014 couture week from earlier this month.

When I saw the Elie Saab fashion show, filled with beautiful gowns...and when I saw the series of pink, coral, burgundy beaded ombre and dip dyed style dresses, I remembered a chandelier that I had seen with the same shape and coloration that was on Currey & Company's site by designer Marjorie Skouras (who happens to be the sister of a friend of mine).  Bingo...and there you have it...today's fashion forward!

Anyhooo...looks like the gradient color "ombre" look is still in vogue on both the runway and the home front!

Flamingo chandelier - Currey Company (above)

Beaded Elie Saab formal gown, Paris Couture Fall 2014 (above)

Would you take the dress or the light fixture...or both? Best of friend AM did once have a fascination with the color pink in home decor...wonder if she would take the chandelier and find good use for it? I would definitely take the first dress.

Shop the post: The chandelier retails for $5,240 and can be purchased by clicking here.  Wonder how much the dresses cost?

Happy Tuesday!


P.S.  Looks like the chandelier came out before the dress by the way.  So in this case it should be a furniture forward!

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Monday, July 21, 2014


A 15,000 square foot Greenwich, CT home on almost 3 acres of land seems like a good alternative to NYC apartment living. Considering that in the city, $16 million dollars might buy you a 4 or 5 bedroom apartment with about half as much interior space, one might consider the suburbs as a viable city alternative. Right?

This Georgian colonial home is 7 bedrooms, 8 baths, has 6 fireplaces, a fitness room, hardwood floors, pool, library, spa/hot tub, steam room, wine cellar, staff rooms, a finished basement and even an in-law apartment. The home is listed by Sotehby's Realty.

Take a look...would you rather live in the hustle and bustle of the city or on an estate like this?

I know it is going to sound weird...but I think I would rather live in the city. I would certainly love to visit any of my friends who decide to take up residence in a house like this!

To see more of this listing, click here.

Happy Monday!


P.S.  TE and I spent all of Saturday in Malibu...we were dreaming and planning and picking fruit.  Will explain later.  Was a wonderful day.
TE took this photo while we hung out on a hill in Malibu this weekend. (above)
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Friday, July 18, 2014


Blissful blue doors. So cheerful, beautiful and bright.

My front door went from yellow, to brown to a shiny black (click here  to see it).  Wondering if some shade of blue could work with my green house.  Don't think it will but I can dream of an inviting blue front door.  Maybe for a cottage by the sea...or a cute house in the country...!

Happy Friday!


Photos: Flickr; Nadler Photography; Anna Louise Western

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Sophisticated...elegant...if done right, black and white is the ultimate combination in design.  I've said it a million times...but a picture says more.

Happy Thursday!


Photos: David Lovati

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Am now officially obsessed with browsing and shopping for furniture on Chairish.  Chairish is a consumer-to-consumer website that connects people who want to buy and sell used home furnishings...the kick here is that the items allowed on the site are superbly curated to weed out the not-so-good...leaving online shoppers with a selection of great used and vintage items!

Today I bring you my COCOCOZY Collection for Chairish - this is my little curated collection that Chairish asked me to put together of goodies I found on their site that I love!  Click here to browse my picks.

My theme for my curated collection is Metal Moments!  Most of the things I found that I liked on the site it turns out had a hint of metal to them...but I also picked out some other fantastic finds. All things I would put in my home in a minute!

1. Ice bucket // 2. Brass etagere // 3. Vintage bird figurine // 4. Metal chinoiserie bamboo table // 5. Cantilever barstools // 6. Glass metal bar cart

From the items above, I'm loving the bar cart paired with the silver rimmed ice bucket.  Would go so well together.  Add in the bar stools and I think the word "perfect" comes to mind.

7.  French metal stacking chairs // 8.  Mirror side table // 9. Milo Baughman chair // 10.  Bauer lucite lamp with brass rings // 11. Visual Comfort chandelier // 12. White metal tray

Pretty much everything in the second group works for me.  Wondering if this practically brand new chandelier might fit for a little project I am working on...hmmm...thinking.  At minimum, the white mesh tray is a must have.

If you shop from your phone a lot, Chairish also has an iPhone app, that makes shopping a bit easier.

Which of my picks do you like best...?

Have fun browsing!

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014


My aesthetic varies.  On one hand, I like clean, simple rooms with a mix of modern and classic pieces for sure - kind of my design go to.   Then in some instances, I am drawn to the elaborate European spaces - French to be specific - that allude to a style steeped in history and that feel a bit fairytale in nature.

When it comes to the bedroom, I am often drawn to images of regal looking beds with crowns mounted onto the wall and a canopy of luxurious fabric draping to frame the headboard on the bed.  My best of friend FF in New Orleans has a grand bed like that in her grand master suite in her grand house on St. Charles Avenue.  A bed made for a princess or fit for a queen perhaps.  I know, I am too old to be in princess mode...but I can imagine even the most modern of modern girls would like to rest their head in rooms like these.

All of these beds are superbly designed by uber talented Parisian interior designer Jean Louis Deniot - all from projects he has designed in France.

What do you think...like this look...could you live with it or would you just want to visit it for a night?

Happy Tuesday!


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Photos: Jean Louis Deniot