Friday, June 28, 2013


double glass french interior doors den living room charcoal gray wall apartment home decor

Cute modern den with mid century touches...charcoal gray wall on one side and white painted walls with windows on the other.  One side is moody (in a good way) and warm, the other is bright and cheerful.

One room...two faces...didn't know rooms could change moods so easily!

Face #1 - Charcoal gray wall makes a the den feel quite cozy! (above)

Face #2 - White walls and curtainless windows make the other side of this room feel bright and light. (above)

Do you think this two toned look works in this apartment decor? Like or dislike?

Happy Friday!


Photos: Planete Deco

Thursday, June 27, 2013


living room blue velvet sofa pink side chair oval white coffee table modern home decor design

Great blue velvet sofas seem to be on trend these days.  I'm going to take out the word "seem" and just say these lovelies are definitely the "it" piece of furniture in home decor.  There.  I did it.  I made a definitive statement.  Wooo hoo!!! (TE and anyone I know can tell you...I deliberate about a definitive statement by me is a big deal!)

White, taupe, brown or gray - neutrals - sofas still are still of course the most popular. I am seeing this blue velvet trend quite a bit though and I like it.

Something so rich, royal and luxe about a beautiful blue sofa.  Definitely adds a bit of personality to a room too.  Can be either clean and modern or plush and traditional in style.  Perfect to add an easy high design touch to any living room, den or common space in a house or apartment.

So today I bring you blue velvet sofas in the first CHEAP TO CHIC in some time!

Barclay Butera Ridgecrest Loveseat - regular $3,640; on sale $2,199  (Velvet blue love seat with nailhead trim, turned wood legs on casters) (above)

West Elm Everett Upholstered Love Seat  - $899 (Ink blue performance velvet)(above)

library blue velvet sectional sofa built in bookshelves books cozy home decor gold metal coffee tables

Would you dare to be different with a blue velvet sofa?  What are the pros in cons in your mind?  Do you like this trend?

Happy Thursday!


P.S. Making all of my summer plans right now.  Have some fun summer launches of product to announce soon...and I hope to go to market to show some of them off!

P.P.S.  My mom leaves for France this Saturday!  She goes every year for two months.  Wish I could go to Paris with her!  I haven't been in two summers.  Must get back there soon.  I am taking her to the airport on Saturday and then stopping by a friend's new store!  More to come on that!

P.P.P.S. TE and I are also in the late throws of making our summer vacation plans...we'll see where we decide to go!

P.P.P.P.S. Had a great dinner with SR and LK at Katsuya two nights ago.  So great catching up with them.  So many fun stories to share!

P.P.P.P.P.S.  What are your summer plans?

Photos: Bo Bedre; House Beautiful

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


A New York City apartment with all of the right touches for the ideal bachelor pad.  Modern in feel, light and airy, strong lines.  I like.

What do you think? Do you think this design is good for a man's place or is it gender neutral.

Like it or leave it?

Happy Wednesday!


Photos: Costas Picadas

Monday, June 24, 2013


chevron zigzag clutch purse side table lamp maxi dress pillow home decor fashion shopping
Chevron chic is not going away!  This zigzag pattern is a dominant force in fashion and home decor.  It is this it was last spring, last winter, last fall, the summer before and so on and so on.  You get the picture.

Just a few of my favorite zigzag finds!

1. Chevron clutch purse / 2. Wood navy/white table lamp / 3. Maxi sun dress / 4. Sea foam/sea green linen pillow / 5. Gray/white octagonal side table

My top pick? The black & white Narciso Rodriguez clutch purse...a new twist on chevron in the form of an adorable bag!


P.S.  Check out COCOCOZY Pinterest for some other chevron design finds!


Bold bedroom white headboard low bed graphic print rug wall covered in pictures modern chandelier

Making bold design choices in the bedroom today!  Two rooms with very different design aesthetics but with one thing in common...bold design.

In the first picture above, a geometric colorful rug makes an eye catching statement.  Below, a huge brightly colored suzani (Persian decorative tribal textile) is draped along the walls surrounding the bed...acting as a headboard of sorts.

