Friday, February 18, 2011


Dining room chair painted bright white and upholstered with Kelly Wearstler's brown Emerald Cut fabric on the seat
A wonderful dining or side chair painted bright white and upholstered with Kelly Wearstler's brown Emerald Cut fabric on the seat cushion...after the micro makeover (above)

These fab "micro makeover" photos come from Jill Sorensen of Marmalade Interiors in McClean, VA. Jill clearly has a knack and eye for finding an old piece of furniture with good bones and revamping to looking new, chic and oh so in style.

Here are three micro makeovers that Jill dreamed up and that made the world of difference by transforming three pieces of furniture from drab to absolutely fabulous!

Seat before it's makeover with light colored wood and a plain seat cushion
Before micro makeover, the chair was light colored wood and quite bland (above)

The side chair painted bright white and upholstered with Kelly Wearstler's brown Emerald Cut fabric on the seat in a bedroom with a hardwood floor, grey curtains, white nightstand with a framed photo and a lamp with a glass base
After, the side chair is versatile and could fit in so many spaces from bedroom to dining! (above)

Wooden Danish nightstand before it's makeover
Before, a Craig's List find of a Danish nightstand for a bedroom was quite in need of a bit of smart refurbishing (above)

After-the Danish nightstand was painted bright white
After, a few coats of shiny white paint brightens up this bedside table and makes it a versatile piece that could be used in almost any style space (above)

Before makeover: a toile headboard with gold edges
Before, Jill's son picked out this old toile headboard with gold edges to be made over into something that would work for a boy's room (above)

After, the headboard was painted white and the toile was replaced with blue velvet
After, a coat of white paint and dark blue velvet upholstery fabric on this headboard did the trick! (above)

The refurbished white and blue velvet headboard in a blue boys room with white sheets with navy piping and a furry accent pillow

Thank you Jill Sorensen for these amazing micro makeovers! Stunning work!
Readers please send in your micro makeovers. I would love to see and maybe I would feature!

Is there something in your house you are thinking of painting...would a white micro makeover work? Do tell. Also, what do you think of these makeovers!

Ahhhhhhh running late...need to find an outfit that will go be appropriate for work and dinner after know those days when you look in your closet and there is not a thing to wear. Well it is one of those days for me!

Happy Friday!



  1. I LOVE your blog. I am an interior designer in the Bay Area, and I frequently refer to your site for inspiration. Karen Sellick

  2. That's amazing isn't it? And the fabric is fabulous as well.

  3. Wonderful before and afters. The last photo reminded me of the fur pillow on our bed...I made it from an old fur coat I found at an estate sale years ago, I cut it into two large squares and sewed it into a pillow cover and it found its new purpose and home on our master bed. Makes me smile everyday as I make the bed...a real fur pillow, not faux.

  4. I love this! I'd love to do this with some of my furniture!

  5. Love these mini makeovers - I remember the headboard - that was a terrific example. It is truly amazing what a little white paint can do!!

  6. I love these makeovers, and white paint can do wonders! I'm also partial to black paint. I'm working on a couple of little makeovers, and have done a chair which is on the portfolio page of my blog:

    I absolutely love your blog and am always inspired by it. Congrats on the new collection!

  7. Great makeovers!! I really love the nightstand! Wish I had luck finding stuff like that on Craigstlist :)

  8. Thank You so much Coco for posting these makeovers!! Thrilled to be on one of my favorite blogs!!

  9. Love seeing pretty things get reinvented. The chair is great looking especially and what a transformation. Better than it all!

  10. I can't believe how good that chair looks! Great transformation

    happy friday!

  11. It really mades me think about all of the pieces that I have passed by!! These turned out great!!

    Art by Karena

  12. I LOVE how that chair turned out! I've been on a high gloss white painting spree over here and giving high school picture frames a new life. Now I'm inspired to find a thrift store chair and see where that goes!

    Haley @ Cardigan Junkie

  13. Blue velvet...who would have thought?...looks so regal! Thanks for sharing!


  14. I love your ideas! Interior design is just so much fun!

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  15. do you happen to know where the blue velvet fabric is from?

  16. I really like what you are saying about keeping designs simple. It seems like you don't need a lot to create an impressive atmosphere.