Thursday, March 28, 2013


poland loft apartment black white open floor plan decor design architecture

KITCHEN WEEK day 4 here on COCOCOZY!  Hope you have enjoyed it so far.  I've had a blast hunting for lots of cool cooking spaces - like the one featured here today.

I'm calling it an invisible kitchen...but it is just a really cool super modern open kitchen in white and black in an apartment in Poland.  All white, black counter, long sleek cabinet doors without handles with a matching island dividing the living space and the kitchen.

Maybe I should call this a camouflaged kitchen blends right into its environment.  I like.  Also love the super wide plank light colored wood floors...fantastic!

modern all white kitchen black counter countertops cabinet doors island open decor design floor plan

black and white family room den open floor plan apartment modern loft poland

Can't quite figure out where the oven and refrigerator are in this space...but they must be somewhere???  I hope!

Oh and check out the white tube like vent over the cook top. Wow!

What do you think?

Happy Thursday!


Photo: Tamizo Architects


  1. Gorgeous! The countertop looks like black-stained butcherblock. Do you know if it is?

    1. I can't tell what it is...but it might be could also be some sort of textured quartz. Good eye!

  2. Decorating a living room or bedroom has predictable antecedents. Exquisite rooms appear in photographs, or we visit historic residences or maybe some of us were fortunate enough to grow up with lovely things. But the homes with all these expensive tasteful living rooms and bedrooms did not have kitchens, no indeed they had maids. So where do we go for our kitchen ideas? We somehow drifted into commercial kitchens where steel surfaces were cleanable and cabinets hung on every wall. So now when we remodel a kitchen it's all about surfaces. Cherry doors on the cabinets - wow. Granet on the counter tops, another wow. I say, who cares. That's not design, that's the day the decorator or box store had a hot flash.

  3. So much prettiness and amazingly decorated using black and white colors!