What do you think of these two bold one or the other better...?

Bold bedroom white bedding  suzani fabric on the wall silver Marrakesh nightstand

So which of these rooms do you prefer?  Which bold design choice might you be willing to try in your bedroom.  I'm having a hard time deciding but I think I might pick the second photo with the suzani fabric on the wall...there is something quite cozy about the look.

Please weigh in.  Choose your favorite!

Happy Monday!


Photos:  Elle Deco Spain

Friday, June 21, 2013


Inside the Tommy Hilfiger flagship store in Los Angeles at the Surf Shack Collection launch party
Inside the gorgeous Tommy Hilfiger flagship store in Los Angeles. (above)

Last night three brands came together - Tommy Hilfiger, Kelly Cole and COCOCOZY - to introduce Tommy Hilfiger's Surf Shack collection at a sparkling cocktail party at the Tommy Hilfiger store on Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles.

Oh what a night it was!  So many wonderful people (all my wonderful friends), lots of champagne (I drank water all night though because I had so many people to chat with), great music, and a fantastic setting.  I only took about 10 pictures at the beginning of the party and then got caught up in the whirlwind of it all...I spent the entire evening toting around my camera though...threatening to take a photo but I never did!  These photos were taken at about 7pm...just before the party started.

Anyhooo...let me start by saying a huge thank you once again to Amie Robinson, Director of Research and Development for Tommy Hilfiger. Amie is the one who spearheaded the COCOCOZY partnership with the uber fashion brand. She is amazing...a dear good friend. Amie was so kind and sweet to introduced me a few years back to the whole Tommy team. Then I have to say another huge thank you to Jann Parish, VP of Marketing at Tommy Hilfiger. Jann was the architect of our fun partnership with Tommy Hilfiger...which included COCOCOZY making pillows for the Surf Shack capsule collection of laid back summer beachwear. Lastly, my design crush or crush crush, Trent Wisehart, Creative Director North America and EVP of Global Creative Services for Tommy who said "yes" to the whole idea of partnering! Also thanks to Amy Robb and Ben Wymer from Tommy who were so nice to me over the last few months!  And it was so nice seeing Grace and meeting John (who is a designer at Tommy)!

Now that my Academy Award speech is done...onto the few images I took at the event.

Invitation to the Tommy Hilfiger Surf Shack launch party in Los Angeles

COCOCOZY pillows in Tommy Hilfiger's flagship store in Los Angeles

Limited edition COCOCOZY Surf Shack Pillows Los Angeles Tommy Hilfiger flagship store
Special edition COCOCOZY Surf Shack Pillows on display at the Tommy Hilfiger store. (above)

Tommy Hilfiger flagship store in Los Angeles Surf Shack Collection launch party

I have to say a quick huge thank you to my sis DS for showing up and all of my fantastic friends (JF, AG, BN, SN, JD, AB, TH, JH, PS, MN, JF, MF and so many more).  Also thank you to the adorable COCOCOZY VP of Operations, CM and cute adorable COCOCOZY assistant NG for coming too.  Lots of new friends came too like Karen, Sagi, Kendal, Mika, Courtney, Roger and Michael!  So great to see everyone!

This weekend I am going to head over the Surf Shack mobile pop up shop in Venice Beach on Abbot Kinney to see our COCOCOZY pillows on display and I want to get this cute dress I am coveting from the collection!

Tommy Hilfiger Surf Shack Pop Up
1515 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice Beach, CA
Saturday, 6/22 - 11a - 7p
Saturday, 6/23 - 11a - 6p

Happy Friday! Happy first day of summer!


Thursday, June 20, 2013


White mansion in Santa Monica listed by Hilton & Hyland

It is on sale!  Woohooo!  A 22,794 square foot mansion that was once $34.9 million dollars is now just a mere $31.9 million dollars.  That's almost 10% off.  A bargain?  I think so.  Yes! :-)

The 7 bedroom, 13 bath home is located in Santa Monica, California right on one of the most prestigious streets - San Vincente Boulevard.  It is listed by Hilton & Hyland.

All the public rooms feature 12 foot ceilings, there is a huge gourmet kitchen with calacatta gold marble counters (and a separate catering kitchen), a dining room that comfortably seats 25 guests, a basketball court, a pool, golf course view, a gym, screening room, 15 car garage (who needs 15 cars?) and it goes on and on.

Here is the kicker...upstairs, just the master bedroom suite alone is 2,500 square feet (that's the size of a regular house!)!

Anyhooo....looks like the land was on the market $13 million in 2011.  In January 2013, the newly constructed house was put on the market for $34,995,000.  Just a week ago, it went on sale!

(Note to self: must look up the definition of "on sale" and "bargain"...I wonder if it applies to multi million dollar real estate listings?...hmmmm...)

Here it is.

Grey and white living room picture windows glass chandelier grey fireplace slate tile floor modern sofa tufted cube ottoman

library built in bookshelves coffered ceiling brown leather tufted sofa fireplace dark wood floor

Living room mansion coffered ceiling wood floor marble fireplace mantel white armchairs with nail head trim white sofa French doors

White gourmet kitchen coffered ceiling silver pendant lights stainless appliances white barstools with nail head trim marble counter tops
brown bedroom upholstered headboard bedding with navy piping wood floor shag rug fireplace dueling sofa arched French doors balcony

White built in shelves square crystal pendant light white cabinets with glass fronts wood floor walk in closet mansion

Look...those of you who read the blog know that my dream is to live in a castle.  I don't currently reside in a castle...I live in a tiny little cotttage in the Hollywood Hills.

Trying to decide whether I'd take this mansion if offered to me or wait for my castle.  Hmmmm...thinking...thinking hard...let's see...nice new big house offered to me vs. staying in my small house waiting for a dream castle.

Okay...after much profound thought, I think I'd take it if someone were giving it to me...a bird in the hand...right?  I would make do!  I would have to invite all of my family, my friends and all of the people I work with to live with me to fill the would be like the Santa Monica version of the Beverly Hillbillies!

What would you do?  Take it or leave it?  Do tell!

Happy Thursday!


P.S.  Tonight, I have that big event I had mentioned.  So excited.  A little nervous for some reason.  Lots of people I know coming and COCOCOZY is on the invite (a little of our product will be on display too).  Oy vey.  I don't normally get nervous but for some reason today I am.  The good news is sis DS and lots of my friends will be there.  CM, COCOCOZY's VP of Operations, will be there will our new part time assistant NG.  The bad news is that my good friend A.Ro. who made this all happen will not be there I just found out!  She's stuck in NYC.  I'll miss you A.Ro.!

P.P.S.  Wardrobe breakdown for tonight is as follows:  I have a blue 10 Crosby Street Derek Lam dress to wear (looks cuter in person than on this link)...and my go to adorable navy blue Yves St. Laurent Tribtoo slingbacks...and a little black skinny Prada belt with a bow.  Don't know what will be simple...and not too much makeup.  We'll see if it all comes together!  Hmmm....I've got to go straight from my everyday job to this party so I have to bring everything with me to work and change in my office!  By day, a business night, a girl named COCOCOZY!  Oh dear.

P.P.P.S.  I'll try to bring a device to take photos with so I can share some of the party pictures with you tomorrow.  Problem is I'll have such a small purse and I have way too many electronics.  I own a Blackberry (personal), iPhone (for COCOCOZY business), another Blackberry (for my day work) and a small Canon Elph camera.  The Blackberries are useless for photos but I need them if someone texts me, the iPhone is good for Instagram but none of my friends have that phone number and the Elph is the best for photos but that's all it does.  Oh woe is me...poor me...what a many bigger issues in the world to worry about...but here I am, poor little me, worrying about which smartphone or camera to take to a party...blah blah blah...what will I do? Hee hee!

P.P.P.P.S.  Tomorrow I'll tell you all about the event and why I owe a huge thank you to A.Ro. and all of her colleagues!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Tommy Hilfiger Surf Shack Collection clothing beachwear 2013 cococozy fashion style
Tommy Hilfiger Surf Shack Collection! (above)

Tommy Hilfiger's Surf Shack pop up shop is coming to Venice Beach this weekend...and COCOCOZY for Tommy Hilfiger home accessories will be inside!  Woohooo!  Can't wait!

So, a few weeks back, I announced the big news that COCOCOZY has partnered with Tommy Hilfiger on a limited edition line of pillows.  This collaboration is part of the launch of Tommy's super cute laid back beachwear collection called Surf Shack!

This collection of cute summer clothing has a surf's up vibe with a distinctly preppy twist!  I spent an hour in the Tommy Hilfiger store in L.A. trying on clothes from the collection and ended up buying an adorable white pique blazer, a mint green linen top and a scarf. Must go back for more!

Tommy Hilfiger Suff Shack Pop Up Shop bus Venice Beach

COCOCOZY Circle Chevron Pillow Special Edition for Tommy Hilfiger Surf Shack
COCOCOZY Surf Shack Chevron Pillow - $109 (above)

Solid White Blazer Tommy Hilfiger Surf Shack Collection
I bought this Solid Blazer in White and I love it! (above)

Striped Bikini yellow coral orange turquoise Tommy Hilfiger Surf Shack
Starting to work out more so I can rock this bikini this summer! (above)

Striped tote bag clutch Surf Shack Tommy Hilfiger Summer 2013

COCOCOZY Surf Shack Special Edition Vent Pillow Tommy Hilfiger neon pink orange
COCOCOZY Surf Shack Vent Pillow in neon colors! (above)

Tiered Pleated Sun Dress Tommy Hilfiger Surf Shack Coral Red Salmon pink
This Tiered Pleated sun dress is perhaps my favorite from the collection! (above)

Surf Shack Clutch purses Tommy Hilfiger

If you are in Venice Beach this weekend on Saturday or Sunday...head over to check out the Surf Shack pop up shop and see the entire collection inside!  I will be stopping by the bus for a bit so maybe I'll see you there!

Here are the details:

Tommy Hilfiger Surf Shack Pop Up
1515 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice Beach, CA
Saturday, 6/22 - 11a - 7p
Saturday, 6/23 - 11a - 6p

Hope to see you there!  #gonesurfingUSA

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Living room New York City Townhouse with 1965 Frank Stella canvas over the fireplace mantel, herringbone wood floors, a stainless steel round Mattia Bonnetti coffee table, and two black leather Hans Wegner Ox Chairs

Am absolutely in love with this 6 story New York City townhouse.  It is in the July issue of Architectural Digest.

A luxury home filled with modern art and fantastic furniture and all of the right touches.  Bright, cheerful, serious and modern.  I like.

The double high ceilings in the family room with a beautiful Moroccan rug, a 1965 Frank Stella canvas over the fireplace mantel, herringbone wood floors, a stainless steel round Mattia Bonnetti coffee table, and two black leather Hans Wegner Ox Chairs (which were bought at auction but can be bought new for about $14,000 each)...all meld together to create a rich visually interesting space.

Fine attention to detail was clearly put into every room...but the details are modern, fresh and light.

Modern sitting room Warren Planter chairs, black and white Al Held painting, animal hide rug, built in bookshelf mirrored coffee table
Warren Platner chairs by Knoll, a graphic black and white painting by Al Held, and a animal hide rug make up a pretty vignette in the living room (above)

White master bedroom NYC townhouse Louis XVI settee Jean Royere coffee table upholstered leather headboard
The master bedroom is a study of cream on white with a custom upholstered bed, a Louis XVI settee and a classic Jean Royere coffee table. (above)

Modern guest bathroom black and white striped Bisazza mosaic tile
A guest bathroom covered in floor to ceiling black and white striped Bisazza mosaic tiles (above)
Perfection in my view.  Don't you think?

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. Problem, my guy TE is away in China for business and I've found myself at home alone these last two nights.  I have a ton of COCOCOZY work to do but instead I've been transfixed by the good old fashion television.  Been watching none other than The Real Housewives and The Kardashians.  Here's what I "learned"...Kim was worried that Rob was eating too much and then Kanye called to find out how she was doing but then Bruce went to make amends with Brody and wanted to buy a gun but Kris said no then Khloe came in and hired a private investigator to investigate her late father's wife and then Kris said "press charges" is all blur...I lost at least a million brain cells watching the Kardashians alone. Then I went onto Real Housewives of New Jersey AND the brain cell killer of them all...Real Housewives of Orange County.  Help me please.  Help.   TE come home from China and save me from this.  Mom, sis could step in here too and intervene.  And where is best of friend AM when I need her.  Someone take me to a play, the museum, the opera, a library, a park, out to dinner...anywhere.  Save me from reality t.v.  Help.

P.P.S  #firstworldproblem

P.P.P.S.  Making plans for an Atlanta trade show in July.  Some exciting news to reveal soon about a new line of COCOCOZY that is debuting there.  We have another new license partner.  Can't wait to show you what we have launching this summer!

Monday, June 17, 2013


kitchen orange ceramic wall tiles black cabinetry cabinets gold drawer pulls knobs

What a darling small kitchen I think.  Shiny square Hermes orange ceramic wall tiles, black cabinetry with gold pulls and knobs.  Love the white farmhouse sink and gold faucet.  It all works.

Using orange tiles on the walls all the way to the ceiling and as a backsplash sounds like bold and risky combination in a kitchen but actually comes of quite well.

Love the architecture of the whole space with the high pitched ceilings, oval skylight and french doors.  A very bright and cheerful way to start off the week.

open kitchen dining area orange black small kitchen french doors high ceilings

What do you think of these of orange tiles in the space?  Is this a design "risk" you would ever take? Please let me know in the comments below!

Happy Monday!


Photos: J. Ingerstedt


peluche decor home furnishings shop Houston Texas decor store furniture
Inside Peluche Decor in Houston, TX. (above)

Couture finds are the hallmark of Peluche Decor, a new home furnishings boutique in Houston, TX.

Owned by designer Deanna Breaux Gathe and her husband Dr. Joseph Gathe, the store offers a fantastic selection of items inspired by the couple's trips around the world.  From antiques, to repurposed artifacts, to custom one of a kind upholstered furniture, to lighting and more.

Deanna's philosphy on decorating is, "Each room in your home should have at least one couture piece you can build around... Mixing less expensive or eclectic items with a couture or more traditional piece can make a powerful statement."

COCOCOZY pillows light blue loop quatrefoil carved bench furniture store display Peluche Decor Houston
COCOCOZY pillows are displayed on a unique wood carved bench. (above)

Deanna Breaux Gathe interior designer owner Peluche Decor Houston TX
Deanna Breaux Gathe inside her store, Peluche Decor in Houston. (above)
I would love to explore this darling shop!  Note to self: must get to Houston!

If you are in Houston, you should definitely visit.

Peluche Decor
1111-12 Uptown Park Blvd.
Houston, TX 77056

Happy Monday!


Photos: Anissa Gordon

Friday, June 14, 2013


paisley purple blue mini skirt isabel marant 2013 bohemian
Isabel Marant, Summer 2013

Loving all things Isabel Marant. This season she's all about the international bohemian look with soft purples and yellows and lots of mixing of patterns...and lots of paisley.

For some reason this outdoor tiled daybed nook although it is entirely Moroccan in feel has that same pattern on pattern play going on. I like it!

Moroccan tile outdoor daybed sofa living room international bohemian

Shayne blouse - $787 (above)

Studded shorts - $642 (above)
What do you think of this pattern on pattern look?  Does bohemian chic work for you?

Happy Friday!


P.S.  TE is going to China for a week for work!  He's leaving tomorrow.  I'll miss him.  Maybe he'll email some pictures I can share with you!

P.P.S. So doing a public appearance next week and just got an email that someone is going to help me style my wardrobe for the event!  Need to lose 5lbs before going to try on cute clothes. Right?  Can a person lose 5lbs in two days?  Hmmm....

P.P.P.S. Happy Father's Day weekend to all of you dads out there!

Photos:; Ingerstedt